As everything has its end, so are working people as they have to come across a retirement day. Though it is the end of their work, it is an excellent beginning for the future that awaits them. So, organize a great retirement party for the person and create a video that will be the greatest gift for the retiree. Here we give you the best retirement video ideas and the perfect choice of songs for retirement video. Use the best video-creating application we have shared to create an incredible retirement video.

Part 1: Inspirational Retirement Video Ideas

Getting an idea from a professional will make the process simple. So, here are some of the best retirement video ideas.

1. Invite

Create a video invitation to invite the office mates along with the family and friends of the retiree. Share the video link through email, which is the initial step for retirement video ideas for a boss or coworker.

retirement video ideas


2. Expert's advice

Collect some videos of the people proposing the best advice they have when traveling or working with the retiree. Combine everything into a single video, as it will leave a smile on the retiree and among all the viewers.

3. Make it funny

When you come to know that you will miss a person who has worked with you all along may be problematic. But try not to impose the same on the other by creating a funny retirement video.

4. Things you'll miss

Create a slideshow intimating the retiree about the things you'll miss when they are not around. Decide if it has to funny or emotional and collect the details regarding the same from the office staffs, and later combine it.

5. Sweet message

One of the best retirement video message ideas is making a video wishing the retiree to lead a happy life, have a great future, and thanking him for his untiring work contribution.

6. Question Answer

If the coworkers find it challenging to record a video without any topic, come up with few questions, so it is easy for everyone to say about the retiree, either funny or sincere, leading to an exciting video.

7. Written Words

This retirement video idea for a coworker is quite different from the other. You could make a written words video with perfect background music, rather than recording each person individually, as words speak up your thoughts.

8. Share Career Highlights

Are you looking for retirement video ideas for teachers? This one can fit in and can be used in other professional worksites too. Collect the photographs or clippings of their achievements and display the same with added effects.

9. Music Video

Would you want to try something different for retirement? Then get to know the retiree's favorite song and ask the coworkers to either lip-sync or sing the song, which will be funny, and your retiree might enjoy it.

10. A day to remember

If you wanted to give a present to the retiree, then try this tip. Take each memorable and funnier incident that happens during the retirement function and make a video of it which will be the best special gift.

11. Create a list

A hardworking person who's about to retire will find ways to utilize his time. So, why don't you lend help in making the decision? Create a list with valuable ideas to use the retiree's time and include them in the video.

12. Perform a Skit

You could perform an entertaining performance on the retirement day to engage everyone with a visual play. Choose either a funny skit or one with a message for the retiree.

13. Photo Slideshow

A simple retirement video idea is to collect photos of the retiree's life or career from their family, friends, and colleagues, which could be funny or memorable and make a simple photo slideshow from it.

14. Flash mob video

Plan and execute a flash mob to surprise the retiree and have someone record the whole event, where presenting the retiree later with the video will give a sweet touch of the incidents that took place.

15. Movie Trailer

Transform the videos that you have gathered into a movie trailer using your skills. Work on the script to create a funny retirement video to impact the viewers and the retiree.

Part 2: Inspirational Songs for Retirement Video

When presenting a video or a slideshow, the background music or songs play a significant role in instilling positive vibes. Please look at our collection of songs for retirement videos.

1. This Ain't Goodbye

This song reminds us that retirement is not a final goodbye by imparting that you'll be in touch even after the departure.

2. Hello, Goodbye

Organized a retirement party? Then this song is a perfect fit as it shows that even goodbyes can be a start for a new life.

3. My Way

Have retirement video ideas for the boss? Then use this song when you include the achievements and tasks done by them.

4. Hall of Fame

This pop song is a hit and can be used in the retirement video to celebrate your coworker's success.

5. You've got a Friend

Use this song in your video to tell the retiree that you'll always be friends even after retirement.

6. Born to Be Wild

When planning for retirement video ideas for a coworker, use this funny song to showcase the best moments.

7. Cups

This song is perfect for a sweet and fun co-worker, reminding them that they will be missed when they are gone.

8. Margaritaville

Have you created a funny retirement video? Then make use of this song as it pops on the party mood of the retiree.

9. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

If your coworker or boss has left an iconic impression, this song is the right choice for such a personality.

10. Survivor

Has the retiree faced and overcome obstacles during work? Then use this song to upraise their tireless effort.

11. Good Times Roll

As retirement is not the end, use this song to teach your retiree that good things are yet to come.

12. I Gotta Feeling

Mix your retirement video ideas with this song to create an upbeat video to celebrate the days you have spent with your colleague.

13. We've Only Just Begun

The theme of this song is to focus on the future. So, using it in the retirement video will build up the confidence of the retiree.

14. Celebration

As the song title says, the excitement created by this song is an excellent choice to get the retirement party started.

15. 100 Years

Use this thoughtful song that insists on the importance of living in the moment and enjoying life to create a retirement video.

Part 3: How to Make a Retirement Video with Ease?

Use your retirement video ideas to create personalized videos with creative templates using Filmii in a snap. Choose the perfect template theme that fits your video for fun, friends, or family. Edit using the tools to add, remove, and adjust the clips even after applying the template. Add titled text to your video along with stickers, animation, motion elements, and transition. It offers a variety of stylized filters and overlays. Preset the video based on the social media platform to avoid later cropping and learn the basics to create your first video using the step-by-step instructions offered by the video tutorial.

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Step 1: Download and Install

Install the accessible version of Filmii and launch the application. On the primary interface, choose the template which fits your retirement video ideas.

Tap on the template to preview it, and once decided, click on the "Use this template" option to use the template.

Step 2: Import media files

Now, import the media files like videos or photos by clicking on the "Import File" button.

Step 3: Create and Export

After selecting the clips, drag and drop them on the timeline in the order you need, and click on the "Auto-Create" button, creating the video automatically.

The video will thus get created, and you could perform further editing using advanced editing tools. Once done, click the "Export" option.


So, this was the collection of retirement video ideas that fit for all aspects like boss, coworker, teacher, and the perfect song for background. Lastly, if you want to create a retirement video with the best templates and sound effects, then Filmii is what we recommend.