How-to Videos are the most admired content on the social video sharing platform. It is because many people want to try doing creative things and learn on their own. YouTube has played a remarkable role in popularizing creators who upload how-to content. Audience value this content more than anything and why they would not? You will end-up learning something or the other from a how-to draw anime videos, e.g., content, lighting, style of conversation or appearance, usage of colors, etc. You can build anything, prepare your favorite, solve your PC problem, and so on. All these are possible with a how-to video. Uploading these videos will help you in growing the channel unprecedently. 

Incredible How-to Videos that Inspires You



Our tongue always wants to taste delicious foods, and now imagine when you can prepare any dish at your home on your own. Isn’t it is the happiest thing for you? On YouTube, you can find plenty of how-to videos related to cooking. The above is just an example to show how you can do better as an influencer of Instagram as a Food blogger. It is a beautiful video to assist you in recording another video for yourself on cooking.


Tech Solutions

Many YouTube creators are offering tech solutions that are quite useful for ordinary people. In an urgent situation, waiting for someone else to fix things for you is time taking. Using a YouTube how-to video is the right thing to do. You can become a famous influencer by creating how-to tutorials. This video will teach you the way to make videos based on tech. Such videos deserve a lot of appreciation that explains the intricate working of tech most thoroughly.



Some people love anime more than movies or songs. Promote your channel by coming up with anime videos. If you want to get-to-know how to draw anime or create this kind of video, you can refer to the above video channel. It is a great platform to learn about making anime. Many influencers understand and take inspiration from this channel.



Whoever likes to play with waste or form something beautiful out of recycled items will watch how-to videos. Influencers can promote their social media handles using this kind of video. Moreover, it will also lead to the success of their YouTube channel. Learn how to your how-to craft videos with the above link.



Delivering motivational content to the audience is the ideal way to gather views, likes, and comments on your video and get subscribers for your channel. Influences know this well, so they take ideas from the motivational content and build their social media following. The above-posted video is an excellent example of how one can create inspirational how-to videos content.



This fitness video posted two months back was on the famous YouTuber and filmmaker Parker Walbeck's channel. It is one of the most popular how-to videos on fitness. Fitness is a priority for youngsters nowadays. Even 35+ people are focusing on their fitness to maintain a perfect body figure. How-to video on fitness is heavily popular, especially in this quarantine period, when every gym is closed. 


Diet and health

Consuming a proper regular diet is essential in our day-to-day life. Many have no idea what to eat and keep their health good. How-to videos on diet and health will even help to plan the best diet. Influencers target such an audience trying to follow a healthy diet and then deliver the same content to them. It is how they build a large fan base on social media. YouTube is full of such content.



In entertainment, you can include any prank, funny moments, or humor video. Creating these videos is the easiest, but when it comes to recording how-to video on the entertaining topic, this becomes a challenging task. Becoming a talented influencer with a humorous personality is the most formidable job one can have. However, the above how-to video on improving your personality and humor is inspirational for influencers. They can learn plenty of things from this video created by Aaron Marino.  

How to Start Your How-to Videos: Useful Tips for You

Are you dreaming of becoming a popular Youtuber? Believe yourself, and you will. How-to video content is not adequate for achieving popularity if you are new to YouTube. Marketing, selecting the right topic, and staying dedicated, all these things also matter as a Youtuber. If you are going to create a YouTube channel and upload how-to video, make sure to keep these things in your mind.

How To Video Tips

  • Content brings the audience to your video, but it is the marketing that plays a vital role. Without marketing, your content may not reach the people.
  • Start working on those how-to videos that you know about pretty well. Deliver relevant topics in the way that others will find simple to understand and follow. Choose your favourite topic because if you have fun doing it, then things will go smoothly.
  • When you are unable to edit appropriately, it ruins the video's quality no matter how unique the topic is. Make sure to take the help of a professional editor if you are not adept at editing.
  • Ask questions on how to draw anime better and more straightforward. Simplicity is the real essence of your video that the audience love.
  • Learn from others and see how they do they act in the video. Concentrate on every small thing and then see where you need to work on, what you are lacking, etc.
  • Lastly, do not be over or under-confident. Make sure you know about the product and follow your passion instead of copying someone.


Finally, please note that with the 73% adults and 2 billion monthly users active monthly, getting views on YouTube for your how-to video, how to draw anime video, etc., is difficult. The competition is cutthroat, so you need to maintain the video's quality, do editing nicely, come up with ideas that gain the attention of audiences, and market the video properly. Take care of these points, and then no obstacle will stop you from achieving goals.