Company culture video is a small video insight about your work culture to the outsiders considering applying to your organization. Through such a company culture video managers could show how work looks like in a company and such creating company culture video could position your business as the best place to work. Many companies create funny corporate culture videos as well to appeal creatively to the audience.

company culture video

Here are the best company culture videos which never failed to impress us:

Part 1: What is a Company Culture Video?

Company culture videos deliver a real experience of working in that organization and give real job seekers to peek into a company to not only know about what they are working but to show the real talent of a company. Also to appeal in a catchy way some companies try funny corporate culture videos too.

Part 2: 10 Creative Corporate Culture Video Examples

Now let's talk about some successful creative corporate culture video examples. Find it below:

1. Dell Technologies

Dell is one of the global brands having more than 100,000 employees across 180 countries. Here they have talked about employee work flexibility and inclusivity, empowering employees, employee resource community, etc.

2. Bamboo HR

Here they have focused on solving some misconceptions about working at a start-up and valued the personal time of an employee and encouraged for having that purely. It is one of the best company culture video examples till now.

3. BAE Systems, Inc.

They have showcased the importance of teamwork in any organization and how communication plays a major role in a great teamwork effort too. Thus we can say that BAE systems Inc. has taken a lot of effort in coming up with the best company culture videos.

4. Loews Hotels

Loews hotel highlighted the concept "We are like a family" with their corporate culture video and through that, they showed the importance of employees and treat them like an asset. It is considered as one of the best company culture videos till now.

5. Kasasa

Kasasa has taken a love theme into a consideration with their corporate culture video. It has an emotional feel throughout the video and how the core values play an essential role in the development of an organization. So, it's a collection of stories showing love for their clients, company, and co-workers. It is considered as one the funny corporate culture video ever.

6. Patagonia

Here the video shows the impact of organizational on transcends free childcare. They made it emotional by saying that some of the leaders of them were children customers of them 30 years ago through which they highlighted a leadership development program. Also, this video gives a detailed understanding of Patagonia's unique opportunity about their people and culture.

7. Cirrus Logic Inc.

The corporate culture video of cirrus logic Inc. focused on why the company is good enough for an employee to be part of an employee who shares inspiring and personal reasons without saying a word. So there is a whiteboard and employees justify their answers by putting towards on a whiteboard. This is an example of the best company culture video and it surely impresses others to be part of their team too.

8. Tala

It is a data science and mobile technology makers who came up with the best corporate culture video ideas. They have explained the impact of company products on the customers and how helpful they are towards them. Here giving a right chance to employees to explain what they care about the most in an organization and passionately showing them working in the company's mission can inspire outsiders to join their community. It is among the top company culture video examples for sure.

9. Ellevation Education

A software company supporting English learners and educators' Ellevation education also came up with a great company culture video. They focused on the diversity, growth, and culture of the organization. It gives an overview of the history of the company and some of the perks given by the company to take care of its employees.

10. Fuze

It has created global-level cloud-based platforms and very successfully makes a name. Here in the corporate culture video all the senior level board members such CEO and executive chairman are part of that. The best thing about this video is that in such a short video company has managed to cover all the broad topics beautifully which makes it among the best company culture videos.

Part 3: How to Make a Company Culture Video?

As we discussed various types of company culture videos and their impact on the growth of a business. Now the question arises that how to make such the best company culture videos for your organization? If you are also confused with this then let me introduce one amazing video editing tool Wondershare Filmii to you. It has various kinds of templates, effects, features, and lot many options to make your best corporate culture videos ever.

Following are the steps you need to consider for creating a perfect corporate culture video:

Step 1: Firstly, Install Wondershare Filmii on your device and then install it.

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Step 2: Then after once you log in you would find an option "create" and along with that various video templates depending on upon theme of your content.

Step 3: Now it is time to add a simple interactive video of your employees. You can simply "Import" it or "Drag and drop" to the timeline.

Step 4: Once the video file is added to the timeline you can choose and click on "Use this template" to apply over that video.

Step 5: Once the template is added you can edit with some effects, soft audio, speed, etc. features to make a corporate culture video look attractive.

Step 6: lastly once you are satisfied with the video you can simply save it by clicking on the "Export" option and store it on your device and share it on social media platforms.


We could say that all the organizations should come up with a concept such as company culture videos and showcase what exactly work looks like at their place. Nowadays exploring such a creative corporate culture example is the best way to build a repetitive name among people.