Have you ever experienced a tingling feeling coming from your head and going through your body when you hear a typical sound?

Well, you not the only one who has experienced this euphoric feeling after being exposed to a trigger. The concept is known as ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) and is one of the latest trends these days. To de-stress yourself and experience it, you can simply check an ASMR video. To help you explore the concept of ASMR relaxation, I have handpicked 10 different videos in this post. Without much ado, let’s explore the ASMR meaning and some of the best ASMR videos out there.

What is ASMR All About?

Before we list the best ASMR sleep-inducing and relaxing videos, let’s cover some basics. The scientific ASMR meaning is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is an auto-sensory response that we get from our neural system after encountering a trigger.

In common terms, when we listen to a particular sound or are in a typical inducing environment, we feel relaxed. For instance, if you watch an ASMR video, you might feel a tingling sensation originating from your brain, reaching to your spine and other parts of the body. This will make you feel relaxed and stress-free while inducing sleep, which is known as ASMR relaxation.

What is ASMR

Since this is a new-age concept, scientists are still doing their bit of research to further explore the ASMR meaning. Also, the way we respond to any specific sound or environment (trigger) would largely vary from one individual to another. As the ASMR relaxation technique is an instant stress-buster and sleep-inducer, it has gained a lot of traction recently.

The Top 10 ASMR Videos to Make Your Day

From tapping to whispering, there can be all kinds of sounds that can induce ASMR relaxation. Here are some of the best ASMR videos that would help you relax as well.


10-hour Long Tapping and Other Sounds

It has been observed that a lot of people respond to tapping, massaging, and other related sounds. If you are also looking for an ASMR sleep-inducing track, then you can give this 10-hour long video a try. Uploaded on the Massage ASMR channel, it doesn’t include any talking and solely has tapping sounds of different kinds to put you to a relaxing slumber.


Soap Carving ASMR Video

Apart from an auditory trigger like tapping, a lot of people find watching soap carving extremely relaxing. You can also watch this video by ASMR Surge that already has over 20 million views. Besides that, you can also listen to them carving soaps as they would make artistic designs from soap bars. Either way, it would be a soothing ASMR relaxation experience.


21 Words to Trigger ASMR

Uploaded by Gibi ASMR, this has to be one of the best ASMR sleep-inducing videos. She has carefully collected 21 words for ASMR relaxation and has whispered them continuously over time. Listening to this ASMR video would certainly put you to sleep and make you feel relaxed.


ASMR Visual Trigger Compilation

Not just sounds, sometimes certain visuals can also trigger the same tingling sensation in our body. For instance, you can watch this compilation of various ASMR visual triggers in this video that is uploaded on the Caroline ASMR channel. From slime to ice cream and bubbles to powder, she has included all kinds of visuals with a soothing breathing sound in this ASMR video.


ASMR Whispering and Brushing

Gentle Whispering ASMR is one of the biggest YouTube channels in this domain and their relaxing video of whispering sounds should not be missed. You can just close your eyes and hear all kinds of comforting sounds and brushing effects in the video. They have followed an ear-to-ear whispering technique to create this ASMR sleep video.


ASMR Eating Sounds

You might not know, but a lot of people find the sound of cooking and eating extremely relaxing too. If you also have the same thing in mind, then you can watch this ASMR video that features different cooking and eating sounds. Posted by Zach Choi ASMR, the video has more than 8 million views. There is no talking – just the sounds of him making fire noodles and eating them with chicken nuggets.


Zen Garden Sleeping Aid

This is another visually triggering ASMR video that you would love to watch. The host has used a Zen Garden setup to create different patterns in it. You can watch it or simply listen to the sounds of the movement in the Zen Garden to attain ASMR relaxation in no time. The best part is that there is no talking or any other setup sound in the video.


Relaxing Haircut (Sleep Inducing)

Let’s face it – we all feel relaxed while getting a haircut or a head massage. Now, you can relive that same sense of calmness with this ASMR video. The video already has over 3 million views and doesn’t feature any introduction or talking noises. You can see the host getting his hair done followed by a head massage. Though, it is the sound of the haircut that would make you relax.


Eye Charcoal Drawing

Relaxing in every possible way, this has to be one of the beautifully shot ASMR videos out there. It features a realistic charcoal drawing of a human eye. Apart from being drawn so beautifully, the ASMR video has recorded all the strokes and movements in the process. You can also just listen to it and experience the true essence of ASMR relaxation.


ASMR Writing Sounds

Lastly, you can also listen to different writing sounds in this ASMR video that already has more than 7 million views. It features fancy letters, calligraphy, and the drawing of various objects by an ink pen. The sound of the nib rubbing the paper while writing is pretty relaxing, making it an ideal ASMR sleep-inducing video.

Expert Tips to Create Your ASMR Videos Like a Pro

After having a look at these amazing ASMR videos, you must be willing to create your content as well. If you also wish to make professional ASMR videos, then I would recommend the following tips.

Work on the recording setup

This is the most important thing that you need to have before you record any ASMR video. Make sure that you have a proper setup, including the needed light and sound equipment so that you can capture every important essence of the process. In this way, you can have clear and high-quality audio, which is the most important thing in any ASMR video.

Record at night

If you have a lot of disturbance in the background (like dogs barking or the sound of the traffic), then it would be tough for you to record the ASMR video. Instead, try to record in the night when there are fewer distractions.

Be calm and quiet

Before you record your video, make sure that you are in a calm state. It will certainly reflect on the camera. If you are stressed, then you won’t be able to provide an ASMR relaxation experience to your viewers as well.

Identify your audience and niche

As you can see, there can be all kinds of triggers and sounds related to ASMR. While some people create eating ASMR videos, others simply whisper their words. To start with, you need to know what kind of content your audience likes and you can focus on it instead.

Discover new sounds

Once you have developed a niche, you can gradually expand and identify new ASMR-related sounds. For instance, if you know your audience like whispering sounds, then you can look for new words that you can include in your next video. Besides that, there are all kinds of other sounds that you can further explore.

Minimum talking

This is one thing that you must have noticed in all these ASMR videos that we have shared. Unless you are making a whispering video, you should try to prohibit talking. Trim away all the unwanted content from your videos and make sure you have focused on the sound and not your voice (which can be a distraction).

Use a Reliable Editing Tool

Even though they might look so simple, ASMR videos are not the easiest to make. Therefore, you can use a reliable editing tool like Filmora9 to make your job easier. Using it, you can trim away any unwanted part or minimize the background noises in your video. You can highlight the soothing sound instead and use its readily available tools to give your videos a professional appeal.


I’m sure that after reading this post, you would be able to know more about the ASMR meaning and how it works. I have also listed 10 different types of ASMR videos here that would certainly make you feel calm and relaxed. Also, if you wish to create some ASMR videos of your own, then you can follow the listed suggestions and keep an editing tool like Wondershare Filmii handy.