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Remove Audio from Video

Remove Audio from Your Video in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Clips
step 2
Mute Audio
step 3
Export Your Muted Video
Remove sound from Video

Why Need an Audio Remover?

When it comes to narrative videos, you don't need background audio and delete the unnecessary sound to make the best impression. Similarly, in the voiceover video or recorded ones, loud background noise can spoil the whole effect. Thus, rendering them or sorting them is mandatory without affecting the other features or the video quality. Unexpected noises, wind whistling, or a microphone irregularity can collapse your effort leaving you with the only option of removing the audio. Here the importance of a perfect audio remover rises. You need to detach audio or mute the audio track to make your video perfect to share or stream on any social media platform. Several audio editing tools in the market can act as an audio remover without affecting the video quality. It could be the video for your YouTube channel or vlogging; a handy audio remover can be of great assistance.

How to Remove Sound from a Video Fast

1. Import Your Video Clips

Open the Filmii app, and with the Wondershare ID, login to your account. Drag-and-drop the files to the timeline or tap the "Import File" button to browse the video.

import video clips

2. Mute Audio

Bring the video to the timeline, and right-click on it. From the available option, choose the "Mute" option that will mute the video's audio.

Play the video to preview the muted output.

mute the video in Filmii

3. Export Your Muted Video

You are now all set to save the muted video, so tap the "Export" option to proceed.

On the pop-up window, Filmii offers various choices to save the file locally or to share them. Once decided, tap the "Export" button.

export the muted video

What People Say

customer review
I am a great fan of the Wondershare group known for its excellent software introductions, especially Filmora. Recently I came across Filmii, the brand-new video editor tool from Wondershare, and it caught my eyes on the first look. The interface is colorful, and the feature set is outstanding, especially the filters and template is my favorite!
customer review
To be honest, I was confused about how Filmii can help me as a starter in video making at first. Later on, I must say it did a great job cuz I create the very first video in my lifetime with only 2 minutes.
customer review
If you are about to start your first project or first video for your channel, Filmii is the top-notch recommendation. It helped me up in just seconds in editing my video, and it will be a helpful campaign to you as well!

More Handful Audio Editing Tips

Here are several useful tips for you to edit audio efficiently:
Use Good audio/video editing tool: An all-in-one video editor tool can ease your editing task. However, choosing them from the pile could be challenging. Choose the right tool that goes feasible in terms of interface, features, free trial, customer support, easy installation, and ease-of-use.
Pay attention to settings: It could be a wave editor or DAW; you need to pay attention to the Settings, especially the snap settings that you need to handle the right way during on/off, or else it can result in de-syncing your audio or soundtrack. Zoom-in is an acceptable option as well to fine-tune audio or get rid of glitches.
Try out batch fades: Another fundamental step in the field of audio editing is the fade application. There are times where certain parts of the video clip may seem to have space, but actually, noise can be present in those segments. Thus, you need to trim them to avoid pops. In such cases applying short fades is recommended where for time efficiency, batch fades are good-to-go!
Keep copies before rendering them: If you attempt any destructive changes to your original audio, always keep duplicate copies in your takes folder. When something goes wrong in the mid, you can bounce on the other.

More Than Just Removing Audio Track from Videos

When you removed unwanted audio tracks from your video clips, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.