“Product review videos are the decisive basis of information” – John Rampton.

What are Product Review Videos?

Are you looking to purchase any product that has arrived recently in the market and is favored by now? Indeed, one will look out for the advertisements or product reviews using a video or a webpage. One always believes that such studies are still best-to-go to decide whether to buy them or not.

Product review videos are used by most companies to reveal people and encourage the audience by showcasing the features bound with a particular product. E-commerce, the growing platform that brings millions of products to live, follows a unique media portfolio to attract customers. While product images aren't just enough to provoke excitement, product review videos with graphics and promoted by models create a significant impact, giving the viewers high chances to buy the product.

product review videos

Especially if you're a salesperson or an expert with a marketing background, such product reviews in the form of video are vital to increasing the sales conversation. You can place such product review videos in listings or websites that have the chance to covert the viewers into buyers. Sometimes, buyers satisfied with the product are helpful as a brand ambassador in promoting it to the others in the form of video rolled on Instagram or Facebook.

One could make use of YouTube or Facebook as a platform to showcase the product video that can grab likes and traffic towards the featured product. It could be a toy or a gadget. A product review is just enough to increase the likelihood and in making a positive first impression.

Learn from 3 Best Product Review Videos on YouTube

There is no best practice other than learning from the expertise ones. So, we have bought the three best product review videos on YouTube of different genres from which you can learn the strategies used behind them.


Review video of Play-Doh Sparkle princess

Even if it's a toy-related one, all sorts of product reviews can attract more viewers. A fine example is the unboxing video of Play-Doh Sparkle Princess done by Fun Toys Collector Disney. The Play-Doh collection consists of popular adorable Disney characters like Anna, Rapunzel, and so on. It has more than 9 million subscribers, and the person behind the review video reveals only her hands keeping the other identities hidden. The artist is known trendy for making "Toy Unboxer" videos on YouTube.

Learn from 3 Best Product Review Videos on YouTube

There is no best practice other than learning from the expertise ones. So, we have bought the three best product review videos on YouTube of different genres from which you can learn the strategies used behind them.


Review video of Motorola RAZR 5G unboxing

With 8M subscribers, Unbox therapy does a great job of unboxing the newest technical gadgets and reviewing it. Lewis Hilsenteger makes it in such a way that he engages with the viewers and makes it fun as well. Lewis points out the finest products, analyzes the gadget in-depth, tests their features, discovers the hidden secrets, tricks, and reveals to his valuable viewers.


Product review video of Be Beautiful Squad

Before purchasing a makeup kit or package, one always looks out to find the upcoming trend and reviews. That is what Be Beautiful does by bringing up-to-date new products that are trending in the market. The above product review video is by Lamiya Chitalwala from the "Be Beautiful" squad-based on Micellar cleaning wipes, lip chapstick, and makeup remover, which she has hands-on experience before.

7 Tips to Make Your Product Review Videos Stand Out

So, finally, you have reached the most vital part where you can find some of the suggestions or ways to create a product review video that could stand out from the other ones in the market.

Make it crisp and clear.

Never make it for more than three minutes as customers don't prefer boring ones or too large ones. Make the contents so that the full product details needed in the customers' aspect occur. Think of yourself as a customer and focus on the product. Make it clear and let the video be as honest as much as possible.

Could be fun and a little playful

If your product review is related to a toy like the Play-Doh party princess, you can try making it fun or crazy. As the best example, one can watch the videos created by Dollar Shave Club that had grabbed the attention of millions with just two offbeat videos. The videos are promotional, fun-based that made the audience laugh and chuckle as well.

Ask a question and answer questions as well.

You can go on a live review video where you can make it more interactive, like starting the session with a question. It makes the viewers engage along with you. Answer the queries posted by viewers so that you create the upbeat vibe of responsiveness and best interests of the brand in their mind.

Incorporate your customers

Recently I saw a product review from the Vedix Company, which sells products promoting hair-growth shampoo, serum, and oil. The best part is they included their past customers who used their products in promotions. Similarly, you can ask your old customers and make a testimonial video, a marketing strategy.

Create a sense of trustworthiness, real and personal.

Speak with your brand's voice and create a trustworthy environment for your company. Never make the product review as a speech but rather make viewers think that it's real. To make it clear, you have to stop selling the product instead of teaching the viewers how it can fulfill the viewer's expectations.

Give importance to the video environment.

product video environment

One must emphasize certain factors like lighting, audio, backdrop, and quality while shooting the video. Recognized to be the essential catching feature a good product review video should possess an excellent enhancing background.

Pay attention to video editing.

One has to know the importance of video over text and craft individual video edits to make the product review more impressive. You can try descriptive text overlays and video editing platforms like Filmora9 to craft your video to an outstanding level to make the video stand out from the crowd.


While the average amount of consumers spends time seeing over the product's listing, one-third of the user prefer watching over such product review videos that help make the decision process. Alongside, coming to the companies, over 45% of companies enjoy web traffic provokes by using the product review videos. I hope you would now realize the importance of product reviews and come across various tips to craft an awesome video. Just stick to them and stay tuned for more!