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Trim Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Drag & Drop Your Video Clips
step 2
Split & Trim the Unwanted footage
step 3
Export Your Trimmed Video

Why Trim Video?

"Trimming a Video" means removing the unwanted segments from a media clip to make it more compelling, engaging, and, most importantly, informative. To elaborate, when you record a footage, there are several other elements and actions that also get captured in the camera. Such entities have the potential to distract the viewers’ focus from the main point, and prevent them from concentrating on what the video was prepared for in the first place. For instance, a footage of a person riding a bicycle might also contain a section where the rider tried to sit on the bike but failed in their first attempt. Likewise, the last scene of the recording may show how the rider is getting off from the seat. These two actions might sound interesting but wouldn’t look good in a professionally carved media clip, and therefore must be trimmed off.

How to Trim Videos Fast with Filmii Video Trimmer

1. Import Your Video Clips

Initialize Filmii on your PC (a Windows 10 computer here), click Start from Scratch, click Import File, and locate and import the source video from your local hard drive to the application. Once the clip is added to the Media window, hover mouse over to it, and click the + button that appears at the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail to add the media to the Timeline.

import video clips 1 import video clips 2 import video clips 3

2. Split and Trim the Unwanted Footage

Select the video clip in the Timeline, position the Skimmer (Playhead) to the frame you want to start the video from, and click Split from the toolbar above the Timeline (or press the Ctrl + B keys together on the keyboard). After this, select the unwanted segment, and click Delete from the toolbar (or press Del on the keyboard) to remove the section. Repeat this process to eliminate the other unnecessary portions of the video as well.

split and trim unwanted footage 1 split and trim unwanted footage 2

3. Export Your Trimmed Video

Click the Play button in the Preview window to see if the edited footage meets your expectations. Once everything looks fine, click Export from the top of the interface, and follow the on-screen instructions to export the trimmed video to your preferred format and for your favorite social media platform.

export trimmed video

What People Say

I never knew there could be any software equipped with all the features one could possibly think of. Filmii made my daily editing tasks very simple and quick. Most recommended.
Just AWESOME! The interface and menus are very, very intuitive and easy-to-access. Being a professional video editor, I prefer using Filmii whenever I need to do some quick editing work for my impatient clients.
I never liked those complicated programs where even basic trimming requires a lot of unnecessary steps to be performed. With Wondershare Filmii, trimming the videos and making them more effective is pretty simple and almost instantaneous. Thank you, Wondershare!

Tips for Cutting Videos in a Compelling Way

A couple of video trimming tips that came from some of the experienced professionals from the post-production industry are listed below:
While trimming, precision is important. Therefore, it is advisable to always scale up the timeline to make sure that you can pick each frame of the media file individually
Use shortcut keys as much as you possibly can. While using a mouse might seem easy, your editing tasks get quite delayed as moving your hands from the keyboard to the mouse too often would consume a significant amount of time
Do not hesitate to use Ctrl + Z to undo the changes several times while editing. This ensures that the frame of the media clip you are working on has been trimmed with precision.
Make sure to preview the trimmed video after you are done editing, and remove any inconsistencies that you may have skipped erroneously before rendering the final output.

Not Just a Video Trimmer

When you’re done trimming, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.