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Combine Videos in 3 Easy Steps

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Import Your Video Footage
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Merge Video Clips and add a transition
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Why Need a Video Joiner?

Want to make the moment unique for your friends or parents? Craft, a video, like a birthday recap with photos shot years back and play them on the party. Are you planning to make a video regarding your college's graduation ceremony recently and share it on Facebook or Instagram? Creating a video is an excellent option. Nowadays, such video mashups or video mixes that combine one or two videos into one for fun are in demand. But, how to do it flawlessly with no error and no delay in timestamp? All you need is a video joiner that can perform such a combining process at ease. Here is Filmii that can accomplish the task in seconds along with transitions.

How to Merge Videos Effortlessly with Filmii?

1. Import Your Video Footage

To combine videos effortlessly with Filmii, you need to download the software and install it on your desktop. With the Wondershare ID, open the application, and start the new project.

From the primary interface, click the "Import File" option to take your videos onto Filmii. A simple drag-and-drop will accomplish the task too.

import video clips

2. Merge Video Clips and Add a Transition

Add the videos to the timeline that you want to merge. Once merged, you can preview them on the preview screen.

Merge the Video clips

Filmii allows you to add beautiful transitions to the video when you have merged the clips for further enhancement.

To do so, click on the inverted arrows in the right corner. Filmii offers a comprehensive transition set like introductory, slide, stylized, and so on. You can place the cursor on the video segment on the timeline, right-click on the desired, and tap the "Apply" option.

Add a transition

3. Export Your Merged Video

You can preview the merged video and the transition and tap the "Export" button to proceed. From the preceding window, save the merged video.

Export the merged video

What People Say

customer review
Overall, Filmii works well. It is super-fast and comfortable with all advanced editing features for the video, where beautiful design, style, and transitions are my favorite. Thanks to the Wondershare team for such an excellent introduction!
customer review
After a week’s trial with the Filmii free version, I upgraded to the pro version recently. With instance style in action, built-in templates, texts, overlays, and effects, I am a great fan of Filmii!
customer review
I got a chance to use Filmii in a rush to my video editing for the contest at the last minute. Although I was familiar with the other tools of Filmora, I was confused about how can Filmii made my task easy in just seconds. With no complicated interface, it helped me tailor my creation with the easy-to-use split/merge feature.

Tips for Merging Videos like a Pro

Here are several useful tips for you to combine videos seamlessly like an expert:
Get assistance from a video merger tool: You may need to join videos with different video segments or merge them with the other videos. To avoid any difference in quality and distortion, you will need a video merger or joiner tool to make your task easy. Thus, keep handy Video editor tools that can perform advanced features like Filmii.
Make use of rough & fine edit: Before performing any trim or merge functions, following the coarse & fine edit methodology is a great option to help you perfect the scenes to get precise cuts or joining. Doing so will help you keep the timeline tidy, and efficient too.
Know the importance of transitions: Transitions help in bringing your merge and cuts together effectively in a smoother way. If you aren't interested in animated or flashy changes, follow simple and straightforward options like fade or dissolves. But, implementing them logically in a consistent manner is recommended.
Perform color or video clip background correction: Before merging videos like a pro, you can fix specific issues like shaky footage, color grading, brightness improvement, black levels. The use of the right video editor tool can do it.

More Than Just a Video Joiner

When you’re done joining your videos together, don't forget to take a look at Filmii's blog. You’ll find a surprise!