Are you finding it hard to come up with a professional business slideshow? Well, in this case, you have come to the right place as I have included some of the best resources to work on professional presentations. For instance, with the help of some business slideshow templates or a slideshow maker, you can make your job a whole lot easier. Without much ado, let's get to know about these tips to ace your next business slideshow.

Part 1: 10 Stunning Business Slideshow Templates

To start with, I would recommend exploring some professionally designed business slideshow templates. Using these readily available business slideshow examples, you can save time in editing. Simply customize these business slideshow templates as per your requirements to meet your professional needs.


Subtle Bevel Business Plan Template

This is an ideal template to depict your business plan to your audience with just the right visuals. The template has 35 fully editable slides and 85 customizable vector-based icons that you can easily use. It would be an ideal visual aid to explain the overall vision and plan for your business.


Business Idea Light Bulb Template

Do you have a new business idea or a pitch that you want to present to your audience? Then this would be one of the best business slideshow examples. The best part is that it is freely available and has an extensive collection of 130+ icons in 48 editable slides that are easy to customize.

business slideshow template


Business Partnership Template

We all know that partnership is a vital part of any business, and with this template, you can easily explain it to your audience. One of the best business slideshow templates, it has 11 HD vectors and features tons of customizable icons to suit your business needs.


5-year Business Plan Template

If you want to come up with a long-term 5-year plan for your business, then this would be an ideal business slideshow template. It features a wide variety of strategic editable slides that you can customize to depict the 5-year plan of your business easily.

business plan ppt template


Pitch Deck Template

This is a professional business template that you can use to pitch your products to your clients or investors. Developed by SlideBean, it features professionally designed vectors that are easy to customize and can be downloaded in PPT or PDF formats.


Design Thinking Editable Template

This is another business slideshow template that you can use to create all kinds of presentations. The slideshow has a double diamond theme and can easily be used to come up with slides related to design thinking, marketing, and other creative fields. It is available in different color themes and can be used in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

design thinking template


Finance Business Template

For all those who are related to finance, this would be one of the best business slideshow templates. It features 23 editable slides and has numerous vectors related to finance that you can use. Apart from vectors, it also contains charts, infographics, and other details.


Brainstorming Template

Brainstorming is one of the most vital stages is creative thinking that can be applied in any business. Therefore, this would be one of the best business slideshow examples that you can use again and again to depict your ideas with stunning visual resources.

brainstorm template


Modern Dark Business Template

Are you tired of making your business slideshows in the same old way? Then this would be a perfect template that would give your ideas a modern visual appeal. The professional template is available in 2 aspect ratios, has 25 different editable slides, and can be used in PowerPoint or Google Slides.


Real Estate Business Template

Lastly, if you are into real estate, then this would be one of the best business slideshow templates. It features 48 editable slides and comes in different color themes that you can readily customize. There are 130+ different editable icons and vectors in the template to help you create infographics, charts, and more.

real estate slideshow template

Part 2: 5 Resourceful Business Slideshow Makers to Explore

As you can see, with the help of some editable business slideshow templates, you can come up with all kinds of presentations. Though, if you want to get better results, then you can try the following business slideshow makers:


Wondershare Filmii

Developed by Wondershare, Filmii is a lightweight and user-friendly video maker and editor that you can use. Using it, you can import all kinds of photos, clips, music, etc. to create stunning video slideshows.

Filmii Video Editor

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  • Wondershare Filmii features a wide range of templates that you can readily use and customize to create business slideshows.
  • It features a user-friendly timeline-based editor that would let you insert pictures, clips, music, etc. to instantly come up with video slideshows.
  • There are also tons of visually appealing transitions, filters, stickers, captions, etc. that you can use to get stunning results.
  • In Filmii, you can also explore tons of audio tracks so that you can directly import business slideshow music to your videos.
  • There is also an option to record voiceovers for your business slideshows and further edit them via its audio mixer.

filmii start screen


Google Slides

You might already know that Google Slides is a cloud-based presentation tool that is available for free. A part of the Google Workspace Suite, it supports every major platform such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and more.

Since you can access Google Slides on any platform or device, there is no need to install anything to create business slideshows. Once the presentation is created, you can export it into different formats or instantly share it with your colleagues online.

google slides business ppt



Canva is another popular online application that you can use to create business slideshows, social media designs, videos, and more. The online business slideshow maker has one of the most extensive ranges of over 1 million images, graphics, and illustrations that you can readily use.

There are also seamless options to share business slideshows with your team and collaborate with others. The online Canva editor has over 100 fonts, tons of templates, and other designing options.

canva youtube intro maker edting face



If you want to come up with an engaging presentation having the right visuals, then you can try Visme. The online business slideshow maker has thousand of icons, illustrations, and vectors to pick from. There are also existing business slideshow templates for marketing, IT, sales, education, etc. that you can readily load and edit.

You can explore business slideshow music in Viseme and can also share your projects with others online. There are also features to collaborate with others and export slideshows in different formats.

business slideshow maker visme


Adobe Spark

Developed by Adobe, Spark is another intuitive and user-friendly business slideshow maker that you can try. You can access the Adobe Spark presentation maker online without installing anything. There are also hundreds of graphics, presets, and icons that you can drag and drop to your canvas.

Besides that, users can also explore the extended Adobe Stock library to find all kinds of business slideshow music, images, and clips. You can also invite your team to collaborate on business slideshows and other projects on Adobe Spark.

Part 3: Pro Tips to Come up with Engaging Business Slideshows

By now, you would be able to make stunning business slideshows. If you want to get better results, then consider following these suggestions as well.

  • Stick to a central theme

A lot of professionals make the rookie mistake of including too many unwanted things in a single presentation. Make sure that you stick to the central idea of the slideshow's topic and try not to deviate from it.

  • Keep it consistent

Apart from the overall content of your presentation, its formatting and color themes are also important. Try not to include too many colors and consider using some business slideshow templates to keep its visual appeal consistent.

  • Less is more

Another common mistake that people make is the inclusion of too many transitions and animations in their presentations. I would recommend keeping things professionals and including one type of transition in all slides instead.

  • Practice your timing and make notes

If you are planning to present your business slideshow, then make sure you have rehearsed it in advance. Consider allocating a specific time duration to each slide so that you won't overstretch anything or fall short of words.

  • Use a professional business slideshow maker

Lastly, you should use a dedicated business slideshow maker like Wondershare Filmii, Adobe Spark, Canva, and so on. Since most of these slideshow makers have tons of high-end features, they will make things easier for you and would also improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your business slideshows.

That's a wrap, everyone! I'm sure that after going through these business slideshow examples and templates, you would be able to come up with stunning presentations too. I would recommend using a dedicated business slideshow maker like Wondershare Filmii that can make your job a whole lot easier. Since you can find inbuilt business slideshow music and tons of templates in Filmii, you can surely come up with stunning video presentations in no time.