"How do you make a good memorial video?"

Whether you want it as a memento or require it to show as a presentation at a funeral, it's not a bad thing to consider this idea. Generally, it is a modern way to present beautiful memories in a sophisticated manner. Yet, there are certain essential factors you need to look for before making such slideshows. First of all, the funeral slideshow must make good sense when it's ready to present in front of others. Recollecting the memorable life moments is an admirable form of human reflection. It lets anybody in grief quickly pass that phase. And, there are a lot more other things to be checked before creating a memorial video.

The very instances are only possible to get from the best examples. So, let's discuss the essential aspects of these slideshows in the following sections without further ado!

Part 1: Why is making a memorial or funeral slideshow important?

It is essential as it's an ideal tribute to loved ones. Whether you want to keep or present it as a video tribute or a combination of various images, the ultimate idea is to feel grateful for the beautiful memories you've created with the expired person. However, the funeral slideshows can be a thing of intense pain if you are too attached to the person and want them back. It is because the memories got relived after seeing such scenes. But that's a whole different aspect than giving tribute to the person. Overall, we believe there isn't any better dedication to your loved ones than recollecting memories.

You can make a combination of images, video clips, texts with photos, or any slideshow with music involved in terms of types. So, you have different options, with each of them requires certain meaningful factors, as described below.

Part 2: Tips to make a meaningful slideshow

Here are some of our tips for creating memorable funeral slideshows. So, let's have a look at a brief description of each as follows!

Choose your content wisely

As already discussed, you're available with different options to choose from. And, the variability of such options leaves you with confusing choices. Thus, it's imperative to select your funeral slideshow content very wisely. So, where should you look for these memories? The ideal places are social media platforms, your camera roll, and photo albums of your loved ones.

Decide on the type or include a mix!

The following things you can do are selecting types or including a mix of all kinds of slideshows mentioned above. Apart from the categories above, you can also choose among featured slideshows or ongoing presentations. So, you can share their stories, memories, hobbies, old photos, and so on.

Be a little creative

You can be a bit creative here with specific tips. Thus, the memorial videos could be among jobs, graduations, relationships, dating, friends, parties, and even their pet animals. On the other hand, their favorite sayings, epic movie clips, and voice recordings should do the way.

Select the best slideshow maker available

Don’t just go for any video maker that isn’t worth it. The best funeral slideshow maker is the one that complies with all the editing tools and easy user interface you look for. First of all, there should be ready-made tools within the maker you’re going to use to create memorial moments. And, it will be a bonus if the templates are quiet and funeral-specific.


The memorabilia phenomenon is something physical that lets you present the things that belong to your loved ones. Thus, memorabilia is a physical representation of those items. And, now it's high-time to take this memorabilia a bit above the horizon by being digital. Collect pictures or videos of their physical belongings and visualize them within the funeral slideshow.

memorabilia ideas

Source: amazon.com

So, these were some general tips on how to create attractive funeral slideshows. Given below is a section on how you can take a step further to make a memorial slideshow.

Part 3: How to make memorial slideshows with templates

Are you still wondering about the best memorial maker? Stay tuned if the answer is 'yes. We'd love to reveal our best slideshow maker via Wondershare, none other than Wondershare's latest update of Filmii. It is the most intuitive yet straightforward video editing software by Wondershare, with all the tools an editor looks for in a quick platform. Yet, the output won't be far from the professional! It is even super easy to get started with Wondershare Filmii for free than its other products. What we like about the software the most is the interactive user interface with the modifiable theme. There is an option right on the main interface where you can customize the software's entire look as per your preferences. So, that's an exclusive feature for consideration!

Below are specific other critical specs of Wondershare Filmii that made it the best funeral slideshow maker, among other things.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Key Features of Wondershare Filmii

  • AI-Powered video editing tool with Auto-Create Mode,
  • Inbuilt 30+ Creative Video Templates that apply to images as well.
  • Advanced Editing Mode with more editing tools.
  • 1000+ High-Quality resources, including motion elements, audio, filters, transitions, titles, etc.
  • Inbuilt Royalty-free media resources.
  • Properties Editing with different intelligent effects.

So, you can try out all this for free!

Steps to make a funeral slideshow with Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Login Wondershare Filmii

After you're over installing the Wondershare Filmii, the next step is to log in to the platform using the registered email ID and password at Filmii. The interface will look as follows after login.

login filmii slideshow maker

Step 2: Select template

Now, you can select a simple video template for the application. And then go for Auto-Create mode to let the Filmii's AI rapidly works for you.

select one template

Then, hit the Use this Template button to confirm. Then, you're asked to upload at least three media sources, whether videos or images, for auto-creation mode.

auto create funeral slideshow

Step 3: Edit and Export

Now, you're on the editing panel with various options. However, most of your work is already complete by the auto-creation mode. You can also enter Advanced Editing mode as shown below before exporting the project if you desire. Change the text, transitions, or background music to create a brand new funeral video.

edit funeral slideshow


Thus, this was how you could make a funeral slideshow even better than your ideas. Instead of too simple, make it a bit interactive, especially when you want to display it, which is better possible with third-party tools made for the purpose. Wondershare's new launch Filmii software is one such excellent tool that consists of all the features you need in the best slideshow maker.