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Resize Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Footage
step 2
Custom Video Resizing
step 3
Export Your Resized Video
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Resize Videos Easily to Fit All Social Platforms

Is your video ready enough to stream on different social media platforms? Is it a no and only got a little time to solve it? Then, you must resize the video to a pre-defined length. Yes, it is a fact that the allowed video size varies when it comes to different platforms like the Instagram story, Facebook cover, in-stream ad, Discovery, and so on. The basic phenomenon behind such resizing is the alteration of the aspect ratio that allows you to share your video via email and other platforms as per your desire. There are different ways to perform video resizing like crop, reduction in file size, and change in aspect ratio.

How to Resize Videos According to Your Needs

1. Import Your Video Footage

On the primary interface, start importing the video footage by clicking the "Import Files" option.

import video clips

2. Custom Video Resizing

Once the video loads on the screen, add it to the timeline. Right-click the video on the timeline and tap the option "Crop and Zoom."

crop and zoom option

Now, drag the edges and corners of the box that you find within the crop section's preview box. Following this, you can specify the ratio from the drop-down and the resolution as well.

Once done, tap the "OK" button to proceed.

custom video resize in Filmii

3. Export Your Resized Video

You are just a step ahead of getting your resized video whereby by clicking the "Export" icon, you can save or share your resized video.

export the resized video

What People Say

customer review
I am a vlogger and own a YouTube channel with 1K followers. Alongside I am connected with Facebook and Instagram as well. At times, I get frustrated when it comes to video editing and resizing them to stream on any platform. I came across Filmii, and yes, it helped me out. Maybe you should give a try too!
customer review
I got a chance to walk along with Filmii on a journey for two weeks along with my team, and it was a cakewalk, although I am a newbie to this software. I did not know from where to start and end. But all credits to the Filmii team, I had no issues. Applause!
customer review
Hats off to the Filmii team that has made my first project a huge hit score. Yes, Filmii helped me to follow my passion in a relaxed way. It's damn good with a new style that you'll love!

Tips for Resizing Videos Smartly

Here are several useful tips for you to resize videos like a pro:
Deal with dimension and orientation: In resizing the video, size and direction are the primary factors to consider. You should follow the recommended dimension framed for the landscape and portrait orientations. Resize your videos to 1080* 1350 for Instagram and 1200* 720 for Facebook.
Pay attention to video aspect ratios and video formats: During the process of crafting your video, choosing the right aspect ratio can avoid confusion. Yes, For example, the video aspect ratio of 4:5 is for minimum, and 9: 16 is for the maximum in the case of an Instagram story or IGTV posts. If it is about Facebook, to our surprise, it is 9: 16 as well, and when the link is included, it is 16:9. Similarly, export your video to the MP4 format that is widely supported.
Pick a fine video editor: As different aspect ratio is to be followed for smooth video upload to fit the screen like 9: 16 for an Instagram post, and IGTV Story, having an all-in-one video editor tool can greatly assist. Such ratio adjustments before the software can ensure perfect streaming without any further cropping or resizing activity required later.
Shooting horizontal or vertical: It could be shooting your videos vertically or horizontally. You need to ensure that you match the aspect ratio required for the social media streaming. When it is flat, you must aim to make room around the shot video to perform crop or other editing processes like rotating to avoid removing the required portions of your video.

More Than Just a Video Resizer

After you resized videos, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.