Most of the content is made to meet the audience's needs to provide all the entertainment, information, and emotion that people are looking for and hope to offer more.

Teaser videos, on the other hand, aim to do the opposite. They are designed to grab the attention of the audience and make them want more. Successful ones give only a taste of what's to come, so people are eager to see the movie (or stream the album, watch the live finale, buy tickets to the show, sign up for the class, and so on).

But, how do you make one without giving too much away?

Let's now get the ball rolling by looking into what a teaser video is, the critical elements of a successful one, and examples of teaser videos that could give you a head start on how to create a teaser video.

Part 1: What is a Teaser Video?

A teaser video is a short video designed to generate buzz around upcoming announcements, promote longer videos/movies, product releases, or anything that requires some notification.

Teaser videos are usually flashy, powerful, and hype about what you want to promote. All this is to create suspense and intrigue but will not reveal too much. You are giving out a hint of a critical moment, not showing it. The key here is attracting the audience and providing enough information to encourage them to learn more. They can play an essential role in any video product marketing activities: for programs, VOD sites, online courses, Roku and Vimeo channels, etc.

Your goal may be traffic, potential customers, or even customers.

Part 2: What Elements Should a Teaser Video Compose of?

A good teaser video should contain each of the following three elements.

  • Strong hook

The first few secs of the clip are critical to attracting the audience. There are multiple ways to achieve this, and the right choice must be consistent with your brand, content, and the event or video you promote.

  • Provide the solution

Simply explaining what your viewers can expect is a straightforward way to keep the audience interested. If people are looking for a solution, and your trailer sets expectations that the complete content can help, you can bet they will participate.

However, once you set the audience's expectations, make sure that your complete content fulfills your promises.

  • A clear call for action

Here, tell your audience what to do next. Calls to action or CTA are suggestions for what viewers should do after watching the teaser.

Ensure to include your name and logo for easy brand identification. Also, you need to have actionable steps for someone to suggest "click the link" is a perfect next step.

Part 3: Best teaser video examples for your business

Here we'll be taking a sneak peek at examples of best business teaser videos.

  • Lenovo Product Teaser Video

The new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is made from long-lasting carbon fiber construction and endowed with outstanding features like an anti-glare screen that displays colors and images as they appear. Also, it features a flexible keyboard that automatically changes with the app.

  • StylePop Product Teaser Video

style pop is one of the prominent online dealers on exotic designer fashion and beauty. They sell the latest womenswear fashion, including classy accessories, bags, designer shoes, and fine jewelry from international brands. The product teaser video showcases products from different brands and gives women the option to make their choice and shop for them.

  • McDonald's Fast Food Teaser Video

McDonald's Brazil created this teaser video to celebrate World Car-Free Day 2017, inviting customers to use an alternative carbon-free means of transportation. They were part of the project and made a promotional video to aid the campaign—the teaser video shows McDonald's way of celebrating World Car-Free Day 2017.

  • Ibotta Smartphone Teaser Video

Ibotta is a tech company that enables users to earn cash on in-store and mobile purchases with a smartphone app. Ibotta collaborates with famous brands and retailers to help users save money without going through the stress of getting a coupon or promo code. The teaser video shows how Ibotta pays users anytime they shop.

  • My Cloud Product Teaser Video

My Cloud is a durable, centralized personal storage space with an automatic backup connected to the home network that can be easily accessed and shared from anywhere using the computer, tablet, or smartphone. The product teaser video shows how My Cloud allows users to create a storage space for themselves and others to store and share photos they don't want to lose.

Part 4: How to create a teaser video in seconds?

We want to suggest our favorite video editing tool if you're going to make an outstanding teaser video. This tool is the future of video editing, and it is none other than Wondershare Filmii powered by AI technology.

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Filmii is a new product from Wondershare aimed at novice users who need easy-to-use video editing tools that can still produce high-quality content. This tool uses Al technology that has brought tremendous changes to the editing world. It allows you to edit automatically, immediately with zero complicated procedures.

Wondershare Filmii provides various templates, allowing you to choose a template suitable for your YouTube project, and you can select multiple filters according to your preferences. You can also apply a lot of stickers and motion elements. It can help you easily merge various clips into one. Wondershare Filmii can also help you adjust your videos' size and upload your videos to popular streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

You can create a video with Wondershare Filmii with the following steps:

Step 1: Choose template

After launching the Wondershare Filmii application, sign in with the Wondershare ID and choose a template.

Preview a template and tap on the "Use this Template" option to proceed.

Step 2: Auto-create videos

Import the video clips into the workspace, arrange them, and tap on the "Auto-create" option. The video will now be automatically created that can be exported with the "Export" option.

Step 3: Edit or Export

Further, you can perform any advanced editing options like effects, filters, text if required, and once done, Export the video and save it to the desired location.


So, this was our ultimate guide - how to create a teaser video, a trending concept based upon the current digital marketing efforts. And, you're not allowed to lag! Just bring your business to the limelight with the excellent tools mentioned above. Also, consider using Wondershare Filmii, which is quite effective. For reference, we've mentioned the best examples of teaser videos worth consider.