Eight among every ten people have made a purchasing decision after watching a brand video. According to WordStream, more than 45% plus people tend an hour plus YouTube or Facebook videos a week.

In other words, video is a vital aspect to insert into your marketing mix. But don't hurry it — when you craft videos to share on your social media platforms or websites, you have to ensure they signify your brand in the best way possible.

Let's discuss some more interesting things about brand video ideas in the following sections without further ado.

Part 1: What is a brand video and its accomplishment?

In short, brand videos focus on brand creation and distribution of different and unique brand significance to audiences.

Unlike traditional marketing videos, branded content in the form of video is not explicitly promotional and is narrative-centric. It means that these kinds of videos benefit from connecting with customers on an emotional stage through brand storytelling.

When you're creating your brand videos, you should keep in mind that they should be accomplishing the following criteria:


Depicts an impression.

Even if you're going for the funny side or just representing an interview with your CEO, the video should highlight your branding instead of concealing it behind information baggage.


Motivates audience.

Viewers in your target market should either want to learn more or be prepared to jump in and do business and purchasing with you, not solely because of the product's greatness, but after considering your brand strategy, too.


Provides a required level of emotional value.

Having an emotional payoff from watching can help craft that long-lasting impression on customers.


Have a clear call to action for your business.

Even if the video doesn't discuss your business much because you're aimed at causes or your mission, you must ensure to tie your business within the brand video, mentioning how it is relatable, a necessary step that most brands don't look for.

Part 2: Best 10 brand video examples of 2021

Today's media-savvy folks are open to logos, brand messaging, and product placement, but in return, anticipate unique, convincing, and genuine video content. Long-form, short-form, it doesn't matter - but the deal with the customer is branding in return to create a hook for them.

Keeping in mind this concept of branding, we've come up with the following ten best brand video examples worth considering in 2021.

1. Faroe Islands

This fun film acts as a great brand video example to a vast campaign, but the video itself is enjoyable enough to have its stand. It's amusing, warm, and throws light on the real focus of the campaign: the Faroe Islands. Moreover, the humor makes it shareable, growing brand awareness and conclusively bringing traffic.

2. British Airways Safety Video

It is another ideal brand video concept from British Airways while receiving international coverage. The reason? It's hilarious. Simple as that! Audiences come to the brand, and thus it gets editorial coverage in worldwide publishing. It's the proper explanation of branded content done well.

3. Coca Cola

Theoretically, Coke is just a soda, but it's also a cultural element. This Share a Coke campaign has helped set that feeling, letting the act of sharing drink, filled with love. They're capitalizing on the people's nostalgia feeling that they likely to have with childhood family moments and putting themselves into those emotions.

4. Dove

Dove has constantly recognized their brand with the Real Beauty concept campaign, and they carry on finding various methods to depict that message. But, unfortunately, we're all too confused about how we look, and the world doesn't perceive us the same image. Thus, this ad shows that in a dominant yet almost heart-wrenching manner.

5. Bark Box

This brand video example represents the best Bark Box toys ever, showing entertaining dogs videos departing to town on their favorite picks. It's delightful and directly hits home for the target customers. They kept their audience in mind when making, which you need to consider as well.

6. Microsoft

It is, undoubtedly, a feel-good video from Microsoft, and since it's about the company, it's focusing more on impact and how the Microsoft product can change the world than what the product is direct. To sharpen up that feeling there's inspirational music in the background.

7. Athleta

Another little video is highly focused on its women target audience who want to do more, specifically when there's a question of fitness. You can be both strong and soft, like water, the video promises as a young girl transition through the ocean like a spear. It consists of intelligent imagery and excellent voiceover text that reminds you that you can do anything.

8. Code.org

Code.org's brand video starts with a quote about the significance of kids learning to code and then interviews prominent personalities in the tech field and software creators like Twitter, Facebook, and DropBox. It's motivational, and it depicts the value of teaching coding young and then stating what most schools do not teach.

9. Notes, A Life Story

This short video is a superb brand video example of dynamic storytelling. The pacing and the narrative hold the customer's attention despite the easy, single-camera setup and heartstrings tugs. Although the brand's idea is central to each frame, the persons and their story take the limelight here.

10. Great Moments in Listory

In this brand video, Listerine does a grand job of sharing an animated redesigning of the initial journey of their company. They also kept the video length under 1 minute as a way to tack hammer their point about their product's efficacy, which is around 30 seconds to kill almost 99% of oral bacteria—an unprecedented move!

Part 3: Tips and Ideas to make a brand video

Let's now focus on the key takeaways or brand video ideas to create an awful brand video within minutes!

1 – Finish a creative brief

Once you have chosen a topic, complete a creative brief. It must not be lengthy but must cover the essentials like your main video objectives, the target customers, and the key takeaways you'd like to highlight.

2 – Bring the right content

For beginners, you need to ascertain what kind of content production. Since this content is all about brand video, bring the content that leverages your target audience and knowledge and doesn't need a lot of extensive production value.

3 – Write script

Now it's time for scriptwriting, the base of every video. Unlike educational videos, keep this brand script informal and jargon-free and use concise yet straightforward sentences. It is specifically valuable when your presenter tries to memorize lines and say them without feeling like a robot.

4 – Pick your location

Like real estate, the selection of your video shoot location is crucial. If you have space, it's great to have a devoted video room. That way, you can leave your equipment on at all times, making it a breeze to hop in a room and create awesome content.

5 – Show the energy

Keep the energy level high while the shoot is up. Whether it's someone else or the person behind the camera, there should be someone enthusiastic to serving the subject review lines and convey them with a smile. If your subject is nervous or revealing a mid-afternoon slump, it will show on camera.

6 – Show your brand in action

Similar explainer videos, brand videos focus on representing how to use your products. In this manner, you can help customers have a massive picture of how they can use your services in daily life scenarios, possibly other than its primary goal.

Part 4: How to make a beautiful brand video

Filmii is an infant product from Wondershare focused on fresh users looking for video editing equipment that is simple to use but can still create high-quality content. This program uses AI technology that is showcasing significant transformations to the editing world.

AI technology helps you in automatic editing. You can do video editing within few moments with no complex procedures needed. With mere clicks, you will get video content that is unique from the raw version.

Filmii Video Editor

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Steps to create brand video via Wondershare Filmii

Step 1: Launch Wondershare Filmii

Visit https://filmii.wondershare.com/ and download the software on your Windows PC. Sign In with your Wondershare ID credentials then.

Step 2: Select brand video template

For reference, we've selected the ‘It's a Big Deal' template. Hit the Use this Template button after you're done with the selection.

select brand video template

Then, you're required to upload at least three brand video clips. Click the Auto Create option afterward.

It will take a bit of time to finish the editing by own.

Step 3: Edit and Export

If you're not satisfied with auto-creation, click the Advanced Editing option and explore more editing tools worth considering for creative projects.

Hit the Export button after you're happy finishing this brand video project.


Thus, if you keep these brand video ideas in your back pocket, you must have everything required to begin creating internal and external video content. With little practice sessions, you'll be good on your way to crafting unique, helpful brand video ideas for your target audience to discover you on Google specifically.