Graduation is a short-lived milestone that you'll want to grasp onto and remember and embrace for years to come. A slideshow is ideal for recording that feeling of achievement feeling for both loved ones and graduates. From elementary school to graduate school, every student's journey spans many emotions and experiences. Slideshows can assist you in recording those video clips, photos, songs, and words that carry back school day memories.

All you need is the best graduation slideshow maker with a bit of inspiration. These creative graduation slideshow tips will craft a meaningful and attractive graduation relic that can be sent to relatives and friends or shown to be alive at a celebration.

Part 1: Best 5 Graduation Slideshow Maker Online

Honor your grad's achievements with a memorable and thoughtful graduation slideshow! Slideshows are amazing for graduations and rehearsal dinners, engagement parties, and anniversaries—as they are an entertaining and simple way to celebrate.

graduation slideshow smilebox

As friendly and funny as its name depicts, Smilebox provides a simple way to craft animated slideshows. It also consists of templates for making electronic greeting cards, scrapbooks, and photo albums. With SmileBox, you can combine videos, photos, and music, add fonts, custom texts, colors, and animation features. Smilebox further provides separate installers for both Mac and Windows.

animoto slideshow maker

It is a web-based platform for making videos from images and creating mini-marketing videos or personal slideshows. It includes many templates to exhibit your family vacation photos, the latest business products, or your professional photography skills. Various graduation video templates, the stock library of video clips and pictures, custom font upload for 100% branding, and personalization by text, color, and music are the best features.

online slideshow maker flexclip

FlexClip is an online software for video editing ideal for users who are new to the game. This video editor lets you craft stunning videos in a flash. With many video templates, an extensive stock footage library, and motion presets, FlexClip editor is all about effortless innovation. You don't have to be a professional to make video essays, slideshows (graduation slideshows), invitations, ads, vlogs, or promotional videos.

adobe spark slideshow maker

Adobe Spark is a program service that combines three Adobe functions: Adobe Slate, Adobe Post, and Adobe Voice, which are now regarded as Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Post, and Adobe Spark Video, respectively. It provides easy-to-understand navigation panels with fully labeled options. It also consists of pre-designed graphics and images from professional artists, so you have allowance to various stunning and vibrant elements that you can fit in into your slideshow.



online slideshow maker clideo

Clideo is an online service program for creating videos. It has different features for editing images, video files, and GIFs. It is an all-in-one graduation slideshow maker to execute various features like resizing, compressing, merging videos. With Clideo, you can select the output format as per your needs, work great with different configurations, select image duration, add images, videos, gifs, and audio to slideshows, and crop the videos effectively.

Part 2: Best 2 Graduation Slideshow Maker Software

Let's now explore the best graduation slideshow maker worth considering in 2021.

Wondershare Filmii is a recent program from Wondershare which seems focused on beginner users who require a simple video editor but can still create high-quality content. This program is built on AI technology that is providing significant changes to the editing world.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

AI technology helps you with automatic editing. The entire video editing task is accomplished within a minute, even if you're looking for highly creative projects with no complex processes. With a mere one to two clicks, you will be offered video content unique from the raw version.

You can use many templates, including the graduation slideshow templates and a variety of selectable filters according to your taste.


  • An intuitive user interface will all editing tools.
  • Video Highlighting & Trimming features.
  • An impeccable number of inbuilt video templates to serve various purposes.
  • Auto Create Mode for automatic project creation.
  • Advanced video editing with different high-tech editing elements.


iMovie is a video editing program, which Apple introduced. Initially released in 1999, the app has developed in line with the technological advances of new tools and devices.

slideshow app imovie

iMovie is provided on iOS and macOS devices, and you can use it to create everything from Hollywood-style to punchy trailers to fantastic slideshows. Add effects, titles, and music to transform clips into dramatic showpieces using your tablet, phone, or computer.

It's mainly suitable for iPhone video users who want to create something tempting from their photos and video clips.


  • It supports up to 4K video resolution.
  • Extra-special effects.
  • 13+ creative video filters.
  • 80+ smart soundtracks.
  • Green-screen effects.

Part 3: Best 4 Graduation Slideshow Maker

After considering the best graduation slideshow software, it's ideal for checking for the 4 graduation slideshow for smartphones.

video transition filmorago

FilmoraGo is one of the best video makers and editors for TikTok and YouTube with 1000+ music, stickers, text, filters, audio, backgrounds, etc. It is a Wondershare Filmora product and features explicitly for beginners with 5000+ premium video templates and stickers, various transition effects, and 1000+ music effects. Even if you want to make slideshows or video shows, FilmoraGo is the best for everyone. The best part is its free, powerful version comes without any ads.

graduation slideshow pixgram

PixGram is one of the best graduation slideshow makers to make montages and slideshows on your smartphone purely. There's a free package that offers you almost all the functions you need, even though you're limited to three-minute slideshows/videos until you buy the premium version.

This one is mainly designed to help you create slideshows to music and allocate them directly to different social media platforms. You can upload videos and images directly from your device's gallery within the app and merge them with any music you have saved and saved to your phone.

slideshow magic

Make amazing slideshows with music like magic with this app called Slideshow Magic. It is perfect for love, birthdays, the celebration of life, romance, and much more. So many varieties, yet so easy to use!

You can also create fantastic graduation slideshows with music and share them among your loved ones in a snap. With Slideshow Magic's straightforward design, there's no requirement to pay out hours making amazing slideshows. It works excellent for crafting photo slideshows for birthdays, graduation, birthdays, weddings, and more!

slideshow add music to photos

SlideLab is the best tool to convert your videos and photos into fantastic slideshows. You can capture your valuable moments, narrate your stories, and convey your emotions. You need to pick your favorite videos and pictures and enjoy SlideLab's unique functions with just a few clicks. You can also make a unique mix of your videos and photos and add music to the graduation slideshow using the video support function.

Part 4: Best graduation slideshow ideas to implement

Given below are some of the excellent graduation slideshow ideas you must consider.


Start Unique

When crafting templates for the graduation slideshow, you can get overwhelmed with choice. There are many manners to go: simple, formal, funny, and nostalgic—each with its color scheme, layout, and style. The best answer to this plenty of options is to consider the graduate's personality.


Arrange images and create a narrative

In slideshows, images are the building elements of your story. Once you've merged the photos you want to use, search for a theme. One graduation slideshow idea is to showcase the graduate both at school and enjoying, as they alternately succeed through their time off and studies.


Grab their attention with witty words

No graduation slideshow is complete without text. If pushed for time, add a few titles every couple of slides for the sake of celebration. For instance, if you insert your slideshow in sequential order, note the years and any main highlights as you go along. It's also a great idea to consist of a short clarification for videos or photos that the audience might not honor.


Include the right and energetic music vibes

Choosing the right music for the graduation slideshow is crucial to passing on the desired emotion. Want to make your audience smile? You can include a song like Third Eye Blind's Graduate. Want to shake up nostalgia feelings? Check out the song like Eve 6's Here's to the Night. And another great choice is Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling.


Go wild with custom elements

With the ideal graduation slideshow maker, you can transform nearly every graduation slideshow element to suit your style, and it doesn't need special design abilities, either. The best graduation slideshow makers need a few taps to edit the colors, fonts, and text. Slideshow animation features also insert another energetic dimension to your slideshows.


Graduation slideshows don't require being concerned with higher education or even older students. You can create a unique and fantastic graduation slideshow for a child ending their first-grade school year or for someone concluding a summer internship program. Thus, slideshows are a great device of choice to make any success even more extraordinary. Once you are done with your first graduation slideshow, you'll notice how simple it is to get professional-looking outcomes in just a short time! Wondershare Filmii is the perfect software to create a graduation slideshow, so get started now with the beautiful, custom templates!