Daily vlog is a straightforward term, which refers to daily video blogs uploaded by people to a video sharing platform for various purposes by a vlogger. Many do this as a hobby to connect with the audience and earn revenue with the advertisement. A vlogger can talk about his life, opinions, thoughts, and so on that viewers can relate. Daily vlog is gaining massive popularity because of how it helps create a bond with the viewers.

Even a boring topic sounds interesting when a person speaks and shares experience like the channels of daily vloggers on YouTube. It has given birth to numerous various digital video sharing and creation platforms. Each month, 44% of global internet users watch vblog. In the upcoming days, this percentage can upsurge to a great height.

See How Others do: Top 5 Daily Vloggers on YouTube

Daily vloggers on YouTube are responsible for creating 86% of vblog content. However, we know a few of the YouTube that caught our attention due to their popularity level. These top 5 daily Vloggers on YouTube are rocking with their videos on different niches.



Casey Neistat is an American YouTuber who started his YouTube journey on February 16, 2010. Today, the total number of views his channel has is 2,854,646,373. There was a time when he used to live a tough life. YouTube gave him everything that he wanted in his life. On New Media Rockstars, Neistat was listed under the top 100 channels. On September 6, 2016, he was honoured with the “New Media Start” Man of the Year Award. It is the result of his hard work that his daily vlog has 12.2 M subscribers. Mostly, one can see lifestyle based content on his channel. In his every video, some uniqueness attracts viewers. Being consistent in learning and posting videos is the essential ingredient for his success.


Tanner Fox

Tanner Fox is exceptionally passionate about creating videos on YouTube. He started uploading videos on YouTube at the young age of 12 years only. Moreover, his primary concentration was on creating stunts and tricks videos, but the focus shifted daily vlog. When he started working on daily Vlogs, his YouTube channel grew at an unexpected rate. The fame entered in his life with the MTFlims YouTube channel. You can follow Tanner on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood always comes up with something interesting on his channel. Since 2010, he used to make prank videos that people loved a lot but they were not so popular. Seeing the popularity going down, he initiated working on a daily vlog from 2013 that increased his subscribers count to over 15 million. He has talked a lot about his personal life which audience enjoy. He started playing the role of daily Vloggers on YouTube from August 13, 2013. You can connect with him on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



Judy Travis is a versatile video creator on YouTube. She belongs to the Seattle, American region. She stepped on YouTube on March 10, 2010. Her channel features various lifestyle and beauty related content that led to a great fan following. The cute videos of her daughter are another reason why people tap on her videos. Her husband has been a great support in her journey who records and edits every video of her. No wonder her family support helped embark her channel with 1,029,421,602 viewers today.



The person behind this channel is none other than Shaun McBride. On Snapchat, he is famous for the finger-drawings. Somewhere, his finger-drawings played a crucial role in his immense popularity. The recent collaborations with Casey Neistat and with other daily vloggers on YouTube and influencers brought viewers to his channel. To keep the audience engaged and build his fan base, his funny and lame contents are enough.

What Are Some Good Vlog Ideas?

a) How to or DIY

vlog idea diy video

How-to or DIY are already two of the trendy topics on YouTube you can choose. Around us, many creative brains are in search of the process of creating something. They mostly take help from YouTube to build or work on their project. Your video on how-to or DIY tutorials may help someone. Find out what you can teach in a video and then grab the camera to record it.

b) Prank

vlog idea pranks

Some people around us want an escape from reality, and that's when they search for funny videos on YouTube. Pranks get a high number of views, and this could be the best choice for putting your first step towards kickstarting the daily vloggers on YouTube journey.

c) Video game streaming

vlog idea video game stream

YouTube provides a fantastic opportunity for video game addicts. It supports video game streaming services through which creators can build and gain subscribers. It also lets them connect with the like-minded game lovers and develop their community.

d) Start teaching

vlog idea online education

Online education has become a necessity in the modern world. What college fails to teach, YouTube creators can guide easily. Also, learning through visuals stays in your mind for a long time. You can start with any subject or topic.

e) Share your traveling experience

vlog idea travel

Do you enjoy traveling to different places in the world? If yes, tell your traveling experience by making a video and sharing it on your YouTube channel.

f) Inspire people

vlog idea inspire people

Some people come on the verge of giving up, but they kept fighting for loved ones and dreams. If you have numerous collections of similar real, inspirational stories, do not wait to create your channel.

g) Cooking recipes

vlog idea cooking recipe

Food is everything. We all crave badly for it. Is there any unique recipe that you know? Come on, help others in preparing the same. Start a daily vlog on YouTube and share cooking recipes and preparing some tasty dishes.

How to Make Your Daily Vlogs Interesting?

Make your video story interesting by following these dos and don’ts,


1) Gain experience

It takes plenty of effort to learn the art of perfect video editing. As a beginner, get some experience in recording and editing the video. After that, make videos weekly rather than posting quite often. Once you learn everything correctly, you are ready to win your audience's hearts through the YouTube channel.

2) Plan properly

Plan the places you have to visit where the background suits your need. There must be the availability of restaurants close to the area you select. The exact routes that will take you from home to the daily vlog shooting location and all will need proper planning. After this, you can do the recording part.

3) Use templates, shortcuts, hotkeys, etc.

Editing is a challenging job because it is much more stringent than the whole video recording. Wherever you are getting the chance to reduce the editing time, do it. Use of shortcuts, templates, hotkeys are reliable ways to perform editing quickly.

4) Learn from other vloggers

Learning from the journey of other daily vloggers on YouTube will give you an idea of what you are missing and where you have to work more. Watch the videos of your favorite daily vloggers on YouTube. It will add new people in your network who are in the same phase as you. Interact, ask questions, and get motivation from them to continue your journey.


1) Avoid filming each and everything

Not everything you record will be present in the final video story. It increases the number of video parts that you have to cut and then finalized the video content. Start editing as soon as you finish your recording. Don't do too much, and this is what we want to recommend for your YouTube channel.

2) Don’t focus much on script or video

You are not going to record a movie, recite a song, or poems, so do not remember all the text. Daily vblog offers you the chance to flaunt your personality. Therefore, your motive should be on central points and talk about them in your video content. Remembering a written script is a time-consuming thing. Avoid perfection and be real to your audience, but note down the mistakes to improve.

3) Don’t forget your health

No matter how strenuously you are working on your channel, make sure to maintain your health. If there is a need to push yourself, keep a regular check on your physical and mental health. Take rest when you feel but have a never give up attitude. Sit and ask yourself when the thought of giving up comes in your mind.

4) Don’t forget about your audience

Keep a note of your target audience when you are making the content. Taking feedbacks from the viewers is the best way to connect with them and deliver the right content. The challenge is to keep them engaged with your video content. Value them first if you want to design a great video story for the audience. When you are thinking of motivating or entertaining them, use your creative brain to develop exciting content.

How to Start a Daily Vlog - Beginner's Guide

Follow this simple guide to learn how to start a daily Vlog:

a) Prepare yourself

daily vlog prepare

Before shooting the video, you have to collect all the required equipment, including a camera, microphone, and other things. Decide the topic, location, and plan accordingly.

b) Shooting Video

Reach to the location and take out the camera. Start shooting your video along with the team (if you have).

c) Edit Video

It is the hardest part because creating a noteworthy video is not a piece of cake. Take your time to edit using high-quality software.

d) Share to social media

Once everything seems ok, you can create a YouTube channel, Instagram, or Twitter and upload your video. Persistence and patience will pay off later.


Thus, the key to your YouTube success lies in the effort you put into creating a daily vlog. Never back off after giving all your heart and mind into building a successful YouTube channel. You need to check on all the factors before you decide to work on your video. This guide on creating an engaging video story will play a prominent role in establishing your YouTube channel. For more guides and tutorials, please stay connected with us.