We know that videos are always considered as one of the effective options for delivering any message to the audience. It may sound a little weird but there are various types of video are available and depending upon the objective we could choose the best suitable video type for us. Among all the types explainer video is very popular as they are short and easily attracts an audience.

This article would give you a detail about explainer video and discuss some of the best explainer videos ever:

Part 1: What is an Explainer Video?

Nowadays there are various options in the world of video marketing and the explainer video is always the most common and first choice of all. An explainer video is a short video that demonstrates or explains a product, or a service offered by the companies.

There are various types of explainer videos such as animated explainer video, whiteboard explainer video, etc. and explainer video has a very powerful impact on the growth of the business.

Part 2: What Makes a Good Explainer Video?

Here following are some of the most important tips which are needed to follow while planning to make a good explainer video for your business. Check out:


Well written script

Firstly, we need to accept that content is the king especially for the various types of animated explainer video or white explainer video. A well-written script plays an important role in making your explainer video successful. So, assigning this task to a highly professional person would surely help you in winning the game.


Shorter the better

Here one needs to realize that "The less you say, the better it works" which means rather than focusing on the quantity of the script you should give priority to the quality of it. So, try to give an overview of the explainer video and be precise with that.


Professional speakers

Also, the quality of the videos can make and break your game and along with that the tone of the voice. So, considering a professional talent with a polish delivery would be a great investment.


Have some fun

Adding something different from others such as humor or a surprise would work better than anything else. It will let make people laugh and connect with your brand too.


Explain benefits

One very important thing one needs to keep in mind that rather than talking about technical aspects of your product try to explain how that product would benefit them and make lives better.


Music & audio effects

If you are creating an explainer video for your brand along with amazing video quality music and sound effects are very essential. You could consider various audio tools such as audacity, Audio-Jungle, Musopen, free sound, etc. for adding some sweet music and audio effects.

Thus, these are the tips that surely would help you in coming up with the best explainer videos and expand your business reach.

Part 3: 7 Different Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are always the best choice for a business to promote its products and services to the right audience. Now let's look at our list of different types of explainer videos that will suit your business at best.


2D Character Animated Explainer Videos

Animation is a common thing that could attract an audience easily for sure. An animated explainer video builds a storyline of a video in a way that potential customers could relate easily. Such videos include animated characters, storyboards, and backgrounds with a two-dimensional environment. Also, such animation looks so attractive and appealing so why not use it?


Live action explainer video

If you want to add a human touch to your video, then a live-action explainer video is the best choice of yours. Here you could focus on the perfect shot with the right speech delivery and you would be able to shoot perfect entertaining and engaging best explainer videos.


3D Animated Explainer Video

If your business can invest more than 3D animated explainer video would not at all give you a chance to complain. Using perfect lighting and textures animated explainer video would create a captivating experience for you. Also, such 3D animated explainer videos always require more time and cost so now you only can make a perfect choice!


Motion Graphics Explainer Videos

Such motion graphics explainer videos always take the help of objects and icons to deliver a message to the audience in an easy manner. They are always to the point and eye-catching.


Screencast explainer videos

This type of video helps with a screen capture or a recording to explain a feature of a question. Such videos are usually taken off a mobile screen or a computer screen while the screen is on. Here adding more graphics and voiceovers engage with an audience perfectly.


Typographic Explainer Video

Such videos take the help of the right fonts, colors, and text animation to create a beautiful explainer video to engage with an audience. Also, it adds some real figures to develop an interest of an audience effortlessly.


Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Whiteboard explainer videos are one of the best among all the explainer videos. If you have gone through some explainer videos, then you would realize that whiteboard explainer videos are the first and best choice of creators. Here it uses a whiteboard with artwork which is a hand-drawn appearance. Such explainer videos are easy to make and a bit cheaper too but the best choice too!

There is one thing that companies need to understand that whatever style of explainer video you choose should be consistent with the personality of your brand. Also always keeping the audience in mind would fetch you towards great explainer videos.

Part 4: How to Make an Explainer Video?

So Now if you are thinking what the ways are to make an extraordinary explainer video then You could use the amazing software Wondershare Filmii offering a range of editing tools to make explainer videos.

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Here following step by step process you could use:

Step 1: Firstly, you need to download Wondershare Filmii on your device and let it get install.

Step 2: Then after you log in with your account and select "create" and choose business templates among all other categories.

Step 3: Now to get a video on the timeline you can click on "Import" or directly "drag and drop" too.

create explainer video

Step 4: Then after adding the templates for extra editing you could explore other editing features and trim the clip, add effects, change the speed, etc. depending upon your need.

Step 5: At the end, if you are done with editing the explainer video click on "Export" and you can simply save it and share it on various platforms.


Hopefully, the above-mentioned list of best explainer videos must have inspired you to make your Explainer video too. If your business has created an explainer video effectively then it would surely make a good impression and increase an attraction towards your brand.