In the world of today, just anyone and everyone is a sales rep! You heard me! You're either selling a tangible product or trying to get someone to buy your ideas about something. Whatever the case, there's an ongoing sale. While you may do this unintentionally, a sales presentation is no random task in the world of corporate business! It's not just about stating stats, quoting figures, or designing beautiful slides. For you to close any sale, there must be a sales presentation. It could either be before a client or a board of directors, but the thought shouldn't scare you. An effective salesperson is a good storyteller at the primary level because a good sales presentation conveys a captivating story, shows your prospective clients the value you're bringing in the strongest possible terms, and aligns with their needs. Bearing these in mind and employing a good sales strategy presentation, you can close that dream deal.

Let's get started on what a sales presentation is and briefly look at some successful sales presentation examples that could guide you in making yours.

Part 1: What is Sales Presentation?

A sales presentation, sometimes misconstrued for a sales pitch, is the act of selling your product or service to a prospective buyer during a meeting, with some form of visuals as a way of convincing them to purchase due to the value of the product/service. It is usually longer than a sales pitch. On the other hand, a sales pitch is just usually a smaller version of a sales presentation as it usually involves a phone call conversation to close a deal. A good sales presentation should be adequate for; coordinating team players, assigning roles, gathering and organizing ideas, slides preparation and presentation, time management, getting senior officers on board, developing a good sales presentation outline, etc.

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There are many successful sales presentation examples out there that can help your sales presentation journey a lot less tedious; all you have to do is study them and use them to generate your sales presentation ideas and develop your sales presentation outline. Below are some of them:

1. Make a demo pitch

The Mullins had developed an organic cereal and, in 2015, made their pitch to the Canadian Dragons' Den by giving them samples of the organic grain. Jim Treliving, haven tasted the cereals there, bought into the deal even before the Mullins went ahead to pitch!

Hack: They knew and believed in the strength of their product and went ahead to allow it to sell itself.

2. Do a confident presentation

In 2017, the Speciale brothers pitched their product, Original Comfy, to Shark Tank. All they had was a video of someone wearing the hood in a house and on a beach. Although they had minor stats, they got a deal of $50,000 for 30% from Barbara Corcoran.

Hack: The brothers had a good product, believed in it, and presented it confidently.

3. Presentation backed with data

In 2011, SEOMoz, a marketing analytics company, raised funds for their company's operations. They did this by using visual data to share their story.

Hack: SEOMoz used these data to tell their own brand story and the story of how they had helped companies meet their business needs while also catering to theirs.

Part 2: Factors to Bring in your Sales Presentation

If you want to close that deal, your sales presentation has to be nothing less than good! To avoid grappling with many things to say and not to say, you should develop an outline that would guide your sales presentation. Here are some factors to note:

  1. PowerPoint presentation: PowerPoint or Google Slides are needed to help convey your message to your prospects. You can include facts, figures, texts, and stats in your sales presentation with a slide. The slides could take this format: an opening slide that captures a great cover photo or tells a short brand story, data, metrics, critical points slide, case studies and customers' testimonials slide, and a final slide with a call to action for the prospects. Ensure that the texts in your slides are light and straightforward to follow; you don't want your prospects dealing with a lot of info at the same time.

powerpoint sales presentation


  1. Products: Seeing a product in action sells the product faster than anything else! If you're pitching a physical product, create an environment that'd best reflect what it can do. If it's a digital product, there should be on-ground technology to show it works. For instance, you might want to consider doing a demo on a projector for a platform while for an app, confirm its functionalities, and get your prospects to download it. If the product is not readily available due to location, size, etc., you can use a video in the sales presentation.
  2. Handouts: Depending on the nature of your sales presentation, handing out explicit materials to your prospects is also an effective sales strategy presentation. It should ideally come at the end of a sales presentation, so they don't get distracted. These handouts may contain QR codes, sales literature, contact info, etc.
  3. Team: If you're not going alone, prepare your team fully for the sales presentation. To nail it, delegate duties to every team member, ensure that everything is in good working condition, and repeatedly practice.

Part 3: Sales Presentation Ideas to Work Out

Here are some valuable sales presentation tips to bear in mind while prepping for your next sales presentation:

  1. Be of Relevance: Don't fall into the trap of "one presentation does it all"; ensure you create new slideshows for every new prospect you're making a sales presentation to. Carry out extensive research on the prospects or their companies and show how your product is best suited for their pain points while also giving them an edge over their competitors.
  2. Go Animated: Ensure you're not boring your prospects out by speaking in a monotone. Using different voice modulation tactics allows your prospects to draw up imaginations of what your products can do for them. Also, try doing a voice recording of your presentation to hear what you sound like before the actual sales presentation.

animated sales presentation


  1. Be specific: Get to the point of your sales presentation by verbally practicing what you need to say to close that deal. Don't ramble and veer off the conversation and make room to listen to customers' questions about the product. Take note of important comments.
  2. Make a Connection: Create a product/service-prospect connection by showing your prospects what your product can do for them. In this case, you show them the physical product, highlight its benefits over your competitors and not necessarily the features. That way, your product/service is cemented in their minds.
  3. Prefer Showmanship: Enliven your sales presentation by using showmanship. That tends to pass a more explicit message to your prospects while also keeping them entertained and glued to your presentation.

Part 4: How to Make Stunning Sales Presentation Video for Business

Filmii is an intuitive, full-featured video editing software that makes video creation and editing more straightforward and fun. Creating a sales presentation video is possible with Filmii as you can crop, resize, stabilize, zoom, merge, rotate, control, reverse and adjust video clips. With its built-in text overlays, adding titles, lower thirds, credits, subtitles, captions, and other forms of texts is possible. Using the large pool of motion elements and stickers, creative transitions, impressive font styles, and aspect ratios can bring your sales presentation videos to life. Its color grader, audio editor, and editable themed templates crown it all.

Filmii Video Editor

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Follow this 3-step guide to make that close-the-deal sales presentation video with Filmii:

Step 1: Login and choose a template

On the start screen, after logging into the Filmii application, preview a template and choose one based on your sales video requirement.

Once decided, hit the "Use This Template" option.

Step 2: Import videos and Auto-create

Import 3 or more media files (images or videos) and arrange them in your desired order using drag-and-drop as Filmii will auto-create videos with the imported media files.

Once arranged, tap the "Auto Create" option to proceed.

Step 3: Edit, Preview, and Export

Preview the video, then go ahead to edit the video further with other options like text, animation, stickers, motion effects, and so on that suit your sales presentation tone.

After video creation, export the video instantly.


Making a good sales presentation is paramount in closing any sale. It is also important to create an outline to guide your sales strategy presentation. Thus, while using successful sales presentation examples as a guide to make yours, remember to consider the tips provided in this article, find your style, tweak them and close that sale!