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Crop Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Clips
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Crop Videos for Various Social Media
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Export Your Cropped Video
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Why Need a Video Cropper?

Unlike a trimmer that removes certain frames from a media clip altogether, a cropper is a tool that helps you get rid of unwanted portions from each frame of a video. For instance, if a film has your old logo at the top, bottom, right, or left of the screen, cropping that area off removes the logo, thus making the media clean and ready for rebranding. Likewise, if some unwanted elements were accidentally captured by the camera at the time of the shooting, cropping the footage enables you to eliminate those objects. This helps the viewers remain focused on the actual information that you want to convey through the video. Considering the significance of cropping, it is imperative to have an efficient video cropper that is not only easy to use, it also allows you to work on the footage with precision. One such tool that checks all these boxes, and even more, is a product called Filmii by Wondershare.

How to Crop Videos As You Like?

1. Import Your Video Clips

To import a video clip, launch Wondershare Filmii, click the Start from Scratch button from the right window of the interface, click Import File from the Media window present at the upper-left section, and select and import the source media file that you want to crop.

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2. Crop Videos for Various Social Media

Hover mouse over the thumbnail of the imported clip, click the + button that appears at the bottom-right corner, select the media in the Timeline at the bottom, go to the Tools menu at the top, and click Crop and Zoom. On the Crop / Pan & Zoom window, ensuring that the Crop tab is selected, drag any of the four crop handles to reduce the area of interest and reposition the focus rectangle to keep the unwanted portion of the screen out of it. Optionally you can use the Screen Size drop-down list to pick your preferred aspect ratio.

Note: Selecting Custom enables you to enter custom screen dimensions as needed. Finally, click OK to save the modifications and to close the Crop / Pan & Zoom window.

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3. Export Your Cropped Video

Preview the video by clicking the Play button in the Preview window. If everything seems fine, click Export from the top of the main interface, and follow the on-screen instructions to export cropped video to your preferred format that complies to the social media platform you are about to publish the clip-on.

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What People Say

customer review
What seems almost impossible in other applications used in production industry becomes extremely simple in Filmii. Many advanced post-production programs don’t have the option to crop the videos, and need some workaround to get it done. Whereas in Filmii, cropping is merely a matter of dragging the handles. AWESOME!
customer review
With Filmii, the phrase ‘You can’t get all under a single roof’ sounds like a myth. Wondershare Filmii has almost everything that a video editor might need in a program.
customer review
Wondershare Filmii, can be downloaded from its official website, and is capable of executing post-production tasks such as trimming, cropping, adding effects, etc. pretty smoothly and conveniently. Like it so much!

Tips for Cropping Videos Smartly

Even though Filmii allows you to crop the media files quite simply merely by dragging the cropping handles, there are a few best practices that allow you to get the best output when followed correctly. A couple of such important tips are given below:
Closely determine the section of the screen that you want to get rid of, do some calculations, and then begin with the cropping part. Starting off randomly might give you unexpected and unprofessional outcomes.
If any application allows you to crop the videos only in proportional ratio, search for some ‘Custom’ settings that may give you free-hand to get the task done. If no such option is present, make sure to reposition the rectangle of focus to keep the area of interest within the frame.
While cropping, make sure to leave some margin space after the unwanted object goes out of the focus rectangle. This completely eliminates the changes of accidental visibility of such unnecessary elements during the playback of the rendered output.

Not Just a Video Cropper

Many advanced tools that are used by the professional in the post-production industry lack the Crop option due to their software limitations. Thankfully Wondershare Filmii is technically sounder and more well-developed, and therefore it has a separate window for cropping the media clips with merely a few mouse clicks.