“Do you have any good prank call ideas?”

Making a fool of others is one of the exciting moments, especially for the youngsters—the reason we all tend to find numerous ways of playing pranks. And, the best prank call ideas are one of them! These pranks happen when a guy on calling end is pretty crazy to involve certain false statements to the person on the receiving end. It can be anything that makes a person on receiving end of call even embarrassed. Or, you will confuse them with wrong orders that you won't even receive at your doorstep! Thus, the density of playing prank calls can range from low embarrassment to high embarrassment to guys on both ends. No matter what, it will always be a funny and hilarious moment to capture!

prank call ideas

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This post is all about telling you the good prank call ideas that are a bit exceptional than the regular ones you find quickly. We'll also talk about its corresponding tips and the procedure on how you can record or edit such hilarious scenes by own.

Best 12 Funny Prank Call Ideas for Friends

Note that vulgar, offensive, sexual, or religion-oriented pranks calls are not better options to play with. Being a nice person, you have to count on good prank all ideas, as we'll mention below.


Make them running

Call your friend or any random guy to ask if their washing machine is running or not. Tell them to go and catch it if they say yes. And that would be the super hilarious situation for both ends.


Talk blah! Blah! Blah!

Call any of your friends and talk like blah blah blah! Say things so quickly that another person can't be able to understand you. You can pretend like crying in between the call. Believe us, as it will be super fun! 


Prank call your family members

Pick up any of your working family members and call them. Make sure you change the voice as well as accent. You can take any topic related to their work, studies, or any certification, etc. Create a twist by telling them your license or certificate got banned or something like that.


Use Prank Call Apps

Another idea is to use various prank call apps available for Android devices such as Fake CallAmazing Prank CallCall Voice Changer, etc. These applications are genuinely ideal for helping you out in faking yourself for a prank call on another guy. They are also entirely automated steps for which you don't have to think much or create a strategy.


Say, I love you!

Call someone random and say, I love you! Say to them that you are 'Me' when they ask out your name. Take this prank long by them you are pregnant. At last, you can say that we are breaking up! Lol! That's a pretty long conversation if the person comes interested or even rude to you.


Call a pest control org!

A guy randomly calls a pest control organization to tell all his problems about dealing with pigeons.


John Cena Prank Call

We reference a YouTube video where a guy calls on behalf of John Cena to different people. Look how it reacts out!


Rent the Pizza, Lol!

It's a bit unique when you call a pizza restaurant and ask for a pizza on rent. Here's how you can do it! Give them why you can't afford the pizza's total price, and let's see how they react. Most probably, they will hang up on you.


Breathe deeply

Call anyone and take a long breathe after they pick up. That would be a hilarious moment for sure!


Be a survey guy

You claim that the other guy is undergoing a survey on call and ask random and hilarious questions.


Say that you are…

Call your friend or any random guy and say that 'You are the weakest link,' and then hang up. Or, you can tell them other things as well.


Who am I?

Ring a guy and start with a casual conversation. Then, ask them if they know if you have succeeded in the conversation. Let them guess for a second and then tell how they can understand you when I don't even know myself.

Tips for Making Successful Prank Calls

Here are some ways that you can follow to make successful prank calls. Let’s check them out!

  • Prepare prank scripts in advance not to get caught in the future.
  • Always try to change voice, tone, or natural accent on a prank call.
  • Use a mobile number that is unknown to other people. For this purpose, you can use various third-party contact apps.
  • Use the apps provided for prank calls as already mentioned in the above funny prank call ideas for friends above.
  • Practice before you undertake a prank call or use any of the above-mentioned call prank ideas.

Record Your Best Prank Call Moments

After considering the critical aspects of good prank call ideas and tips, it's time to dive into the best tool by which you edit the recording of this hilarious moment. We are sure that you would love to record your reaction while these call pranks. And that's even a great idea to execute as well!

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So, these were our 12 best prank call ideas with their respective reaction scenarios. Ultimately, you initiated your journey to becoming a prankster this way. And, you can improve this journey further by caring about the small details of the prank. Yes, we are talking about the editing part here, for which a particular section is already above. If you want to showcase yourself as the best prankster via publishing those captured moments, you must have the best video editor beforehand. That's why we have recommended a quick solution to publish your content on various social media platforms after professional editing.