Now, the offer letter is signed after you're done with taking interviews. Then, perhaps the most significant phase of an employee's term starts — onboarding. An ideal onboarding strategy can make all the difference between a struggling employee and flounders in those beginning few weeks and one who boldly integrates into the team and puts value immediately.

While onboarding usually consists of training, the whole procedure includes much more, where we'll look at onboarding videos specifically. Onboarding is about providing new hires all the tools they require to get off to a powerful beginning and thus helps them achieve something great in their new role.

Research also depicts that a solid onboarding process, including onboarding video, isn't just good for DS employees; it's also worth noting for the bottom line.

Part 1: What is an onboarding video?

An employee onboarding video (aka orientation video) is a tool that employers use to communicate their central values, offer a glance of what to expect, and introduce them to their fellow staff mates. Companies have been following these corporate video concepts to deliver impressive onboarding experiences since forever.

Pack up the recruits for an orientation session in a boardroom, play the video on a projector screen, and you're good to go – that's how the onboarding video process generally begins. Yet, employers have also started to utilize these videos as severe tools for remote employee onboarding processes. Especially now, with the constant COVID-19 pandemic, others will have to employ a similar strategy.

You can showcase videos for a variety of aims throughout the onboarding stage. For example, you might have one topic covering a company's general information, including your industry and history, and another one to describe your company's mission and values.

But what does a perfect onboarding video look like? Stay tuned, as we'll have some excellent onboarding video examples in the following section.

Part 2: Top 10 onboarding video examples

Below is a pack of the ten best onboarding video examples and their respective brief and image.

1. Zappos (Company Culture at a Glance)

It's not crucial to always use humor while communicating your company's values through onboarding videos. Sometimes, it's best to collect the whole gang and let them speak out on camera. Zappos – an online retailer of shoes and clothing – applied the same approach for the video.

2. Zynga (What it likes to work at Zynga)

The video begins with a fellow developer describing a personal (and somewhat discomforting) image about his job to offer relief to the nervous new teammate on the first day. Then they carry on providing the company's overview, followed by communicating the best things about working at Zynga.


In huge companies – specifically those in different locations – many employees don't get the opportunity to make personal connections with the CEOs or company founders. Yet, the people at Intuit found an excuse and created this onboarding video for new employees featuring Brad Smith (now ex) CEO.

4. Annie's

Annie's offers a range of organic foods that are presented up in supermarkets around the country. Annie's onboarding video signifies the company's culture in a bit of detail. In addition, they focus on collaboration and have employees discuss what they admire most about working for Annie's.

5. Atlassian

The Atlassian onboarding video aims to inspire culture and is a direct image of their mission to bring out the best potential in folks using collaboration strategies. The employee video depicts the Australian-based companies' family-like, welcoming, and warm atmosphere.

6. Google

This video, intended for Google interns, shows loads of work-cultural fragrance. On the Google campus, people play volleyball, walk dogs, and have immense fun. The video consists of a diversity of interns integrating their cultural background, making it seem and feel like the best place to work.

7. Canva

The creative software provides its new hires a glimpse at their up-to-date offices and clarifies the story of Canva and what they are hoping to achieve. The best thing about the video from Canva is that it consists of various team members at all different stages.

8. Dunkin Donuts

A donut shop? Yes! This new employee orientation video presents a top franchisee and discusses how employees make the experience of buying donuts fun for consumers. The video discussions are being efficient and friendly at the same time.

9. Mindvalley>

Even with the simple effects of including event headlines, time stamps, and music, this onboarding video offers a glance at the Mindvalley culture and why the company lets the employees feel that Happiness is the new normal.

10. Spotify

Yes, it is a very long video. Still, the smart thing with this concept is that Spotify manages to simplify a complex process and at the same time provide liveliness to it with a voice-over and simple illustrations.

Part 3: Video Ideas to Make an Employee Onboarding Video

The following types of employee onboarding video ideas can be tailored to most companies, and we'll describe why each of them helps enhance the onboarding experience.

Let's dive in!

1 – Welcome Video

The first video in your onboarding stage can give a warm welcome to the fresher employees. The message must come from someone commanding as CEO, key team members, manager, or a combo of all three.

This kind of onboarding video will help relax the first day nerves and create a sense of belongingness. It also helps define your company's purpose, values, and mission and respond with the most significant question new employees are afraid to ask: why am I here, and what I need to do?

2 – Tech Flow Video

Every company has devoted technology, processes, and workflows that they anticipate new employees to follow and implement. And usually, all new hires will need assistance understanding these phenomena and getting things done in the right way. That is where videos generally shine over text—lots of setup steps and orientation phase can be complicated, technical, and confusing.

3 – Goals/Purpose Video

New employees need to understand the expectations for their job roles, and a goals-centric video can set those things right from the beginning. It can be presented in terms of what the company and teammates want them to fulfill in their first days, weeks, and months. It is a kind of roadmap of mapped objectives within a reasonable period.

4 – Company Policies Video

This onboarding video depicts an inclusion culture; every fresher employee needs to be shown on the critical company policies that base the roots. The video can include as follows:

  • Nondiscrimination policies
  • Cybersecurity policies
  • Code of ethics and conduct policies
  • Workplace harassment policies

But it can also include cultural sections, values, and other fundamentals that make your company unique from others.

5 – Knowledge Transfer Video

Sharing the details of different processes can impact how well a fresher employee does their job role and how well they incorporate with other team members. This video can capture approaches and sentiments that the new hire can quickly figure out the aspects straight from the video.

Part 4: Tips to Make Amazing Onboard Video

Given below are few expert tips that can help you create fantastic onboarding videos just like those onboarding video examples mentioned above.

1 – Keep your videos brief

Creating long-form videos can be overwhelming, and people are less likely to enjoy them or even watch them until the end. So instead, stick to just one topic, if you can, for each video, and divide longer presentations into various parts.

2 – Make them interesting

Find different ways to make your content a bit more exciting and engaging. Employees are more likely to watch the process and retain more learning. Don't feel humiliating to show some personality and humor. You can incorporate existing staff within the video when possible.

3 – Instill inspiration

You must encourage pride in your new hires and highlight the opportunity they have to make a difference within your company premises. Screening new employees for the impact they can make is not just gratifying. It can be hugely inspiring as well.

4 – Begin from the top

Don't just jump straight into the nitty-gritty. Instead, begin the onboarding video with the high-level topics — what we do, who we are, and who are our customers? Later, you can leap into the particulars of their job functions and new team.

5 – Offer learning opportunities

If your organization provides advanced training programs or other additional resources, take a moment to underline those and educate the employees regarding the usage purposes.

An ideal onboarding insight is much more than communicating corporate HR policies or explaining day-to-day job functions.

Part 5: How to Make an Outstanding Onboarding Video

Wondershare Filmii is a fun, simple software you can use to make fascinating employee onboarding videos quickly. You can use intelligent templates that cut, correct and add effects to your video, or you can begin from scratch and create an entirely custom video in the Advanced Editing module.

Filmii consists of different themed templates. These templates are encouraged by different video types and moods, so you can select the one that helps you articulate your projects in a better way. You can also add effects, overlays, filters, and so on with Filmii!

Filmii Video Editor

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Steps to create employee onboarding video Wondershare Filmii:

Step 1: Log In

In the first step, you need to log in with the ID credentials and select among different templates.

Step 2: Start editing

For reference, we've selected the Business Corporate Slideshow template. Next, hit the Use this template tab.

business corporate slideshow template filmii

It will let you enter the editing window within which you need to import the video clips you've made for the employee onboarding video.

Then, select the Auto-Create button and let the Filmii do the magic by own.

You can also go for Advanced Editing mode and unveil more editing elements, as shown below.

advanced editing filmii

Step 3: Export

After you're done, hit the Export tab.


So, are you ready to implement our strategies in your onboarding video? Hopefully, you're well-versed with creating an impactful employee onboarding video by now after considering our examples, tips, and a suggested tool to create an awesome onboarding video within few minutes. But, even if you're a bit techie and creative, Wondershare Filmii is for you!