“Create the things you wish existed.” – Anonymous

There are lots of DIY things such as DIY shows, DIY care equipment, or DIY products to check out. Similarly, there is a concept of DIY video that we will discuss in the article about the best YouTube channels and the ultimate steps to make those DIY videos. Such videos also get infused with increased discourses of empowerment and participation. You get to know different cultures, traditional knowledge, and particular intelligent concerns about the tasks.

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Most of the DIY YouTubers love to make videos based on their hobbies. They also help to make the learning process quite funny and entertaining through useful hacks. To start with, you can explore Pinterest. It is the most famous application to explore new interests by either pinning or checking for what others have pinned in useful categories.

All in all, it's a common platform to share and see things based upon interests, tastes, and personal lifestyle. You can search for anything within the forum to get ideas, even DIY videos YouTube.

Without further ado, let’s get started on such ideas with this post and get inspired!

Get inspired by six best DIY YouTube Channels

Let’s consider the six best DIY on YouTube channels with the key specifications of subscribers and the pace of their successful path.


5 Minute Crafts

With around 68 million subscribers, the 5 Minute Crafts DIY videos on YouTube channel is pretty famous for those crazy science tricks and life hacks. That is what is known as 'Do It Yourself' hacks. The channel is part of the YouTube Company since 2016, owned by the company called 'TheSoul Publishing.' We'd like to recall some factors behind their popularity. Such factors include no language barriers, usefulness in every age group, valuable and exciting content, and an impressive social media presence. The list of their DIY videos goes like '27 Stunning Clothing Tricks That Will Save Your Money', '36 DIY Home Décor''32 Sweet Summer Ideas and Recipes', and 'Amazingly Cool Miniature DIY Food Ideas,'etc.


Household Hacker

The Household Hacker is a DIY YouTube channel with around 4.99 million subscribers. It's the platform where you can learn lots of economical home skills with ease. You can check out some of their exciting videos such as 'Deliciously Strange Egg Tricks,' 'Oddly Effective Ways to Hide Things,' and 'Study @ Home Life Hacks,' etc. Similarly, you can find fantastic kitchen hacks and fun experiments on the channel. The channel shows up as one of the most informative, educating, and entertaining DIY videos on YouTube channel to follow. Most of their videos represent the test of older experiments for useful and genuine properties.


Tina Yong (DIY Nail Art)

Tina Yong is a girl with lots of happy and positive stuff. Her channel, called 'Tina Yong,' comes with around 3.15 million subscribers. The DIY aspect is nail art for this channel. The concept is exciting and funny, with lots of innovative ideas. If you go through the Playlist section of Tina Young, you will see the four main categories in DIY videos. Such types are namely'DIY Crafty Videos,''DIY Nails,'Nail Art,' and 'Hacks.' For the purpose, you can check out her DIY Nail Art videos. See that it's her hobby to do so! So, you must have some passionate pursuit and skills in a particular field.



Craft Daily

Craft Daily is one of the best DIY YouTube channels with lots of easy-to-go videos. They have made a total of 181 videos so far. Recently, the YouTube channel added several videos on DIY face masks. And, if you go through their playlist, it goes like 'Easter Crafts,''Handmade Cards,''Valentine's Day Crafts,''Crafts for kids', etc. They make a short video, which is highly useful as well. So, you can take the idea of adding value even in simple things through the channel.



Blossom is a pretty famous, memorable life hacks channel, with around 12.2 million subscribers on YouTube. At the same time, these kinds of food hacks publishers are also renowned among Facebook. Compliance with all the policies and standards is also one of the main factors behind their success. You must check out their exciting playlist of videos that goes like'12 DIY Slime Hacks Everyone Need to Know,''10 Amazing Hacks to keep your food fresh,' and '15 Clever Life Hacks you need to know,'etc. All in all, the making of videos on life hacks alone can reach millions of subscribers.


So Craftastic

So Craftastic is a 713 video channel with 1.95 million subscribers. The content creator of this particular YouTube channel is Sarah Takacs. So, she is the only lady behind such amazing videos. She makes videos on various kinds of stuff, such as Unboxing, Painting, and Reviews Etc. So, what's the DIY in it? The DIY lies in the style of making such videos. Also, she uses 'Do It Yourself' resources for the purpose. You can even check the thumbnails and creative titles of DIY videos.

How to make DIY YouTube videos?

Making DIY videos always begins with passion and hobby. It is always the basic idea that turns into execution as soon as possible by the creator. So, the steps to making the best DIY YouTube channels go as follows.


The very first step is to prepare the content of such videos. You can pick up the very idea of the content from the YouTube channels mentioned above. You can check out the way they prepare videos. See the stuff they take to make the content interesting as well as funny.


Now comes the shooting part! You must go for ideal pieces of equipment, such as a camera, tripod, and lenses. You also need to be precise with the voice-over and audio part. So, the overall filming equipment is essential as a part of the consideration.


Editing is the most vital part of any video making task. It comes by using the recognized software, which is made particularly for editing. Well, most of the software doesn't even require special editing skills. You need the necessary editing skills to operate it, and that's all!

Share to YouTube

The last part of making a DIY video is marketing and sharing. The way you market also plays a significant role in popularity. So, don't miss the chances even if it is social media sharing other than YouTube. Share your DIY videos on YouTube to get it published and ranked. Also, don't miss reading the YouTube policies and particular ranking algorithm to avoid future issues.


Thus, these were the top 10 best DIY YouTube channels that you must research and take cues to make a DIY video channel yourself. We also discussed the reasons for the popularity behind such DIY videos. Lastly, we hope that these tips will help you be creative and inspire you as a professional video maker.

So, go ahead and make some unique DIY videos for YouTube.