“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” – Bill Cunningham

The magazine is not only mere, or you can say, a handy place to find those suitable clothing styles. There's a lot more to it, a magazine which is a fashion vlog. If you have ever seen any fashion vlogger, they have their style sense, identity, and signature clothing. These guys genuinely state that wearing fashion is more of a feeling than just a piece of clothing. It has different forms, personalities, and styles to carry on. Fashion vloggers generally make videos describing the latest trends. Their content is mostly 'how-to,' 'top 10' kind of stuff about clothing, and various styles.'

We can give you a specific reason to choose fashion vlogging in 2020.

Fashion Vlog

  • It is an ongoing content creation, as fashion is not stable at all.
  • It would help if you made a fashion vlog to inspire people for your outfits.
  • You can have an audience related to your sense of style.

So, these are some of the common factors fashion vlogging is famous for nowadays.

Want to learn more? Stay tuned to read our ultimate guide!

Fashion Vlogger vs. Fashion Blogger

Fashion vlogger and fashion bloggers are not that wholly different terms. However, there is a little difference, which you can understand via media sources. Generally speaking, a fashion vlogger creates video content to publish on platforms such as YouTube. It isn't unusual if they are also a fashion blogger.

On the other hand, a fashion blogger can have a personal website or blog where they share the daily posts and pictures of the latest trends. Nowadays, it's common to do fashion vlogging and blogging at the same time. Both have Instagram followers, blog, and different kinds of content to get published on various media channels.


Basis Fashion Vlogger Fashion Blogger
Media YouTube Blog or Website
Content Video Content Written Content
Live Streaming Yes No


Basis Fashion Vlogger Fashion Blogger
Ideal Content Describing the latest fashion trends Representing the newest fashion trends
Picture insertion Yes Yes
Social Media Marketing Yes Yes

How to find your niche market?

More specifically, fashion vlogs are all about style tips, haul videos, clothing/fashion care tips, outfit ideas, and closet tours. So, how can you find your niche market to create this kind of content? Finding the channel niche is a term intimately known as 'Channel Positioning.'

Still, confused in making it a niche? Given below are five expert tips to implement channel positioning.

What is your passion?

You need to make a list of passionate things first! It is the right step to find your niche market individually as a fashion vlogger. Look for your talent side and decide to show it on a popular social media channel called YouTube. Also, remember that passion can never take the place of anything out there. So, don't copy, show your talent!

You can take the example of this famous makeup artist, PONY Syndrome, known for her amazing Taylor Swift transformation. You can see that becoming a fashion vlogger for a makeup artist is not a difficult thing. So, the one side to finding your niche is what you do in regular life.

fashion vlogger

Source: bustle.com

Do you have a specific audience?

The audience count for fashion vloggers is amazing! You should know your potential audience and competition in this step. Is it tight or you can step in and increase? So, you need to look for channel creation between two extremes.

For instance, you search by the keyword 'makeup tutorial,' It will show you a lot of results. Of course, the videos on top are from famous influencers who have already cornered the market in a niche. So, making such videos for newbie creators can be hard but not impossible if you are passionate enough. Have your grip, and don't just fall for random content!

Alternatively, you can search for more keywords like makeup tutorials for beginners' natural look, and the results will be a lot different. Maybe the competition is also slight for this keyword according to your country.

Are you a too dull personality?

If the answer is yes, then making YouTube videos can be risky. The viewers on YouTube have different backgrounds and interests. They come for the information and stick for the personality. The way you talk and look also plays a lot more impact on viewers. It may be their deciding point to subscribe to your channel. Well, the concern is more of a fun insertion. Even if you are a little humorous, it makes the day!

The underlying idea is not to be boring but to be creative in your talents.

Can your niche be monetized?

There’s no way to waste your time if you are not going to make any money with the content creation. So, make sure you have possible monetization channels available in your specified niche. Or you should be able to make even a side income with the content.

Are you able to attract sponsorships in your niche? That's also a big question before the decision.

Can you make enough content?

Is there any possibility of making enough content in the niche? Despite the material available, you must also be enthusiastic enough to create videos on particular topics. It's because a minimum of a year can be struggling for a YouTube creator. So, they should not lose the motivation for content creation in the way. It must be there forever if you are passionate. You can try projecting your life in the future or succeed in the coming years after such a hustle.

Learn from 3 famous fashion vloggers

What to wear and what to buy is taught better by none other than online fashionistas or influencers. The Internet-hooked viewers rely on their fashion vlogs to get daily inspiration with a sense of reliability and brand recognition. It's effortless to admire them because they are honest, normal-life people who survive with a sort of updated fashion trends.

Let's slip with the style of three famous fashion vloggers and see what hooks their audience!


Ashley Brooke

Ashley Brooke, a New York City-based fashion vlogger, is the best to start with our list. She has almost 463k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her content revolves mostly around high street hauls, polished lookbooks, and shopping challenges. Some of her latest fashion videos are ‘7 Early Summer Outfits’, ‘8 End of Spring Outfits’, and ‘How to Style Easy Hot Weather Outfits’ etc.


Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni is an Italian fashion influencer with a global brand presence. She owns a stunning fashion blog and is the perfect example of all-round digital marketing. Right on the blog, you can see all her social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Forbes has listed these women as '30 under 30' successful people. In her career, she came across a long list of collaborations with brands and designers, including Prada, Dior, Mango, Levi's, Fendi, and more.



Inthefrow is another all-rounder influencer who has come a long way of success in beauty, blogging, and business. She started blog Inthefrow in 2012 has gained real-readers only because of the dedicated fashion content. The purpose of starting her blog was to store all the fashion things in one place. Inthefrow has also launched a book called The New Fashion Rules in 2018. Some of her latest fashion vlogs are 'Holiday Outfits Haul and a New Dior Bag,' and 'Instagram Influencer Editing Tips and Hacks', etc.

Fashion Vlog Content Ideas

There is no limitation in the creation of fashion content. It hovers around many things related to the latest trends, hauls, and top products, etc. Still, we can provide you with five fashion vlog content ideas from a list of many.

Style Vlogs/ Video Lookbooks

You can make style vlogs or video lookbooks representing the latest trends or any hacks. The 5 Simple Ways to Style Straight Leg Jeans’ or How to Style Easy Hot Weather Outfits are examples.

Daily Routines

Morning and Night Skincare routine or Clothing routine can be a great content idea in fashion vlogs. You can even shoot Work From Home Routine as random stuff among the fashion videos.

Beauty/Makeup Reviews

How to Makeups or Beauty product reviews are another trending content on fashion channels. For example, Inthefrow make such videos as 'How to do a Gel Shellac Nail Manicure at Home.' Or, you can check out her video Festival Makeup and Hair Tutorial for the purpose.

How-to Videos

How-to videos are the most trending, whether it's a blog post or a vlog. For example, Inthefrow has made videos of ‘How to in Ten’ such as 'How you can look expensive in your loungewear outside,' or ‘How influencers make money online’ etc.

Personal Stories

To hook the audience and engage them effectively, make use of personal stories. For instance, Ashley Brooke makes videos like A Message for Women, or My $400 Hair Disaster etc. on her channel.

How to start a fashion vlog?

Starting a fashion vlog won't take much time if you have the right passion and content ideas to do so.

Starting a vlog channel from Instagram or Pinterest

If you have been able to gain a significant audience on these social media handles, starting a fashion vlog with success won’t take much time. You are just required to start a YouTube channel and inform your subscribers on Instagram or Pinterest. That’s it!

Starting a fashion vlog from scratch

This aspect is a bit time consuming as you have to wait for a minimum of 1year to gain the audience, do proper digital marketing, amazing content creation, and so on. You will need to go through all the steps of better content creation and on-the-go marketing tactics.

How do fashion vloggers monetize their channels?

Let’s get to know the three different ways of monetizing a fashion vlogger channel!

Ad Network

It’s the ad network by YouTube. After reaching certain watch hours, subscribers, and likes, ads will be displayed on the videos for which creators get a cut in revenue.


It's not that difficult to attract sponsorships, or brand collaborations of you are a famous influencer. You can approach various related brands to collaborate or attract sponsors that match your taste and style.

Online mentoring

Apart from affiliate linking, online mentoring is also a way to monetize fashion vlog channel. You can give personal opinions in your interest field or do promotions for big brands' marketing campaigns.


Having discussed the requirements to become a fashion vlogger, we’d now like to state our final words. No matter what you do, bring in passion and some analytics to check the competition level and trends. After all, fashion is not at all constant and thus provides chances of representation to every creator.