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Speed up or Slow Down Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Footage
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step 2
Adjust the Speed of Your Video Clip
step 3
Export Your Video Clip
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When Need to Change the Speed of Videos?

A short answer is, “it depends on the video type, its theme, and your preference as an editor or vlogger.” For instance, if you are a foodie and are creating a video where you are visiting different restaurants in a market to see the variety, the speed of the footage of you moving from one shop to another can be increased so as not to distract the viewers from the main theme. Likewise, if you are showing how a chef is preparing a particular meal with precision, you may first want to show how quick they are in their task, and then slow down the playback speed to let the audience see more clearly how the chef is doing the job. Simply put, when you are in the post-production industry, it is imperative to have a tool that can easily increase or decrease the video playback speed without having you get into many technicalities whatsoever. This is where Wondershare Filmii comes into the picture.

How to Speed Up / Slow Down Videos According to Your Needs?

1. Import Your Video Footage

Launch Wondershare Filmii, make sure that you are signed in to your account, ensure that the Create option is selected in the left pane, and click Start from Scratch from the right. When the new window opens up, click Import File from the upper-left window, and select and import the source video footage from your PC to the program. Now, hover the mouse over the imported clip, and click the + (Add) button that appears at the bottom-right corner of the thumbnail to add the video to the Timeline.

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2. Adjust the Speed of Your Video Clip

Position the Skimmer (Playhead) on the frame in the Timeline you want to start the modified speed from and click the Split button from above the Timeline. Likewise, position the Playhead on the frame you want to modify the speed to, and click the Split button again. Now, select the segment of the video you isolated, and click the Change Speed and Duration button from the right toolbar above the Timeline. On the Custom Speed box, enter your preferred speed value in the Speed input field (e.g., to double the speed, enter 2, or to slow down, type 0.5 or something similar). Optionally, you can also drag the Speed slider to the right or left to increase or decrease the playback speed of the video respectively. Click OK when you are done.

Note: You can even turn on the Play video in the reverse switch to reverse the playback.

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3. Export Your Video Clip

Click the Play button in the Preview window (present at the upper-right section) to see if the speed has been adjusted as expected. Once everything looks fine, click Export from the top of the interface, and follow the on-screen instructions from there to export the modified video in your preferred format, or for your favorite social media or streaming platform.

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What People Say

customer review
I have used many editing programs but the swift movements and the smoothness Wondershare Filmii offers is ultimate. It launches quickly, renders fast, and doesn’t give much overhead to the process or GPU either. Highly recommended.
customer review
Editing was never so convenient before. Filmii allows me to do basic touchups as well as advanced video edits in much lesser time than any other similar program. I am happy with my decision of choosing Filmii.
customer review
Wondershare Filmii is a Windows-based program that makes my entire video editing experience quite interesting and convenient. The app is not only equipped with several options to decorate my videos, after signing up and signing in, I also get access to many royalty-free stock elements and audios Ican use in the footages to make them more engaging. Furthermore, the simple UI of the app allows me to reach out to and use the available media manipulation tools comparatively quickly.

Tips for Speeding Up/Slowing Down Videos

Modifying the speed of a video sounds easy but the fact is, it takes some amount of calculation to assess how slow or fast your media should play so it doesn’t look awkward to the viewers. With that said, some tips from the professionals in the industry are listed below for your convenience:
Unless it is mandatory, make sure not speed up or slow down the video along with its audio. Doing so would change the pitch of the sound, and the whole footage wouldn’t look good after exporting. Instead, you can remove the audio before changing the speed, and after the modification, add a background music at its normal pace.
Ensure to isolate the segment you want to speed up or slow down with the frame-level precision. Failing to do so might make the video look unprofessional after it is published or distributed to the masses.
Avoid increasing or decreasing the speed to the extreme. While a high-speed video segment may make the users miss most of the content, the viewers would lose their interest if the media plays too slow.

Not Just Changing the Speed of the Videos

After you speeding up or slowing down the videos, don't forget to check Filmii's blog and grab more handful video editing tricks and creative video ideas