To make the concepts clear, at present, everyone uses videos to impart their ideas and knowledge to the listeners. More than the background music, texts included in each slide speak up your thoughts in a video. You can create such a video using kinetic typography to make your video attractive valuable in business, education, promotion, and much more as they are made readable with a perfect animation. Know the benefits of kinetic typography, along with a few example videos and software to create your video.

Part 1: What is Kinetic Typography and its Benefits?

Words, when written, are more attractive when combined with practical visual effects. Though there are multiple options to write content, kinetic typography could make the text more captivating by attracting the audience. Texts written using this typography make the texts movable in a contemporized manner so that their movement looks excellent rather than clumsy. Along with this, perfect background music and a good image make a good kinetic typography video, which would be enjoyable to the viewers. Videos created in such a manner will deliver the concept crystal clear.

Some of the benefits of using this typography are:

  1. Non-interactive texts are made interactive so that the presentation or video will no more be boring.
  2. Typography texts speak up the voice associated with the word. Hence the message certainly gets conveyed.
  3. It makes animated videos alive, and so viewers remember it for a long time.

Part 2: Best kinetic typography video examples

Have a look at few best kinetic typography videos to get a clear idea and thus be inspired.


Keep Up

This is a viral video of Honda as it is a typography video that had great use of kinetic typography to elevate the text by imparting a message.



Apple, like products, pays attention to the advertisements used to promote their product. This particular ad makes excellent use of kinetic typography in texts which pop on the screen.



Google created a typography video for promoting their product "Google Home," wherein the texts used are clean, clear, and minimal so that the product features are highlighted.



Though this video of Wyzowl has minimum use of kinetic typography, it has been listed to enhance only the essential points that typography can significantly impact.



Spider-Man of 2002 had a grand opening sequence, all thanks to the kinetic typography along with animation. The letters moving along with the motion of the web amazed the viewers.


Tomorrow I'll be Brave

This is a bedtime story for children where a book trailer is launched before publishing which had kinetic typography texts included wisely in each slide of the video.

kinetic typography tomorrow


Step it up!

Though GIF is short compared to video, kinetic typography can create it. In this example, the word "STEP IT UP" itself is portrayed as an endless staircase.

kinetic typography step




A typography video needn't always depend on letters, but numbers work too. This GIF displays a number morphing into another, with a perfect animation that grabs the viewer's attention.


The Things I Love

This video uses kinetic typography in a different yet exciting way by making it simple and keeping the viewers guessing as each scene is displayed.

kinetic typography love



This is a book trailer, an example of kinetic typography video, as each scene has a typographical text paired with a perfect image to make it engaging.

Part 3: Amazing Tips to Make a Typography Video

After knowing few interesting example videos, do you want to create a new video? Before doing so, learn some interesting tips to make an incredible video.

Tip 1: Choose a professional font

Create a video using kinetic typography by choosing fonts that are simple with elegant and professional looks. People will remember the context only if it is easy to read along with the perfect size.

Tip 2: Include a constant motion

While creating a video, pay attention when choosing the text and the motion transition, as using different changes together will make the video look clumsy. So, select the transition of motion which will be suitable throughout the video.

Tip 3: Combine words with shapes

As marketing videos are created to promote business, adding your creativity will make a great video. Also, adding shapes related to the texts or displaying the texts as a shape in your video will deliver your content more efficiently.

Tip 4: Use words and images together

Create a kinetic typography video using the images on the screen by combining them with the text to give your text a different meaning and attract your audience.

Tip 5: Use contrast to show opposing view

When creating a video to display different opinions, use contrasting colors to show the difference. Also, you could use the same idea to show your opposition.

Part 4: 5 Best Tools to Make Kinetic Typography Video

Now your interest in creating a typography video would be more, I believe. So, explore this session to find the best tools to make the best kinetic typography video.



Create and personalize amazing videos instantly using the templates provided by Filmii, a video production studio. Edit your video by adding effects to the clips using the editing tool. Also, add text to your video with transition, thus create kinetic typography video easily. Once the templates and clips are chosen, the auto-create mode makes the video automatically based on the template. Filmii is one of the best easy-to-use interfaces.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  1. Style your video instantly for fun and share it with your friends and family to show your editing skills.
  2. Edit your video with editing tools like trim, merge, crop, rotate, zoom, and much more.
  3. Add beauty to your video by adding text, transition, color grading, and video stickers.
  4. Remove audio from the video chosen for editing, and add clips using the option provided.
  5. It allows animating the texts added and resizing videos based on the social media platform.

Adobe After Effects

With Adobe After Effects, you could create a video with cinematic intros, titles, and transitions. Create a typography video by editing the titles, credits, and lower thirds using typographical text. Also, animate the text introduced by setting them in motion using the available options. Change or eliminate an object in a scene that will lead you to produce a great VR video. You could also import from other applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, and much more, which can also be animated.

adobe after effect


  1. Put your word in action using the text animation option.
  2. By using Graph Editor control the speed of the animations introduced.
  3. Control weather conditions in a video with special effects.
  4. Change your shaky video to a perfect one by motion tracking.
  5. By rotoscoping, you could change the object's background.


Renderforest is video editing software that helps create high-quality videos, websites, graphics, and logos for business and personal use. You could use the templates available to make videos of various formats and sizes. Put your text into motion by using the different kinetic typography templates which are offered by this software. You could add animation for mobile application promotion videos, YouTube videos, special event videos, movie trailers, and much more with this tool. It has an AI module that creates a logo automatically based on the description.



  1. Import 2D drawings, 3D objects, and templates in your video.
  2. Text overlay along with animation and transition is possible.
  3. Transforms typed script to animation automatically.
  4. Drag and drop or import images and videos from media files.
  5. It offers music from the sound library along with a voiceover trimmer tool.


With Biteable, you could create stylish animated text videos involving typography by using a kinetic typography generator. It also offers a video creation tool to create business videos by using the pre-established templates and stock footage. Also, it provides a variety of creative platforms for a birthday, cartoon, educational, Instagram, movies, YouTube, and much more. You could start from scratch by choosing a video to edit and following the guidelines provided to add animated texts to your video using Biteable's kinetic text animator.


  1. It offers hundreds of animated, live-action, and pre-made video templates.
  2. Create and edit a video using a simple drag and drop option.
  3. Offers a high-quality music library to choose royalty-free music.
  4. It helps to create promotional and social videos for many disciplines.
  5. Allows download and share the video on social media platforms.


An online video content creation platform with an easy-to-use interface is Animaker. It offers multiple template options to choose from, along with the in-built royalty-free videos. You could add images, titles, and background music to your video to have a professional look. Animaker comes up with a product, namely "Kinetic typography and Lyric Video Maker," which will allow you to create a kinetic typography video using the fonts and transitions available along with kinetic typography effects.


  1. It has a whiteboard animator with 5 unique board styles.
  2. It offers various charts, icons, and maps to highlight data in a video.
  3. Sound effects like voiceovers and audio scores are supported.
  4. Create vertically optimized videos that fit into the mobile screen.
  5. Collaboration, task and file management, and messaging.


Finally, I hope you know about kinetic typography and the ways to create the kinetic typography video. Keep Filmii your first reference and start building your first typography video with the best effects and transitions!