Over the past few decades, beauty vlogging has been one of the fastest-growing, and a fascinating online segment in this entrepreneurial world. While makeup tutorials and beauty videos are the most widely viewed, shared, and liked among the viewers, many famous beauty vloggers have succeeded in gaining popularity and have made this a career in their lives. Are you also the one who wishes to get enlisted among the famous ones in the list of beauty vloggers? Here we are today to reveal the top 5 beauty vloggers you can follow, along with the tips that will make you shine, and your dream come true.

Top 5 Beauty Vloggers to Follow

We picked five beauty vloggers who have a popular channel and is trending at present. You can get to know what made them successful below!


Jeffree Star

Yes, you heard it right. The first on the list comes to Jeffree Star, commonly known by the name Jeffree star on YouTube. With an accomplishment over various fields as an entrepreneur, makeup artist, songwriter/singer, and an OG beauty influencer on the internet, Jeffree Star has a collection of over 1.5 billion video views and with 18 million+ subscribers on YouTube alone that makes him widely enlisted on beauty vlogger sites.

MySpace was the first platform that paved a way to showcase his singing talent in 2006 that made his album, “Beauty Killer” successful in 2009 as well as leading roots to his passion. Alongside, he was an active user of YouTube from 2006 where he started posting beauty tips, and more tutorials that remained as a stepping stone to launch his cosmetic company named, “Jeffree Star cosmetics” in 2014.


James Charles

Have you ever heard of success in this vlogging segment at a young age of 20? It is none other than James Charles Dickinson, popularly recognized as an American internet personality. While it is surprising to have such recognition in a short period on the earth, you wouldn’t believe he is a beauty YouTuber and a makeup artist who the first male ambassador or spokesmodel for CoverGirl was in the year 2016. With modeling by the side, he is a model who collaborates and works for various cosmetics brands like Morphe.

With a YouTube channel based on make-up launched in 2015, he has gathered a fan club of 20m+ subscribers and listed top among the beauty guru. Some of the success stories of James Charles include the make-up of Iggy Azalea for a music video shoot, “Sally Walker” in 2019, and his YouTube series “Instant Influencer” that premiers from April 24, 2020.



Nikkie da Jager, the makeup and beauty vlogger, is the next young star famous for her hit video, “The power of makeup” in 2015. At her young age of 14, she has pursued a career as a beauty blogger. After getting inspiration from many makeup tutorials on YouTube, Nikkie started her channel known as “NikkieTutorials” since 2008 and is successfully running till now. After years of struggle, and hard work, she has gained over 12m+ subscribers, and is now of net worth $1.7 million.

Nikkie posts tutorials, transformation videos, tips, and tricks for her audience. Nikkie is a famous face, a beauty YouTuber who has done makeup videos featuring Drew Barrymore in her channel and has collaborated in brands like Maybelline, and Ofra.


Huda Beauty

Huda beauty, the cosmetic line started by Huda Kattan in 2013, is a makeup artist, entrepreneur, and beauty blogger. Huda is also an Instagram guru as she as more than 33 million followers followed with 4 million subscribers on YouTube. Her beauty channel covers beauty hacks, makeup tutorials, DIY videos that are accompanied by her family members, and more frequently along with her adorable daughter.

Speaking about Huda’s achievements, Huda Kattan was enlisted the top one among the “25 most influential people on the internet in 2017” by Time magazine.



As our last beauty vlogger in today’s list, we have SaraBeautyCorner, a YouTube channel that is owned by Sara Lawler. Known for her DIY makeup tutorials, fashion, and nail art, she left her career behind to follow her passion and used YouTube as a platform to showcase her talents and creativity from 2012.

Starting from her first effort in 2012 her first video went on viral hit grabbing 2 million viewers by her side. Known for her cute & colorful nail art tutorials, she has 11m+ subscribers and has made more than 1.8 billion videos. Sara has good bonding with her audience, where she shares her travel diaries and adventures with her fans.

3. Want to Become a Beauty Vlogger?

Aspired to become a beauty vlogger unlike them on the top list? Wish to mark your footsteps in the YouTube as a beauty vlogger? Here are some suggestions that could facilitate in making your wish come true.

Count 1: Beauty vloggers create prolific contents

The first and foremost point to note to be a unique and successful beauty vlogger is to generate creative content that could grab the viewers' attention. Generate new videos at least a week that is fresh, innovative, and different from the other genres. Choose a niche; think out of the box, and start creating your video with a different aspect. "Try to be yourself, but a little amplified,"- states Richard Simmons. Never forget to use your editing skills to make your content engaging.

Count 2: Beauty vloggers have an optimized social media profile

Ever watched a beauty vlogger video of stars like Sarah Stevens? If you have, you would have noticed their social media profile links for sure on their YouTube or channel pages. The concept is simple. They take advantage of their social media profiles to showcase their talents and expand their audience boundary. Create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you haven't created it still!

Count 3: Follow eye-catching Niche themes

Beauty vloggers follow a unique content theme in every video. While there are vibrant themes such as reviews, empties, haul, collabs, and how-to-do, you can choose alternative content every week and work on them. For example, in the haul category, one can go on a shopping trip and highlight products that would be a recommendation.

Count 4: Collaboration can boost the visibility

We live in a competitive time, and that doesn't exclude beauty vloggers too. Several vloggers might have specialization in the same niche where they come up with collaboration to reach a broad audience. The video that is a collab of Louise and Karen vlogger is the best example of this style of video making.

collaborate with beauty vloggers

Count 5: Share your editorial schedule

Schedules are the best-to-go ones that can reveal when your favorite show gets telecasted on the TV or a channel. Many beauty vloggers like Goss Makeup Artist use this technique to display their schedule on their YouTube banner.

Count 6: Understand your audience, and engage with them as much as possible

Audience and subscribers are the greatest treasure to beauty vloggers, where one has to have a real relationship with them as much as possible. Get to go online, answer many questions from the viewers, respond to the customer queries, and interact with them as relationship marketing is followed as a secret by many experts.

4. How do Beauty Vloggers Monetize Their Channels?

Ever wondered that your beauty channel could earn you money as well? Yes, various beauty vloggers monetize their channels and gain the audience alongside. Here are some tips for grooming you.

Tip 1: Go on with Advertisements

Advertisement is the best way to announce a new product to the community or market, and most of the vloggers use Google AdSense as their source of revenue. AdSense showcases your beauty channel, product, or tips as ads in between a video leading to increase sales.

monetize beauty youtube channel

Source: www.realsubscribers.com

Tip 2: Affiliate links in your videos

Become an affiliate to any online store or shopping zone like Amazon by adding their link in your video with which you can make money. If you are using a branded product from the online shopping site, including the link to purchase it, the users can view and buy them.

Tip 3: Sell your Beauty products

Are you a make-up expert or a business person related to the beauty product industry? Create your brand by building a channel that could be e-commerce based to showcase your products. Preferably just marketing, come up with a video that proposes a problem to which your product could be a remedy.

sell beauty products


Are you someone who is a make-up expert or a beautician and wishes to reveal your talent to the audience? How about becoming one of the beauty vloggers, like Jeffree star or Sara from the list? So, what are you thinking about even now? Make use of the suggestions and tips to enter into the exceptional world of beauty vloggers!