Starting to build your YouTube channel? Or, are you a veteran video creator looking for interesting ideas to keep your audience engaged? Well, coming up with a steady stream of awesome YouTube video ideas can be anything but simple. Even the most popular video creators struggle to keep their well of great ideas and inspiration filled up, time and again.

Wondering how to spark your creativity? Creating intriguing videos with your best friends by trying out the best BFF video ideas can make all the difference.

No matter whether you are a content creator trying to collaborate or you are just thinking of ways to build your channel’s social presence, shooting videos with your best friend can be the key to having a successful YouTube channel. By bringing your friends to your videos, you attract new subscribers. This way, your views, and likes will be increased, while many will even choose to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s a list of 20 creative video ideas for you and your BFF to try out.

Part 1: 20 Video Ideas For Your Best Friend Forever


Prank Your BFFs

Are you doing a sleepover at your friend’s house? If so, it might be one of the fun BFF video ideas to prepare a prank and have your camera prepared for the recording. All you need to do is just find unique and creative ideas to prank your friends.


How-To Tutorials

How-to videos are one of the most popular kinds of videos out there. Think of any useful skill you or your friends have mastered. Then, you can make an excellent video showing your audience how to do it for themselves.


Start A Comedy Series

Do you have creative friends who love comedy? If so, you can join forces for creating an original comedy series. YouTube users love watching comedy shows, making it a niche with a lot of potentials. There are many channels created by friends who want to start an original series.


Compare Your Preferences

One excellent idea for creating awesome content with your friends is comparing your preferences. This kind of video content is very interesting and easy to watch too since it can also be presented as a Top 10 list.


Reenact Famous Movie Scenes

When you bring your BFF to your YouTube channel, you can easily create videos that need more people like recreating all your favorite movie scenes. This interesting idea will attract every user fond of cinema. Reenacting one of the iconic scenes can have incredibly funny results.


Shoot A Parody Video

Lip-syncing or parody music videos have always been popular on YouTube. So, parody music videos can bring a lot of attention to your YouTube channel. Gather your friends, dress up properly, and choose popular songs that many users are searching for.


Shoot A Surprise Visit

Have a friend you’ve been meaning to meet up with but haven’t yet? If so, now might be the best time to give them a surprise visit. Make sure you catch their reaction on camera once they open their door and see you.


Create A Reaction Video

Reaction videos are everywhere nowadays on YouTube. Together with your BFF, you can easily make fun of the things that you are reacting to, thereby creating a hilarious result that your viewers will love.


Review A Movie

Another kind of video that you can create with your BFFs is to watch and review a movie. Typically, these videos are very entertaining since you discuss them with your friends and you feel comfortable to joke and simply have fun.


Create A DIY Project

You can create a great DIY project that you would generally find difficult to complete on your own. In your video, consider documenting the difficult process and how you wish to achieve your goal.


Do A Sports Challenge

Are you and your friends athletic? If so, you can take a sports challenge to determine which one is the best. You can easily perform football tricks or just shoot 3-points. This kind of content will attract all sports fans seeking new and entertaining content.


Play A Game

No niche is more popular on YouTube than gaming. Getting your BFF for your YouTube videos is always an excellent idea. So, if you wish to make your channel more successful, playing games with your friends can be one of the most amazing BFF video ideas.


Make A Response Video

Ever read any news stories or watched videos lately that left you annoyed, inspired, or just wanting to share your thoughts? Simply make a response video. It is an excellent way to attract viewers who also watched or read the actual piece of content.


Bloopers Reel

Have you been in the YouTube game for a long period? If so, you’ve probably flubbed some takes. Make the most of them by editing these together for some hilarious blooper reels with your BFF your viewers will love.


Review New Products

When it comes to YouTube videos, product reviews are amongst the most popular content types. Millions of viewers seek out these informational videos before making any purchase. Although beauty products and tech devices are popular subjects, reviews can be found for all kinds of products.


Cooking Or Recipe Tutorial

When it comes to YouTube videos, cooking or recipe tutorials are great video ideas. Walk your viewers through preparing a favorite family recipe, or teach a cooking technique, or share your favorite cooking tricks and tips.


Workout Videos

Many people turn to YouTube for working out. While some turn to YouTube for performing certain exercises, others turn for guided exercise programs. Stretching out, circuit, yoga, and form videos are some of the most popular video creation topics.


Showoff A Collection

Do you or your BFF collect comic books, baseball cards, coins, or vinyl records? If you have a good collection of items, you can create a video showing off your great collection to viewers.


Make A Contest

Are you attending a special event? Why not stream it live? Several viewers love getting the chance to tune in to their favorite YouTube channel in real-time.


Do Some Fun Challenges

It goes without denying that challenges are extremely popular on social media. Simply search for the top hashtag challenges trending at the moment and you can decide what to try. For instance, you can try the blindfold makeup challenge with your BFF.

Part 2: How to Make Your BFF Videos Memorable?

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Part 3: Tips to Make Wonderful BFF Videos

  • Consider what you and your BFF are passionate about
  • Decide if you can share the spotlight
  • Know about your target audience
  • Be realistic with your content creation
  • Think about what you want to get out of your videos


Making YouTube videos with friends is an excellent way to do something fun and productive with your BFF, not to mention the connection with a new audience. Time to become the next Brooklyn and Bailey, or Niki and Gabi on YouTube!