No matter what company you handle, you notice customer questions all the time—everything from genuine inquiries on how your services or products work to trolls just trying to heat mess. For instance, every business owner has had at least one angry customer calling to criticize something that was their own mistake but just wanted to escape.

Despite the infrequent scream-athons, customer questions are often worth answering, specifically the easy ones where someone looks for help stating the basics. That's where FAQ pages come are required, taking the load off your customer service team. So nowadays, why not turn that FAQ page into an FAQ video?

Given below is your complete guide on FAQ videos worth considering in 2021!

Part 1: Why is an FAQ Video Required?

An FAQ video is an element where you frequently ask questions regarding your brand from your followers and consumers. You can answer these questions in numerous ways, either by reviewing user-submitted queries that have already been posted, emailed, or called in, or by soliciting questions from your followers in an email or survey out or share on social media.

An FAQ video always features questions that are asked frequently about your brand and claims to answer them as best as possible.

1. Where FAQ videos are used?

FAQ videos are excellent for answering vital questions during the decision section of the customer's journey and answering queries after a customer has already made their purchasing decision.

So, you should use an FAQ video when you're developing leads who sign up for your email list or visit your website but haven't yet purchased your product, or when delighting consumers who have already planned your product or service and have frequent questions.

2.Why Need FAQ Videos?

FAQ videos assist in answering questions your organization gets all the time. These questions don't just come from potential consumers. There are also questions from business partners, fresh hires, vendors, and the media.

Any company, any relationship, there will always be things that require answering and a time con in any scenario. They tend to be superfluous because an audience will keep 95 percent of a video message compared to 5 percent when reading it. An FAQ video means your audience will be almost ten times more likely to remember the answer, keeping them from telling it again.

Part 2: Best FAQ Video Examples

Video can help companies consistently create new leads. So, let's explore the top 7 FAQ video examples without any further delay!

1 – HubSpot

The third great video from HubSpot is a consumer success story regarding Stories are commanding and help create a trust factor because now that a client knows you and considers you, you've offered them some value. So, these videos depict what you will offer them after they have the required faith in you.

2 – Dollar Shave Club

In Dollar Shave Club's FAQ video example case, they knew their target market and utilized funny elements to their full advantage, which is the reason behind their video went viral. And, it boosted their achievement—the company was later purchased by Unilever for $1 billion!

3 – FiftyThree

Like other videos, this advertisement for FiftyThree's pencil-shaped mobile stylus is also one of the best FAQ video examples that focus only on pictures and music to get their message across. The method harkens back to that age-old axiom of excellent storytelling: show, don't tell.

4 – Stitch Fix

This could be the topic of a marketing master class on crafting the most efficient explainer video. The company in the limelight, Stitch Fix, introduces a personal styling service, which is a fantastic method in the millennial generation, and their video does everything great.

5 – Slack

slack faq video

Slack's video did a fantastic job of representing how their product fits into this relatable situation without over advertising. The visuals are brilliant, creative, and enticing, which grabs the audience's attention for around 53 seconds.

6 –

mint faq video

This explainer video from personal-finance organization hits in at a tight minute and thirty-one seconds—they have a lot of content in a short span. The video takes audiences on a side-scrolling journey of the functions Mint provides to its customers.

7 – Chipotle

This famous Mexican fast-food chain Chipotle brand wasn't always on the ropes, but they were the belle of the fast-food ball, due in area or section to forward-thinking marketing like this explainer FAQ video that excels in many areas.

Part 3: How to Make a FAQ Video?

As FAQ videos are known to be one of the Evergreen videos, there are proper steps you should first trace to create these videos professionally.

1 – Collect Queries

Begin by collecting the queries you're answering gathered from any source. However, you need to make sure they're legitimate questions your potential leads or customers look for.

If you find a poll shows weak results, you can poll your workers and sales team to find out what questions they hear the most. They should be able to tell you precisely what your viewers are asking most often before they even purchase your service or product.

2 – Answer those queries

Now that you have your questions, the answers are apparent! Make sure your answers are clear and straightforward to understand. Offer other resources, like a link to a how-to or tutorial video if a question needs a more in-depth reply.

Be as genuine and forthright as you can be. Even the answers to questions are complex. Generally, people don't require knowing the accurate specifics – they are just looking for its gist.

3 – Decide your shoot location

As you know how you will film your FAQ video, decide on a location. It could be a scenic part of your company's office or as complex as a film stage or on-set location. Whatever the site, book it for the whole day, so you have sufficient time to record the entire video.

We generally follow the less is more mantra when dealing with FAQ videos. For your first FAQ video, keep it easy-going and shoot in your office.

4 – Start shooting video

Have your actors or readers memorize their lines, assemble your crew and equipment, and record your FAQ video! Make sure you answer all the queries in the required time: no need to film drawn-out answers or long answers. If you can't respond to more than one query in less than two minutes, get ready to film multiple videos.

5 – Edit video

Most FAQ videos can be comparatively easy to edit. If you get the answer right without too much wordy, you can even capture your entire video in one take!

Once you've finished editing it, host a test viewers' audience who don't know the answers to these questions. Do they have follow-up questions? Do your answers make sense? If so, what are they? You can do a separate FAQ video recording to answer those questions, as well.

Part 4: Best FAQ Video Maker for Windows

Wondershare Filmii is an easy video editing program that bundles significant video editing features. You can use it to create eye-catching promotional videos like FAQ videos for your brand without any technical know-how. You can use intelligent templates that cut, correct and add effects to your video, or you can start from scratch and create an entirely customized project in Advanced Editing. The company Wondershare features its slogan as 'there is no video editor like Mii.' Filmii consists of a variety of themed templates. Different video types and moods stimulate these templates, so you can select the one that helps you showcase yourself best.

Filmii Video Editor

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Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)

Steps to Create FAQ Video with Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmii

Visit and download the software on your Windows PC. It will take a few seconds for installation, after which you can log in and start using the templates for quick project creation.

Step 2: Select FAQ video template

Explore its vast library of video templates to select one. For reference, we've chosen the following template.

Click the Use this template button to proceed. Upload at least three related videos to your FAQ session you've prepared earlier. Select the Auto Create option afterward.

Click the Advanced Editing option to explore more editing elements.

Step 3: Export FAQ video

After you're done with all the personalization, it's time to export the FAQ video by clicking the Export button given at the bottom right corner.


FAQ videos are an excellent tool for fostering prospects into customers and transforming customers into brand ambassadors. If you provide lots of resources like FAQ videos to inform your customer's user experience as easy, seamless, and comfortable as possible, they'll love you for it. Apart from increasing brand favorability and providing new referrals, you might even motivate brand loyalty – and that's the ultimate win.

Thus, it's time to make your FAQ video with Wondershare Filmii, as it's the best creative video maker out there for which no technical expertise is needed.