Motivation is a key to success we all know that and at some point, students feel depressed and clueless. Currently, this Covid time is tough for all of us especially for the students so here this article is explaining the best motivational video for students during the covid time. Here we need to accept the fact that there is nothing wrong with watching such powerful motivational videos for students as they boost up the confidence and inspire students to work hard. For teachers as well it is a difficult task of learning how to motivate students. If students are not motivated, they would not be giving their best so keeping all the aspects in mind teachers needs to plan things.

motivational videos for students

Here following are the best motivational videos for students to encourage them at best.

Part 1: How do you Motivate Students to Study?

Motivating students is not an easy task at all and for that, the leaders or teachers need to use some of the best techniques to encourage them to work hard. Teachers come up with powerful motivational videos for students, funny motivational videos, and short motivational videos for students, motivational videos for students during covid, etc. Check out some of the best tips:


Encourage students

Teachers should always encourage students to share honest and open opinions without being judged. Such encouragement would always make them feel important and they would be able to communicate fearlessly.


Be clear with objectives

For students working without any kind of objective in mind would not make sense at all. So as a being a mentor setting clear objectives for students and let them know the depth of goals. It would surely work effectively for them.


Get creative

For a teacher rather sticking to a rigid pattern using some games or puzzles or some funny motivational videos for students is always a good idea to catch their attention. Also decorating the classroom with colorful posters, models and following a proper theme would always give a motivational feel to students.


Offer rewards

We know everybody works for getting something in return and allowing students to plan out things and earn would be a perfect mixture of motivation and learning altogether. So offering an attractive reward always lead students to give their best.


Allow working in a team

Learning together is always better than learning alone. So teachers should prepare some activities where a small team of students would work together on a project where planning, discussion, problem-solving would occur. Also more importantly they would be able to learn from each other and get motivated.


Making motivational videos

Also nowadays coming with motivational videos for students work the best than any other medium because we are aware that videos are always a great medium to deliver your purpose. So teachers should come up with short motivational videos for students, funny motivational students, etc. to excite them the most.

Part 2: Best 10 Effective Motivational Videos for Students

Let's discuss some of the most effective motivational videos to inspire students to work harder. Here we have included powerful motivational videos for students, funny motivational videos for students, and short motivational videos for students.

4 Powerful Motivational Videos for Students

1. Never give up

Here the title itself explains the context of a video where inspiring speech, great video quality, and exciting audio is saying not to give how hard the time is but the only thing we could do is believing in ourselves.

2. Everyday leadership

It is one of the funny motivational videos for students by Drew Dudley where he says that how we all are leaders and we play a role in each other's lives so we should celebrate leadership every day.

3. Try Something New for 30 Days

This motivational video showcases an interesting way to think about setting goals and achieving them in the right manner. It is a powerful motivational video for students and it challenges students to start thinking about learning new every day.

4. Fall forward

Here it is a perfect example of a powerful motivational video for students where Denzel Washington in his commencement speech by encouraging others to take risks and not get upset with failures.

3 Funny Motivational Videos for Students

1. I believe I can fly

It is one of the best funny motivational videos for students for sure. It is less than a minute video but surely smiles at us and encourages us to be like that guy who rather than caring about others enjoys the moment and himself too.

2. teamwork

Here it shows working in a team including various animated characters. Also while watching this video you would realize the storyline is nicely done and it conveys a message to us in a simple manner. Thus teamwork always works for students to learn and motivate themselves.

3. Disney motivation

This video clip encourages students not to keep thinking about the past and future rather what matters is present. So considering the present time as a gift students should utilize and work at its best.

3 Short Motivational Videos for Students

1.How to succeed- cartoon

It is an animated short clip explaining the small way for achieving something. Animation is always considered an attractive method to catch the attention of an audience and motivate them in a fun manner.

2. 24 Hours

It is considered as one of the best short motivational videos for students which mainly explain to students the value of time. Students often waste their time on useless things but they need to understand the importance of time and manage their work accordingly.

3. The obstacles in your path

Here this short motivational video for students explains that obstacles are part of your journey. However hard we try we would be facing some problems which could easily distract us from our end goal but here the thing to keep in mind is to rather than getting demotivated with such obstacles you could give your best and reach towards a final destination with the right mindset.

Part 3: How to Make a Motivational Video with Ease?

Creating motivational videos for students is not an easy task if we are not aware of the best ways. Here Wondershare Filmii would be the perfect choice for all to coming up with a powerful motivational video for students. It has a range of effects, features, etc. options to create the finest quality video ever.

Here following are the steps you need to go through to create a funny and short motivational video for students.

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Step 1: Firstly, download Wondershare Filmii software on your device and then install it.

Step 2: Then after once you log in you would find an option "create" and along with that various video templates depending on upon theme of your content.

Step 3: Now you need to add a captured video of yours to the Filmii timeline and for that, you have the option of clicking on "Import" and select your file or you can "Drag and drop" directly too.

Step 4: You can choose various templates you can choose for adding extra effects and other than that you can apply editing effects, colors, trim, audio, etc. kind as tools.

create motivational video students

So, depending upon your editing requirement you can explore different editing tools here.

Step 5: At the end, you can save the video by clicking on "Export" and it will get easily saved on your device.


In the end, students need to remember that watching a motivational video would only work if they dare to work hard. So adapting the things mentioned in such powerful motivational videos for students would make a difference and give the desired outcome.