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Zoom in on Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Footage
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step 2
Apply the Zoom Effect
step 3
Save Your Video Clip
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Why Need a Video Zoomer?

A video zoomer is a tool typically integrated into an advanced editing program and allows you to zoom in to a particular section of the screen during the playback. Such a section may contain an object that you want to draw the focus of the viewers to, or sometimes even want to exaggerate the element so as to highlight its importance in the scene. For instance, in a video where you want to show a shortcut key to perform a particular task using the keyboard, zooming in the video to focus on the keyboard enables the viewers to clearly see what keys you are pressing. With that said, although almost all post-production software programs have the zooming feature, the one that helps you access the option most conveniently is Wondershare Filmii. Wondershare Filmii is a lightweight video editing software that can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 or later and lets you edit the footage to give them a professional and industry-standard touch. Such videos can be published on various social media platforms for brand promotions, and sometimes even for fun.

How to Zoom In On Videos Effortlessly with Filmii?

1. Import Your Video Footage

After launching Wondershare Filmii on your Windows computer (a Windows 10 PC is used here for reference), click Start from Scratch, click Import File, and import a video footage that you want to zoom in from your local computer to the program. Next, hover mouse over the imported clip in the Media window, and click the + button that comes up at the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail to add the video to the Timeline at the bottom.

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2. Apply the Zoom Effect

Select the media track in the Timeline, position the Playhead (Skimmer) to the frame you want to start the zoom effect from, and click the Split button from the toolbar above the Timeline itself. Likewise, position the Skimmer to the frame you want to end the zoom effect at, and split the clip again. Now, select the segment you isolated, and click the Crop and Zoom button from the right toolbar above the Timeline. On the Crop / Pan & Zoom window, go to the Pan & Zoom tab, and drag the side handles and reposition the frame to the area of interest as needed. Optionally you can also choose your preferred aspect ratio from the Screen Size drop-down list. Selecting Custom enables you to enter custom values as required. Once you are done, click OK to save the changes and to get back to the main window.

Note: If you ever mess up the settings, you can always click the Reset button on the Crop / Pan & Zoom window, and start all over again from the scratch.

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3. Save Your Video Clip

On the main window, click the Play button from the Preview window to review the expected output. Once everything looks acceptable, click Export from the top, and follow the on-screen instructions to export the video to your preferred format.

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What People Say

customer review
I was a regular user of one of the famous video editing software, until one day I stumbled upon Filmii. Because my videos require focus on small icons on the screen, the ‘Crop and Zoom’ feature in Wondershare Filmii helps me zoom in to the area of interest quite conveniently.
customer review
I work as a social media marketing manager for one of the reputed brands. Wondershare Filmii allows me to edit and come up with the most compatible video format for all my online brand promotion campaigns. Strongly preferred!
customer review
I got a chance to use Filmii in a rush to my video editing for the contest at the last minute. Although I was familiar with the other tools of Filmora, I was confused about how can Filmii made my task easy in just seconds. With no complicated interface, it helped me tailor my creation with the easy-to-use split/merge feature.

Tips for Zooming In on Videos like an Expert

A couple of zooming tips right from the experts of the industry are listed below to help you get the best output:
Make sure not to zoom in to the area of interest too much as it may throw other surrounding objects out of the frame. If that happens, it would be hard for the users to find the context and relevance.
Always keep the zoom in and zoom out delays within 1 sec. While zooming too fast may make the users miss the context, the slow zooms could look boring to the viewers, and they may lose interest in the video altogether.
If multiple areas of a screen need zooming, considering using the Pan feature that moves the focus from one section to another without zooming out. This approach makes the video look more professional, and doesn’t give strain to the viewers’ eyes either.
Avoid adding too many zoom effects to your videos. With several zooming points, the viewers might end up having heavy head by the time the clip ends.

More Than Just a Video Zoomer

Zooming is something that every video creator uses quite often. With a robust tool like Wondershare Filmii that has a plethora of customization options in the Zoom and Pan feature, the overall implementation becomes quite simple.