Picture this: you're a small entrepreneur, and you're trying to convert leads into customers. You've already gained an audience base, increased engagement on the website, and persuaded them to join your mail subscription or follow your social media platforms, but they still aren't nurtured leads. So how do you turn them into customers without being too salesy?

The answer is none other than ‘video.' Whether you're starting from scratch or a brownfield video marketing strategy, video is the only tool to access when you need to persuade your audience to take action. While most video styles would be practical in this context due to the impactfulness of video as a medium, the one we suggest for converting leads and activating that purchase intent is the customer testimonial video.

Part 1: What are Testimonial Videos and Their Benefits?

A customer testimonial specifies an existing user of a product or service sharing their experience with the brand. These testimonials can take many forms, but the two most commonly used types are testimonial videos and written testimonials. Testimonial videos add a different mix of persuasiveness and character.

Recording their experiences creates an influential tool that's nearly effortless to use. Of course, you can write down their testimonies for posting on website or print marketing materials, but a customer testimonial video is an even better, most robust format.

1 – Conveys an excellent emotional connection

Reading a marketing material can convey an idea or emotion, but not nearly as a video in which you can see the face with sentiments of the testimonies. It adds a level of legitimacy to the video, which helps build an emotional connection with your audience. By developing an emotional connection, your testimonial video can induce them to benefit in the same way from your services or products.

2 – Reinforced Trust & Credibility

One of the crucial reasons you should use testimonial videos is the boost in credibility. Your customers would most probably love to believe one of their peers than they believe your other marketing tactics or you. With these kinds of testimonials, they hear it straight from the mouths and faces of their peers.

3 – Improves Exposure Rate

Online visibility is possibly the most crucial aspect of business survival in our internet-centric society. Videos are visually appealing and easily shareable to encourage users and viewers. Combining these with the marketing strategies makes videos one of the best media to grab online attention.

Part 2: Best Customer Testimonial Video Examples

A well-designed testimonial video can be the difference between potential customers doing business with you or went for a more attractive alternative. So, let's break down a few excellent tips with the best testimonial video examples given below.

1. HubSpot Customer Success Story

This video from HubSpot is an excellent example of principles followed in creating customer testimonial videos. In this video, the creator has capitalized on the nature of their client's business to convert that same appeal, energy, and passion through the footage, inserts, and even the background music to convey the message vi which people want to associate with the brand.

2. Google Ads Success Story

Very few people associate words like "Inspiring" and "wholesome" with Google AdWords, the connection Google smart cookies play with their success stories in the testimonial video campaigns.

3. Codeacademy Life Stories

Have you ever heard that "Brevity is the soul of wit."? However, it proves to be more accurate nowhere than in marketing, which presents an appealing challenge for a customer testimonial video.

It represents how you can craft a compelling testimonial video within a minute.

4. Monday.com user testimonies

This testimonial video from Monday.com lacks style. It certainly compensates for content by presenting a barrage of people openly speaking to the results they've grabbed from the platform.

5. Apple testimonial video

Your testimonial videos should have a lot of personalities. They must feel unmistakable yours. And there isn't a better company than Apple to showcase how to inject distinctiveness and character into a testimonial video.

6. Samsung testimonial video


Here's why this Samsung brand made it their best customer testimonial videos list: instead of putting the brand or product in the spotlight, they took a unique approach, went a different way, and simply by providing someone else a platform to share their story.

7. Uber User story

Learn from the instance of the company Uber here in their "I choose Flexibility" video series.

Creating upon the theme of how flexible your company's business model brings financial independence and the time to pursue passions makes for highly relatable and terrific videos.

8. Tri-Technical Systems Testimonial video

Go for the right customers and people in whose lives you've improved and placed a change to express them freely. And, it will not be disappointing with the results as is seen in this video.

Part 3: Tips to Make Excellent Testimonial Videos

Here are some tips to craft unique and effective testimonial videos rather than only creating videos that take you nowhere.

1 – Show Tangible Output

Specificity is one of the most required elements of a powerful testimonial video because it offers data points for the potential leads to latch onto and assists them to visualize how your service or product benefits them in a tangible, right way.

2 – Craft single customer testimonial

By better understanding the particulars of the customer's use case, your potential leads can better examine how the service or product operates—and how it could apply for them.

3 – Show customer's journey

Like any well-crafted user story, the best customer testimonial videos don't just describe their happiness with the final product but make a narrative and let the viewer go on a journey that tracks their entirely beautiful experience.

4 – Capture real memories

By capturing real memories, they get to involve a quick product pitch and let the customer reactions do the selling themselves. This real-time factor makes the video feel precisely logical.

5 – Write a simple yet powerful script

Creating a solid script is the key to most successful videos. Your customer testimonial video should have a structure and a flow to it. The essential elements of writing include IntroductionMiddle Body, and Conclusion.


6 – Generate Exclusivity

One of the essential factors a customer testimonial video serves is building credibility and trust with social proof from other content customers. Your testimonials should reveal the answers to questions your potential leads have about your brand.

7 – Evoke Emotions

These videos transitions into the feelings exuded by the consumers and uses extra production value, such as an uplifting score and shots of smiling staff, to intensify that heartwarming welcome emotion.

8 – Draw story

A customer testimonial video isn't an infographic commercial about your business; it's a manner to build trust with your audience. That is where a compelling story narration comes in.

Part 4: How to Make Testimonial Videos with Templates?

For excellent audiovisual content, editing is the most important key factor. Wondershare Filmii is beginner-friendly we would like to recommend for making testimonial videos. Although it is focused on beginners, it is excellent to edit professional-quality content, similar to other applications generally utilized by professionals. The application carries an AI technology and thus able to edit the video automatically. Yet, you are also provided with a manual editing process where the user can do the usual steps of the video editing and create something unique.

Steps to create testimonial videos with Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Log In

You need to log in with the Wondershare ID credentials initially after installing the Wondershare Filmii in your Windows. Then, choose from different video templates.

Step 2: Start making a video

For reference, we've chosen this Beautiful Day template among different templates. Hit the Use this template button to enter into the editing panel.

testimonial video template filmii

It will then ask you to import at least three video clips, after which you can go for Auto-Create. There's an option for Advanced Editing as well to explore more editing elements.

advanced editing filmii

Step 3: Export the video

Export the testimonial video project after clicking the black Export button.


Thus, there are many various ways to craft super impactful testimonial videos. The essential factor is presenting your clients and letting the product or service quality speak for itself through these shared experiences. We have also mentioned Wondershare Filmii as the go-to video creator to create compelling customer testimonial videos to learn more on the creative side.