Do you need a crowdfunding video?

Well, video has a considerable impact on the success of crowdfunding campaigns. A good crowdfunding video can help encourage viewers to invest in any fundraising event because they can see what they are financing, whether it is you or the product/service. So much so that some crowdfunding platforms won't let you start without a crowdfunding platform! This is your chance to convey your brand's story and why it is a good idea to support your product and invest in your company.

To create a great crowdfunding video, you need to understand how to proceed, which is why we will look at examples of the best crowdfunding campaign videos.

Part 1: Best Crowdfunding Video or Kickstarter Video Examples

Here we'll sneak peek at examples of the best crowdfunding or Kickstarter video.


The Chip

The Chip crowdfunding video for crowdcube raised £3,807,590 with an applauding number of investors of 6,535.

Why it worked?

In this record-breaking campaign, Chip shows how to use humor effectively to convince us to invest. A pacy and funny script compensates for the slightly longer-than-ideal video length of the video (3:20). It touched the main points and the charming vintage footage, as well as Simon's grandma, gave it the unique touch.


Made in Hackney video

The crowdfunding video for Made in Hackney raised £76,693 and had up to 553 investors.

Why it worked?

The video shows that a considerable budget is not needed for a compelling story. It conveys the tremendous impact on their community and compels the audience to help in their next phase.



Tropicfeel crowdfunding video Kickstarter raised a record-breaking€2,140,416 from a total of 26,284 investors.

Why it worked?

The video shows the features of Tropicfeel shoes (which could have been a bit boring by itself) in a context of aspirational situations and environment: amazing cities and beautiful outdoors.

Other things working for the video include the Ideal length: just under 2 minutes, drone footage to make the outdoor images look stunning, and Uplifting music.



Cocoro crowdfunding video for Crowdcube raised a total of £361,080 and has a capacity of 366 investors.

Why it worked?

Talking about periods is no easy thing: you risk either alienating your viewers or resort to the cheesy analogies of the archetypical TV ads. With this video, Cocoro shows that they know how to walk the right line and solve the environmental problems of the current solutions with technology and feminism.



Pulp managed to raise $24,522 in total on the 10th of September 2017. They managed to overfund by 20% and hit 100% in just one day.

Why it worked?

Pulp is a great crowdfunding video example because the crowdfunding video is of excellent quality regarding the sound. Throughout the video, they feature an energetic, upbeat soundtrack that compliments the visuals well. It was made within 2 minutes 55 seconds as required for a crowdfunding video.

Part 2: Hacks to Make Crowdfunding Video

Here are simple hacks to making a compelling crowdfunding video.


Figure out your thoughts before writing

Before shooting any video, write a video script for which you need a great idea. Since you are creating a Kickstarter campaign, you already have a good idea for the product. What we are talking about is an excellent idea for your promotional video, the video concept.


The script is king

A mission statement, a sales promotion, your script is the sacred text of your Kickstarter video. Once you have your idea, write down everything you want to say in your promotional video and any accompanying visual effects.

If you've never done scriptwriting, look for examples or watch other successful Kickstarter videos to learn about the points they hit, the visual effects they use, and how they express voiceovers or spoken conversations. Don't copy or imitate other videos.


Deeply understand and follow the message

You need the critical information to start the video immediately. Wow, with a strong opening vision and ask a passionate question. This problem should be related to your product's core problem or the core problem your project is trying to solve. By immediately attracting viewers with strong visual effects and exciting questions, you will attract their attention with a greater chance of staying focused throughout the video.


Suitable length

How long should a perfect pitch video be? The simple answer is: as long as it needs-and not even a second!

You want to tell your story and share your thoughts as thoroughly as possible to motivate your audience-but you also need to realize that their usual attention span is limited. Industry experts believe that your goal should be at most 5 minutes-this is a good benchmark.


Highlight the development history

People who support crowdfunding platforms often realize that they are investing in a product that may not have fully evolved. In many cases, this is all appeal.

But they don't want to feel like they are daydreaming, but that you have worked hard on product development and can improve at least to some extent.

Part 3: Best Tools to Make Crowdfunding Video

Here are different tools available to help you achieve the best crowdfunding video for your startup.


Wondershare Filmii

Wondershare Filmii is aimed at novice users who need easy-to-use video editing tools but can still produce high-quality content. This tool uses Al technology that has brought notable changes to the editing world. Wondershare Filmii provides templates, allowing you to choose a template suitable for your YouTube project, and you can select various filters according to your preferences. You can also apply a lot of stickers and motion elements. It can help you merge multiple clips into one easily. It can also help you adjust the size of your videos and upload your videos to popular streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

Filmii Video Editor

For Win | System Requirements

Attractive video templates for different needs

Various customizable titles for social media

Beautiful Stickers & Motion Elements

Abundant stylized filters and overlays

Try It Free

Win10 / Win8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)


  • Readymade preset for streaming live on YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Auto creative modes with multiple genres and themes.
  • Advanced editing like split, merge, cut, trim, audio detach, and so on.
  • Customizable properties like opacity, saturation, rotation, and tint.
  • Creative resources like audio, filters, motion elements, titles, and transitions.



iMovie helps you create professional-looking videos without an editing degree. It adds a cinematic touch to your clip with action shots, adding picture-in-picture and split-screen effects. iMovie offers free smart soundtracks that intelligently adjust to match the length of your movie. You can also add built-in sound effects or record your voiceover, add titles & backgrounds, personalized title cards, credits, and more. With green-screen effects in iMovie, you can place yourself or your characters in exotic locations with a tap or a click. Masking controls and strength adjustments let you fine-tune the product for maximum believability.


  • Edit videos like a pro, trim clips and add a seamless transition.
  • High-fidelity filters that add a cinematic touch to clips.
  • Extra special effects to make shots more exciting.
  • Smart soundtracks to choose from to match your movie length.
  • Built-in sound effects for voiceover.



Animoto is an online, cloud-based platform to create videos, not only from the video content but also from photos. Animoto is straightforward to use, from creating presentation slides with audio to making beautiful videos with audio tracks. The platform includes templates to make it more user-friendly.

Since the video is created online, sharing is as simple as copying the link. It means you can produce videos on many devices, which is different from traditional video editing tools, which require a part of the device's processing power.


  • Ready to use templates.
  • Licensed song and stock images to make your clip stand out.
  • Customization tools to add personalized color, fonts, and logo to your clip.
  • Create square, landscape, and vertical videos for different social media platforms.
  • No limits to creating and downloading videos.



Biteable is a video creation platform to develop business videos using pre-established templates and stock footage.

Biteable is a free-to-use intuitive video-making online tool that is recommended for beginners. There are 100s of templates, layouts, and other settings to suit your project. In short, it is a cost-effective video developing tool for the effortless production of short videos or presentations.


  • Animated, live-action or photo scenes, and pre-made video templates.
  • Create and edit video on a simple drag-and-drop timeline.
  • Choose royalty-free music from an extensive, high-quality music library.
  • Add watermarks to your video.
  • Share completed videos on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook with direct sync.



With tons of functions, Vyond allows you with little video creation skills to create animated videos. There is a wide selection of preconfigured templates and character animations, sounds, props, and more. It is great to train your distributed workforce or achieve higher conversion rates for your marketing team while being flexible and affordable enough for any organization. Vyond is an essential tool for making content that drives positive business outcomes and transforming generic content into dynamic results in minutes.


  • The expanded timeline is effective in making changes and adding effects.
  • Automatic Lip-sync for character speaking and voiceover.
  • Customization with pre-made templates, characters, and animated assets.
  • An online tool with a simple interface.
  • Pre-constructed scenes for an easy starting point.


With this is a simple guide on creating a good crowdfunding video, bring your business to the limelight with the incredible tools above. Also, consider using Wondershare Filmii, which is quite effective. Finally, for reference, we've mentioned the best examples of crowdfunding videos worth considering.