"Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell." – Paula Bendfeldt

It feels super-perplexing when people travel to live happily and earn money as well. However, it’s a bit hard to believe that traveling can make you huge bucks of money. Yes, we are talking about travel vlogs. There are many YouTube travel vloggers with a large number of audiences for inspiration. Not just this, travel vlogging is a whole of a positive experience to get various travel insights at no cost to the viewers.

All in all, a travel vlog means travel the exotic or your dream destinations, film those moments, and publish it over the platforms such as YouTube to give inspiration.

Travel Vlog 101

Get Inspired by 4 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube

According to expert travelers, travel vlogs are not only about filming destinations far away. It’s a way to find travel even if it is close to your home. You can see various other inspiring thoughts from 4 best travel vloggers on YouTube.


Fearless and Far

There may be nothing better than Mike Corey, the only creator of extreme and bizarre travel sides. He makes the so-called and sometimes weird travel creations on his YouTube channel with 339k subscribers. Look at his video titles that say, ‘This is a 500 year Old Stone AirBNB on a CLIFF in Oman’, ‘Eva Zu Beck vs. The Deep Ocean’ etc. No doubt, his editing and shooting skills are incredible!



There is no big inspiration to travel the world than seeing one of the best travel vlogger Aileen Adalid. After quitting her corporate job at 21, she is now a vlogger, blogger, and entrepreneur. Some of her adventures also represent how to live in central traveling places around the globe. She creates incredible vlogs such as ‘MSC Seaside Vlog: 7 Nights Caribbean Itinerary’, ‘Camping in Antarctica,' and much more! You need to check her out, especially if you are young, to get the best motivation and inspiration, why?

Well, so far, she has traveled 50+ countries in all the seven continents. You may be wondering about the cost or expenses for all of these trips. The best part is that she has only paid for the initial phase of traveling, i.e., around the first two years. That’s a phase she has been using to grow her blog and YouTube channel also. Thereafter, all her travels started getting funded by her travel blog and influencer income. Likewise, she has managed to travel the world for almost free. She said that it all comes by experience and how you work to create multiple sources of income.


Sorelle Amore

It is quite unlikely for you to not fall in love with this gorgeous travel vlogger lady. Her travel vlogs are all determined to give you the most out of positive experiences in life. However, all her videos are not directly related to travels but are travel insights in some way. Check her video titles, 'Living with Locals in Mongolia,' and 'Digital Nomad Couple: Living in a Van in Iceland.’

She has also coined the term 'Advanced Selfie' and offered challenges to different photographers to take photos that are emotionless, unique, and fearless. Overall, she always represents to be a better human first!


Kristen & Siya

Kristen & Siya are among the best travel vloggers who are determined to make growth-oriented content with their fresh newborn baby. Their channel is full of minimalistic travel content that is eco-friendly, travel light, zero waste, and more. A sort of reality is indicated in their travel vlogs to inspire most of the viewers out there with perfect creativity and travel habits. They make videos such as ‘7 Days Camping on the World’s Largest Fresh Water Island’, 'Iceland Travel Guide – Winter Family Road Trip,' and so on.

How to find your niche market?

Want to find your niche market as per the famous travel vloggers? Please stick to the section and know the secrets by them!

Chase Trends instead of passion!

It’s super easy to connect with the audience when you chase trends instead of passions. Because people don’t know you as a beginner, and they will only identify you if you have some common interests. However, you should be consistent, patient, hard-working, and yourself in the content.

These are some of the advice tips by a Canadian traveler ‘Eileen Aldis.'

Travel Vlogger Eileen

Plan before creation!

Plan before you make; it's standard advice to find your niche market by all famous travel vloggers. Do some keyword researches before you plan any trip? Check what’s most popular out there! Or make video content on some quirky idea that hasn't been done before by anybody. You can take the best inspiration from Mike Corey, the YouTube content creator of ‘Fearless and Far.'

Think before speaking!

Remember that you are one of the YouTube travel vloggers for the purpose! So, you can't say anything random or against the policies of the platform. The very best example of representing positive words is Sorelle Amore. Her videos are minimalistic, growth-oriented, well thought, and nonoffensive. So, these factors are highly important while finding a niche market.

Some brainstorming travel niche questions

Let’s discuss some of the brainstorming ideas you should have in mind before starting the channel.

  • What are your passion and in-depth knowledge about?
  • What is your hobby?
  • Do you frequently visit different places?
  • Will you be comfortable with networking?
  • What areas or destinations are you dying to see?
  • What kind of travel do you enjoy the most? (tours, adventures, all-inclusive, independent, groups)

So, ask yourself these questions first! And, if you are still confused, get the inspiration from the above-mentioned travel vloggers on YouTube.

Test your travel niche!

It's the last and vital step to decide your future. Before diving into a lot of video stuff, you need to test the travel niche in real-time and then make content. It can only determine your right track. You can check the kind of response on videos even after you have done lots of digital marketing. Look for what your viewers want and comment on your videos. So, you must drive the real-time traffic first.

Travel Vlog 101: How to start a Travel Vlog for beginners?

We'll discuss the steps on how to start a travel vlog as follows.

Step 1: Prepare yourself

Of course, you need to incorporate travel somehow into your life first. Don't think of spending huge bucks on expensive destinations or travel places far away from home. There's no such rule, especially when you are a beginner. Your very first step is to find different ways to travel even if it is near the home. You can visit art galleries, parks, nearby cities, etc. to have fun vlogging. So, make your travel activities cheap in the beginning. You can search for more free ideas on Google itself.

Step 2: Start shooting vlogs!

Start filming without any fear! Whether you hang around the house with your upcoming travel plans or visit the nearby places, take your gear out and start talking to the audience. You may feel a bit of hesitation initially, but that will go soon after regular practice. Don’t be scared of mistakes because you learn from them.

Step 3: Edit your videos using the best gear

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As a beginner, we'd always advise you to invest in 90% story content and 10% gear. It means you should be highly creative than just being expensive on the videos. People are mostly going to see what's interesting in your content, whether it's the heading, editing skills, and shooting style. So, a simple camera can make the day of you have all of these skills. However, it would help if you thought of investing in proper gear after gaining momentum and a positive response from the audience.

Note: Initially, you will not be getting any money from the tasks. It’s the reason we always recommend finding cheap ways and get some good response from the viewers. The period you will start making money may even take more than one year, including sponsorships.

Step 4: Use social media

Now, the very last step is networking! Meet like-minded people not to feel alienated in the field. Twitter and Instagram are great platforms to meet peer travelers. Or, you can have collaborations with other YouTube travel vloggers as a support group.

How to make your travel videos go viral?

In simple words, it’s all about effective marketing. The tips below will also contribute to making viral content and make you the best travel vlogger.

Define your story!

Be clear and specific in every video with a bit of introduction to your channel for newcomers. People love stories and are always attracted to them to follow.

Understand the YouTube algorithm

Understand how things go viral on this platform. The algorithm of like, subscriptions, and comments also play a significant role in making your video viral. For instance, the great content on sites such as Huffington Post, Mashable, etc. ultimately gets their place over YouTube.

Know your marketers/sponsorship brands

The very next thing is to know your stakeholders in the video. So, find the marketers to whom you love to drive traffic.

Eliminate wasteful moments and write a viral title

The travel videos are not going to be short but also information-rich and positive, as discussed above. It would help if you eliminated the moments that are not even needed or add any value to users' lives. Writing a viral title based is a not-to-miss step above all!


Making travel vlogs is enthusiastic and thus takes all of the aspects mentioned above. Our all-round guide to YouTube travel vloggers and their successful journey will tell you most of the secret sauces and the right path to get there. So, make sure not to miss out on any section and your favorite travel vlog.