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Reverse Videos Easily in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Drag n Drop Your Video Clips
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step 2
Tick the “Reverse” Option
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Export Your Reversed Video
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Playing a Video Backwards is Not Just for Fun

To reverse a video, all you need to do is simply film it as it happens. For instance, you record someone walking, talking, and having a drink. After that, you can select a certain movie fragment and then press start to reverse that part of the video. This can get you funny moments captured such as someone spitting out a drink, paper fragments coming together instead of being torn apart, and so forth. Besides offering fun effects, this is a creative feature in a video editor that comes in handy for many professionals. In essence, it is similar to applying a reverse filter to your video. Since it is captured frame by frame, it can help rearrange certain frames in a movie or video.

How to Reverse a Video in No Time with Filmii?

1. Drag n Drop Your Video Clips

Whichever video you wish to edit, simply have it available on your local computer drive or a cloud. Access the cloud account or your computer drive to find the video clip you wish to edit. You can use the drag and drop feature to add the video clip on the editing platform of Filmii.

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2. Tick the “Reverse” Option

Choose the reverse option if that is the effect you wish to add. Accordingly, the video would play in reverse order, allowing you to see how the video would stream in reverse order.

Once the reverse effect is to your satisfaction, you can proceed to add on any more creative effects. These could be titles, animation effects, and others that you wish to explore from the directory of the software.

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3. Export Your Reversed Video

Exporting the video is as easy as it is to add a video clip to the software. You can choose from a variety of formats in which you can export the video clip. It is also possible to share the video clip directly to different social media platforms.

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What People Say

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Filmii is fantastic! From the ease of use to the beautiful video templates, I have been thoroughly impressed.
customer review
…. I like the UI of Filmii sooooo much that I gave up other boring video software.
customer review
Wondershare Technology has launched a video editing software that is handy for beginners like me. I can use the handy tools and features included in Filmii and edit videos within a few minutes. Awesome!

Tips for Playing Video Backwards in a Creative Way

Here are some handy tips on how to play videos backward using a video editor software:
After you drag and drop a video clip on the editing platform, choose to edit the Speed and Duration feature.
Tick Reverse Speed which will play the video in reverse order. Users can also change the backward speed of the video by using the "Speed Slider".
Play the video in the "Preview" window and check the result of the reverse feature. Once you are happy with the result simply click on Export and you can output the reversed clip to other platforms. It is also possible to put up the reversed video in various formats. It is also possible to upload the video directly to platforms like YouTube.

Not Just a Video Reverser

After you playing a funny video backwards, don't forget to check Filmii's blog and grab more handful video editing tricks and creative video ideas