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Rotate Videos As You Like in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Clips
step 2
Select the angle of rotation
step 3
Export Your Rotated Video
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When Need to Rotate Videos?

Sometimes you shoot a video or record it upside down and find it impossible to play it anywhere. Alongside, when you view the footage on your computer shot vertical on your smartphone or iPad, the Video doesn't play correctly. If so, don't get upset because it isn't the end of the world as you are not the one who has come up to this situation. Here you need to realize the importance of fitting the twisted clips to a unique standpoint. To fix them, rotating the Video is the best choice. Yes, if your Video is upside down or 90 degrees off, then a suitable third-party application can make it right. So, let us walk through the Filmii software and get to know how to save the changes permanently to fix the issue.

How to Rotate Videos with Filmii Video Rotator?

1. Import Your Video Clips

Tap the "Import File" option from the middle to take the files within the workspace. Do a drag-and-drop, or you can make use of the "File> Import> Impost file for folder" option too.

Then, Right-click the video to add it to the timeline.

import video clips

2. Select the Angle of Rotation

Once added, double-click on the Video on the timeline to take you to the editing window comprising of Video, audio, and effects.

Under Video, you can find the "Rotation" option to use rotate clockwise or rotate clockwise options. Choose an option and preview the Video.

Rotate the video clip

Another option is to select the rotation angle where you can right-click on the Video on the timeline to rotate the Video to 90-degree CW or CCW.

Select the angle of rotation

3. Export Your Rotated Video

Once you have rotated the Video, tap the "Export" button to save or share the Video as per your requirements.

Export your rotated video

What People Say

customer review
I am a newbie to the videographer field and was worried when I first recorded my Video. The Video was upside down accidentally and could ruin my entire effort. But, thanks to Filmii, that washed my fear away by fixing the Video correctly!
customer review
I got a chance to walk along with Filmii on a journey for two weeks along with my team, and it was a cakewalk, although I am a newbie to this software. I did not know from where to start and end. But all credits to the Filmii team, I had no issues. Applause!
customer review
Are you in love with Filmii? Well, me too! Impressed by its style, I started using Filmii for all my video editing tasks, where the free version freezes me up with Goosebumps. Recently, it updated to the top-notch pro version.

Tips for Flipping Videos Smartly

Here are several useful tips for you to flip videos according to your needs:
Pay attention to the record/save settings: If your Video doesn't play correctly on any video player or computer, maybe the clips are recorded in the wrong direction. Hence, before starting the process, reviewing the settings like horizontal/vertical is essential. Make sure you specify the orientation like landscape or portrait to get it saved acceptably.
Use a versatile video editor tool: You may need to rotate/flip your Video, for instance. Thus, a reliable video editor tool is always advisable to correct the wrong tag and turn all frames or clips with no delay or faults.
Seal the space: You can enhance your vertically recorded Video's accuracy during the rotation movement and play it horizontally by filling the space. Just place a duplicate layer and trying to scale the background.

Not Just Rotating Videos

After rotating videos as you want, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.