Each year, students are one step nearer to going across a stage with their degree in hand. When the big day arrives, take a second to rejoice in your grad with an enjoyable video.

Think about the story you want to connect with before you sit down and edit. Every student's journey is exclusive, filled with unique folks, events, and places that led up to this significant occasion. Teachers, mentors, family, and friends are excellent sources to gather quotes, pictures, and videos to help you begin.

Insert a few embarrassing picture day images for laughs and inquire for video text messages to share warm wishes before the next chapter starts.

In this article, we'll share a few graduation video ideas to assist you in a brainstorm, then discuss how to make a great video to celebrate your grad memories.

Part 1: Why is a Graduation Video Important?

Before you put together your graduation video message ideas, invest some time to gather all the video clips and photos you'll require to narrate your grad's story. And, the unique showcasing of those precious grad moments is a significant reason behind creating a graduation video.

To help your find more valid reasons, here's a list of a few kinds of images or video clips you might want to enter:

  • The early years: Explain to your grad how far they've come! Take an image from the school's first day or a preschool graduation photo.
  • Extracurricular activities: School isn't not only about academics! Insert in a few photos and video clips showing clubs and teams your grad participated in to show their extracurricular activities.
  • Friends and Families: Share holiday or vacation photos to depict your graduate bounded by their loved ones.
  • Milestone moments: Insert a few of your grad's main school things to see—homecoming games, prom, or awards ceremonies.

Part 2: Best Graduation Video Ideas of All Aspects

Graduation is a time for celebrations! Take your viewers on a journey down a great lane starting from the initials, memorizing them of all their successes that they've achieved. When you insert text into your video, think of it as narrating a story of the journey they've just gone through.

1 – Try having a graduation parade

Why not have graduation parades? You can do this individually with your graduate and make it around to particular family members' houses to rejoice from a distance, or you can have a few fellow graduates contribute to the parade.

2 – Have some fun supplies

Whether the graduate is having a Zoom celebration or not, Little Miss and Fun Party in a Box has them covered! You can select from several custom celebration boxes that will offer the graduate all the supplies and decorations required to celebrate this milestone.

3 – Send them customized cookies

custom grad cookies

You can personalize cookie sets to celebrate their future college — logos, school colors, and all! Since most high school graduates aren't closely agreeable to Zoom calls or fancy dinners with every distant relative, this could be a fantastic way to make them smile.

4 – Showcase everyone at once

You can use an online meeting platform like Zoom to get family and friends together and record your meeting. Show them the Gallery View so you can notice everybody at once and have everyone wish "Congratulations" or any other greeting at the same time. Then, trim and add your video recording. You can also notice what this looks like in the Graduation Message templates.

5 – Do a fantastic photoshoot!

Set that gown and cap to an ideal use with a hilarious photo shoot. Have your graduates wear robes and click images before a backdrop or in a scenic location on their campus. Add the photos together in an eye-catching photo fueled for a stop-motion effect.

6 – Funny graduation video ideas

  • Welcome to adulthood! It's creepy here.
  • Congratulations on graduating. Did you ever think this day would begin? We didn't either.
  • I'm not going to congratulate you because I know the harsh reality that comes after graduation. I offer my compassion instead.

So, these were some funny graduation video ideas worth considering.

7 – College graduation video ideas

college graduation video ideas

  • Hearty congratulations on your college graduation and asking you the best for the unique journey in life. May you reach all your aims.
  • Congratulations on your well-deserved degree. As is well known, 'Find a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life." We expect you find just the right job for you.

8 – Online/Virtual graduation

Kindergarten or Virtual preschool graduations are naturally shorter and less formal than high school or college graduations. However, young children may wriggle and struggle to aim during Zoom graduations.

9 – Showcase Virtual Senior Night

Senior night is one of the best fun week gatherings. The event provides soon-to-be graduates a chance to relax, socialize, and have fun together one last time before moving on to new adventures. Next time try out these virtual graduation video ideas.

10 – Your Social Media Highlights!

grad social media highlights

Here are some online high school graduation video ideas:

  • Make groups for soon-to-be-grads.
  • Design a class hashtag.
  • Issue social media challenges. For instance, before and after photos from freshmen to senior year, graduation memes, "the best thing I learned in school."

11 – Make it cinematic!

The funny graduation video ideas pack a punch in under two minutes. The subtle speed, lighting, bokeh effect, and on-beat transitions are intricately merged to create an adorable video that's sure to be appreciated for years to come.

12 – Enter messages from loved ones!

Ask friends and family to put a few seconds of video on their smartphones congratulating your grad. Have them send you all the video clips, then combine them in your video, one of the best graduation video message ideas.

13 – Create a yearbook

Celebrate all they've achieved with a video recapping their year. Comprise any academic photos you have, plus extracurricular activities and out-of-school moments that they'll want to consider.

14 – Test your tech before hosting

The great way to ensure online graduation ceremonies run effortlessly is to test the technology before the event. We suggest running an online dress rehearsal or two with all presenters to fix the technology and timing.

15 – Include interactive elements

One of the best virtual graduation video ideas is to comprise interactive elements. To avoid interruptions or audio feedback, muting the microphones is a great idea, at least until the ceremony's end.

16 – Add an amazing music

add graduation songs

A piece of ideal background music creates the video more attractive and vivid. Searching for your best video background music is much valuable for your graduation video making.

17 – Add wishes/quotes

Make your graduation video more considerate by sensibly adding some wishes or quotes to the video. A favorite belief or selection assists you to keep persevering! Sweet wishes begin from families or close friends who hold their blessing and love; it's worth keeping forever.

18 – Digital Countdown Clock

Whether graduating online or in person, students keenly count the days until their diploma is in hand. You can stoke up that anticipation online by posting a digital countdown clock.

19 – Make a bucket list

grad bucket list

The graduation bucket list is similar to a hunt. Throughout the week leading up to graduation, students execute tasks on the list. The point of the game is to make memorable experiences for students. Prompts should be relaxing and fun.

20 – Invite VIP Guests

One of the best college graduation video ideas is to invite speakers and VIP guests. Since your event happens online, you can ask presenters who might not make an in-person appearance.

Part 3: Best Songs for Graduation Video

Now is a high time to explore some fantastic (almost 25) graduation music ideas you can add to your grad videos.

  1. Foo Fighters-Times Like These
  2. Green Day-Good Riddance
  3. Oasis-Wonderwall
  4. The Beatles-With a Little Help From My Friends
  5. Semisonic-Closing Time
  6. : We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe
  7. Bon Jovi-It's My Life
  8. Sarah McLachlan-I Will Remember You
  9. Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway
  10. Demi Lovato-Gift of a Friend
  11. Kelly Clarkson-A Moment Like This
  12. Jordan Sparks-You'll Never Walk Alone
  13. Boys II Men-It's So Hard To Say Goodbye
  14. Bruno Mars-Today My Life Begins
  15. Kelly Clarkson-Stronger
  16. Mandy Moore-Extraordinary
  17. Nicki Minaj-Fly
  18. 10,000 Maniacs-These Are Days
  19. Billy Joel-Vienna
  20. Rachel Platten - Fight Song
  21. Rachel Platten - Better Place
  22. Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up
  23. Yael Naim-New Soul
  24. Baz Luhrman-Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)
  25. Rihanna-Farewell

Part 4: Best Graduation Video Maker

Wondershare Filmii is one of the ideal video editing programs aimed at beginners. Although it is designed for newbies, it is competent in editing professional-quality videos, just like any other application generally used by professionals. It is a leap in the video editing world where simple software can craft professional works.

With the AI technology it carries, this application can edit automatically if the user wants. However, this application also provides a manual editing process to go through the usual video editing steps.

Wondershare Filmii also offers many templates to choose from, so we suggest Wondershare Filmii put graduation video message ideas.

Filmii Video Editor

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Steps to Create Graduation Video via Filmii

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmii

Go to the official website of Wondershare Filmii and hit the Download button. Enter the main panel and Log In with your ID credentials.

Step 2: Select graduation video template

Choose among lots of video templates offered by Filmii and start editing them. It is easy if you start editing the template instead of starting from scratch.

Import at least three video clips from your library and hit the Auto-Create button.

Step 3: Go to Advanced Editing and Export

Apart from auto-creation, there's an advanced option for manual editing. Thus, click the Advanced Editing tab, explore more elements, and hit the Export button after you're done creating the project.


So, graduation video ideas provide you the best thought to confine everything into a tiny camera tool that can be viewed later and enjoyed forever. The graduation day videos can be equipped in a slideshow format by conveying some touching songs in the background. Please choose the most beautiful images of the day and put them in your musical presentation. Finally, you can also build up video copies and send them to your friends as a graduation day memory celebrated together.