Interested in starting your own YouTube gaming channel? Great! An exciting YouTube gaming channel needs a dynamic game intro that can keep viewers hooked until the very last second. Although intros might last only a few seconds, that’s all you need to draw your audience’s attention and to live long in their memories.

Video intros have become increasingly popular among YouTube gamers and if you’re hoping to make a mark in that arena, it’s worth having a polished gaming intro that helps viewers relate to your brand. Wondering how to choose the right intro that helps you gain huge followers? Opting for a Panzoid gaming intro maker can make all the difference.

Panzoid stands out for creating 3D animations, outperforming backgrounds, and other digital arts. The intro maker offers hundreds of intro video templates in a varied range, including gaming, animation, music, etc. Whatever your content message might be, Panzoid helps attract your leads with its customization and unique arts.

Dive into the article below to learn more about this gaming intro maker.

Top 20 Panzoid Gaming Intros You Can Use In Your Videos


Dynamo Gaming Intro

Do you have an event announcement to make? Or, want to create a gaming intro party? Dynamo Gaming Intro lets you create videos with lightning and special effects.

Get this intro here:


Hyperspace Intro

One of the built-in video templates, Hyperspace intro is ideal for creating custom beautiful content. This old-style intro template is a favorite among both individuals and marketers.

Use this template: Get Amazing Template Here


Red Insane Intro

Red insane intro is an epic intro template you can use for your gaming video. This is a great choice for upbeat games.

Start creating yours:


Awesome Bubbly Blue Intro

Looking for cool intro templates that give your gaming videos a competitive edge? Choose an awesome bubbly blue intro.

Get it here:


Cool Red Intro

Thinking of gameplay with cool music and a simple but great animation? The cool red intro template is your best choice then.

Know more:


Anime Master

Want to bring your logo to life with a stunning 3D animation? Create a custom intro for your channel with Panzoid’s Anime Master template in seconds!

Get yours here:


Cool Gaming Intro

With Panzoid’s Cool Gaming Intro template, you can create a stunning intro without any design skills. Create a custom intro!

Use this template here:


Lofi Intro

Looking to create an insane chill atmosphere for your action-packed game? Opt for Lofi Intro template.

Get this template here:


Chill Retro Template

Do wish to immerse your gamers into that offbeat 80s vibe? Make the perfect vintage intro with the Panzoid Chill Retro template.

Make a retro gaming intro now:


Mobile Legend

Launching a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game? Making a stunning gaming logo in the style of Mobile Legends can be your perfect choice.

Start now:


Rock N Roll Intro

Create a stunning video with “Rock N Roll” the song by Skrillex as the theme. This dynamic template is perfect for music videos, openers, music promos, and any video.

Start making your intro here:


Fancy Land Intro

If you want to make a fantasy gaming video for kids, look no further than this template. Let this gaming intro immerse kids in your fantasy land!

Use this fancy template now:


TikTok Intro

Looking to create a successful TikTok marketing strategy? If so, this Panzoid gaming intro template can be the ideal way to reach young audiences.

Customize it here:


Call of Duty Intro Template

Launching a first-person shooter video game like Call of Duty? Panzoid’s Call of Duty Intro template can help you create an awesome video intro in minutes!

panzoid gaming intro

Check it here:


Juventus FF Intro P9 JURI

Start your action-packed football game with this attention-grabbing gaming intro template. It is a cool costume gaming intro.

Use this template:


Synced Beat (Clear Moves)

Synchronize your video to a cool beat with this awesome template to mark the transition between images for a professional-looking video. Check it out!

Get yours here:


Netflix Intro

Planning to incorporate the Netflix theme in your videos? Choose a Netflix intro template to get a customized intro that includes the original Netflix audio and visually identical.

Use this template here:


Insane 2D Upbeat Intro

Need a fast and dynamically animated after effects template for your game? Insane 2D Upbeat Intro has a refreshing style, trendy transitions, and modern text animations for you.

Learn more:


Intro For Ninja Gaming

Want a ninja-themed animated intro for your game? Panzoid’s Intro for Ninja gaming template is your top choice!

Try this template here:


American Captain

At times, all one needs is a hero like Captain America and the sleek American Captain Intro template can come to your rescue. Check it out.

Try it now:

How to Add Your Game Intros to Videos?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your first dashing Panzoid gaming intro for your YouTube channel.

Step-1: Visit Panzoid Clipmaker and go to the ‘Creations’ section.

Step-2: Pick a Panzoid intro template of your choice in the left pane. Once you click the template, it will load on a new page.

Step-3: Choose the ‘Objects’ button in the left toolbar. This will load all the modifiable objects in your left pane.

Step-4: Replace your channel name with the placeholder text and you will find an editable text field most likely named “Text:”

Step-5: Time to render the intro you have just created for yourself. Click on the “Download” button in the toolbar and then press “Start Video Render”.

Tips to Create A Stunning Game Intro

Whether you are a content creator or a marketer, trying to design a video game on your own can be very challenging. Here’re a few key considerations for generating an amazing Panzoid gaming intro.


Define Your Audience

First things first – think about the viewers who will be watching your gaming videos. For creating a popular YouTube channel, your intro should be very attractive and quick.


Opt For A Striking Title Screen

Once your player gets to your title screen, you can choose to offer your player a frustrating or fluid experience. Remember the title screen should leave a mark on the player’s account.


Remember Your Theme

Choose a gaming intro that allows you to communicate the themes and values of your channel. Focus on top-quality gameplay and make your intro centered on that purpose.


Think About Easy-to-Use Video Editors

Instead of messing around and wasting time in creating intros, consider using the pre-existing gaming intro templates. This will make the entire process easier. Luckily, Wondershare Filmii is one of the best video editors that provide high-quality gaming intro templates.

Wondershare Filmii is one of the most powerful yet easy-to-use video editing software. An AI-enabled video editor, Filmii is a fun, amazing video editing tool you can use to make videos for your gaming channel.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Some of the salient features of Filmii video editor are:

Titles & Texts

With Filmii, you get a plethora of options for titles and texts. It provides 3oo text effects like openers, titles, subtitles, lower thirds, and credits.

Stunning Presets

Filmii allows you to create horizontal videos for YouTube, square videos for Instagram, and vertical videos for TikTok.

Advanced Video Creation

Wondershare Filmii provides some great functions of video editing like Rotate, Trim, Pan-n-zoom, along with several other basic tools for video creation.


AI-powered Filmii comes with more than 100 transition effects that are divided into 7 categories. These include basic, slide, warp, dissolve, cartoon, stylized, and shapes.


Filmii includes more than 300 motion elements – animated graphics that range from cute cartoon characters to arrows for tutorials.


First impressions are everything so incorporating an amazing gaming intro for your YouTube channel can make all the difference. Create stunning intros with Panzoid gaming intro maker within minutes and crush the competition!