Do you wish to create professional videos for your YouTube channel without any hassle? Thinking of making a long-lasting impression on viewers’ minds? Adding stunning 3D intros can be a brilliant way to introduce your brand at the beginning of the video. You have only a short period to draw the viewer’s attention and it is here that killer 3D intros can work wonders to promote your brand.

No matter whether it’s for vlogs, gaming, video tutorials, or anything else, every YouTube video needs an interesting intro. But, are you confused about how to create eye-catching intro videos easily? Opting for a Panzoid Panzoid 3D intro can be the key to creating high-quality intro videos in minutes and have an awesome intro that keeps viewers and subscribers hooked to your content.

Panzoid is an impressive 3D intro maker that allows you to create the perfect openings for your videos and make a great impression on your viewers. It offers a plethora of varied templates that you can use according to the topic of your video. From gaming to music, business to marketing, you can find templates for every occasion on Panzoid. Also, you can select the right resolution and frame rates so that your intro video looks excellent in quality.

Here’s a detailed insight into creating eye-catching 3D intros.

3D Intro Vs. 2D Intro: What’s The Difference?

Parameters 3D Intro 2D Intro
Cases/Uses 3D intro videos are used for selling a product or in cases where 2D intros aren’t enough 2D intro videos are used to convey a simple message
Animation Glossy, materials, lights/shadows, unlimited number of possibilities with animation Elements of 2D intros are flat, the animation is much limited
Style Artistic Mechanical

Top 20 Panzoid 3D Intros You Can Use In Your Videos

1. Intro Mascotte 3D

Looking to build and strengthen your brand identity? Use the Intro Mascotte 3D template to create a visual associated with your brand so that people give your business a spot in their mind map.

Get yours here:

2. Cool 3D Intro Template

If you wish to leave your viewers and subscribers speechless with a killer intro, this might be your best choice. The Cool 3D intro template is ideal for every business.

Use this template:

3. Underwater 3D Intro Template

Planning to upload a vacation video to your channel? Or, looking to create any video related to ocean life? If so, opt for the Panzoid 3D intro maker’s underwater 3D intro template.

Learn more:

4. Insane 3D Intro

Do you wish to create an electrifying video that acts as the perfect addition to your YouTube channel? Look no further than Panzoid’s Insane 3D intro template.

Create yours:

5. Clean 3D Intro Template

Bring a touch of efficiency to the table with the striking Clean 3D Intro Template and make a positive impression. You can make an engaging intro video for your YouTube channel in just a few clicks.

Use this template:

6. Dope Blue 3D Intro Template

This is another excellent template loved by content creators. Bring your brand logo to life with the eye-catching Dope Blue 3D Intro template.

Get yours here:

7. Insane Sync 3D Intro Template

Looking for awesome 3D intro templates with professional designs? Add the perfect opening to your videos with the insane sync 3D intro template of Panzoid 3D intro maker.

Learn more:

8. Free 3D Intro Template

If you wish to create a custom intro for your channel with no prior experience required, the free 3D intro template is your best bet. You can create a killer animated intro in minutes!

Create yours:

9. Nice 3D Intro

Just as its name suggests, a Nice 3D intro can work absolutely wonders for your YouTube channel. Regardless of the type of video you are making, this is a great choice.

See more:

10. Free 3D Epic Intro Template

Take your branding to the next level with the 3D epic intro template. This video template can capture your logo with an explosive and epic effect.

Try this template:

11. Amazing 3D Intro

This is another stunning, simple, yet powerful intro template you can make the most of. Start customizing now!

Create yours:

12. Free 3D Awesome Intro Template

Make stunning intro videos in style for your YouTube channel with Panzoid’s free 3D awesome intro template. Be it a vlog, explainer video, or promotional video, it is a good choice.

See more:

13. Mega 3D Intro

Get professional, high-quality 3D intros with Mega 3D intro and make a long-lasting impression. This template of Panzoid 3D intro maker is like no other!

Try it now:

14. Free 3D Chill Intro Template

Want to give an exotic look to your YouTube channel? Choose the 3D chill intro template and make cool intro videos for free.

Learn more:

15. 3D Raw Intro #90 (Free to use)

Looking to increase views or gain more subscribers on your YouTube channel? Opt for a 3D raw intro template.

Start now:

16. Lights Shine 3D Blue Red

Creating stunning intro templates is made easy with Lights Shine 3D blue red intro. This template can make all the difference.

Try this template:

17. Old 3D Intro

Do you wish to give your videos a retro-futuristic vibe? Choosing the old 3D intro template can definitely be your best bet.

Use this template:

18. Cool 3D Clean Green Intro

Need a minimalist design video intro for your channel? The cool 3D clean green intro can be your perfect choice.

Check here:

19. Blue Intro 3D

Browsing for easy-to-customize intro templates? Panzoid’s blue intro 3D template can be a great inspiration.

Create yours now:

20. Cube 3D Intro

Looking for a fresh and dynamic intro template? Cube 3D intro is a masterfully designed template perfect for all.

Check it here:

How to Add Your 3D Intros to Videos?

Wondering how to add your Panzoid 3D Intro to your videos? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  1. Visit the official website of Panzoid and choose Clipmaker at the top corner of the page.
  2. Choose a clip from the menu on the left side or scroll down and choose More Creations for more options.
  3. Go to the search field and type intro. Then, press Enter or Return on your keyboard.
  4. Now, choose a 3D intro template that you like. In case you do not see anything you like, choose all categories to check out different intro categories.
  5. Choose Open in Clipmaker.
  6. Choose the 3D wireframe box in the menu that’s situated on the page’s left side
  7. If the intro includes any default text, replace it with your brand name or YouTube channel name.
  8. After customizing the template with your brand name or channel name, choose the eye icon.
  9. Choose the play button for previewing the intro clip.
  10. Next, pick the download icon in the left menu.
  11. Choose your desired mode and format. Select Start Video Render.
  12. Click on Download your Video.
  13. Watch your 3D intro and ensure it looks just the way you want.


Gone are the days when having special editing skills was a necessity. The Panzoid 3D intro maker lets you create professional 3D intros in just a few steps. Choose any of these templates depending on your requirement and start making stunning videos!