“Vlogging is more of a lifestyle than a job.” – Anonymous

Vlogging, video logging, or a video blog is the future of advertising, free speech, and the ultimate democratic sense. In simple words, it’s the most eye-catchy and interactive video content found mostly over the popular social media platform called YouTube. The culture of vlogging, specifically the family vlogging, is even becoming famous day by day. Now, what are family vlogs? Family vloggers are daily vloggers who'd love to post videos regularly. And, their topic could be like anything such as enjoying the family trips together, mentioning their lifestyle, playing stuff, baking crafting, reviewing, and so on. We feel there is no end to making content on family vlogs, especially when you have many examples of YouTube family vloggers and their particular challenges.

family vloggers

What Types of Videos do YouTube Family Vloggers Create?

Proceed with these wholesome and funny domestic antics to know what type of channels video loggers can create. As we said that there are no limitations to creating a family channel, still you are required to consider the specific borders of creating one! Those borders are what we called different channel types based on appropriate content and challenges.


Proposal Videos

The proposal videos by YouTube family vloggers are kind of interesting even for the new visitors. They look more of a generic video in which a boy is proposing a girl or vice-versa. Most of the vloggers share their proposal story or shoot live proposal video if they have started a channel much early before marriage.


Labor and Delivery Videos

The following famous content comes when women share their labor and delivery moments. Along with being an emotional aspect, these videos have proved to be helpful to millions of viewers. There could be a different style of how they shoot these moments. For reference, you can check the video link below.


Growth of Baby/Baby Milestone Videos

Seeing your kids grow is a fun part of a family vlog. They are one of the mesmerizing videos on any of the family vlogs. These are like non-avoidance videos everyone loves to click and watch for especially when baby milestones are set at different ages. Then, it will be a series of videos viewers will wait for eagerly.


Parenting Videos

How hard and careful is the parenting is shown via parenting videos or parenting vlogs? None of the family channels is absent from these kinds of videos. This content is a whole lot helpful than a mere channel creating random stuff. It adds the real value in terms of parenting tips and work-life balance, etc.


Family Pranks/Parody

Have you ever noticed that family pranks are funnier than couple pranks? They are so fantastic that you can't stop laughing. However, most of the family pranks or parodies are on challenges. They have a particular challenge which they like to accomplish by making pranks of one of their family members.



Even the family vlogging is a lifestyle vlogging more informally. They are the most viral videos of family members reviewing the different stuff. Maybe some of them are sponsored as well! The lifestyle vlogs show you the kind of products, clothing, shelter, or foodstuff, such as family dinner.


Personal Opinion

When you share personal thoughts on topics like parenting videos, family raise, or any current issue regarding family, these kinds of videos are known as personal opinion family vlogging.

How to Start a Family Vlog: A Simple Guide

Setting up your family vlogging channel doesn’t come that easy! You need to go through a minimum of four steps to have one for YouTube. At the very first, you must have excellent content ideas. Videos are going to be viral if their content is like crazy, whether you are shooting with a mere phone or DSLR. What matters the most is quality, funny, and informative content that helps viewers gain actual knowledge.


Always have some preparation before the start. Starting from scratch on YouTube will only be successful by luck. So, it would help if you had something in mind before you start a family channel. These preparation tips could be like informing the family, making the shooting environment a sort of appropriate to viewers, and the ultimate confidence to speak in front of the camera on-the-go.

family vlog preparation

And, the next essential preparation is particular content strategy. Make sure to have the introduction video ready if you are starting. It will help the visitors know you even better. Remember to give them a title including ‘Family Vlogs’ Well, for YouTube Family Vloggers, knowing the audience is not significant. It's because they want to be understood rather than to know.

Be well-dressed most of the time, even if it is family vlogging. Showing your personality is highly relevant to become a real influencer rather than being too informal and straightforward. All in all, these vlogs go more naturally after you have kept an individual pace at initial stages. Go and watch popular family vlogs to get some inspiration. It's a handy thing to do right now if you want to start a family channel.


Now, you need to make yourself a bit comfortable for family vlogging and its related camera equipment. No matter how expensive or inexpensive your shooting equipment is, it should fulfill all the standards of effective vlogging. As we said, excellent content strategy and excellent preparation always pay off and stand out better than your shooting equipment.

family vlogging shooting step

However, most of the YouTube family vloggers have invested in proper gear. So, they can be your mobile devices that can shoot 4K video quality. The dedicated camcorder, mirrorless camera, or DSLR also works best for the purpose. And, other gear includes lighting and mics. So, you should learn your equipment well before going any further.

Think of investing in good quality tripods. They are available in different styles to suit your family vlogging requirements. Or, you can also go for solid selfie sticks.

Edit Videos

It's called raw shooting what you have done in the section above. Yes, it's time to edit the videos and you don't have to be an expert video editor for the purpose. Even the combination of necessary editing skills and reliable video editing software can provide you with a clean video. You can also use specific video editing applications on mobile devices.

We'd advise you to hire expert video editors if you want to look professional. They know how to implement graphics or cut any awkward moments from the raw video clips.

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Share to Social Media

It’s generally called as efficient marketing. Besides sharing it with the main family channel, you must also invest some time in organic social media marketing. Or, you can even hire social media experts for the purpose.

share family vlog

Engage with the audience and try to reply to the comments as much as possible. Ignore the criticism or adverse feedback, as fighting with them are just a waste of time.

How to monetize your family channel?

After YouTube monetization, ads will display on your videos to get the real count of income. Well, there are different ways to monetize a YouTube family vlogging channel.

YouTube Partner Program

The very first way for monetization is the YouTube Partner Program. You have to meet a specific criteria to join the program based on an invitation to content producers regarding the ads hosting on their videos. A cut for the ad revenue then gets distributed to the content producer.

Affiliate Linking

Affiliate Linking is another best method to monetize your family channel. After you reach individual subscribers and views on YouTube vlogs, you can start reviewing your appreciated products and put their links in the description box to get affiliate commissions.

Creating sponsored content

Despite Instagram influencer marketing, you can also utilize YouTube to create sponsored content and earn money. So, you need to find the brand partner first and then make a deal. Try your best to send the ideal brand pitch according to your channel content.

Challenges of Family Vlogging

Family Vlog also suffers from some limitations, as given below.

Comment Board Disabled

A post on YouTube Creator Blog states, "YouTube will now disable comments on all videos featuring minors.”

It was a post in February 2019. The action took a few months after then, and the update on the subject is quite satisfying. The primary purpose of disabling the comments was not to demonetize the family channel but for the safety of children and prevention from the predatory behavior of comments. YouTube has removed millions of those comments on various channels and had even disabled the comments board.

Currently, they are launching a classifier to remove the comments without demonetizingYouTube family vloggers safely.

YouTube Under Age Policy

YouTube is determined to take necessary steps for the children’s safety as they also had to settle at $170 million for violating children’s privacy under the COPPA. It does not employ any powerful ad-targeting in a video where kids are present under the age of 13. It is strictly prohibited to collect the child data on those videos without the consent of parents.

Family Vlogging Dark Side

It’s disappointing to know when this dark side of a family vlog is because of parents. After reaching a particular stage and earning through the views and subscribers, children often complain that their parents pressurize them to make excellent content anyhow. They put a kind of burden on their kids at such an early age.

And, evil trolls and hate comments can be another dark side of a family vlog. Coping with them is a sort of mental torture for the video creators.


Making travel vlogs is enthusiastic and thus takes all of the aspects mentioned above. Our all-round guide to YouTube travel vloggers and their successful journey will tell you most of the secret sauces and the right path to get there. So, make sure not to miss out on any section and your favorite travel vlog.