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Add Text to Videos in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Footage
step 2
Add Words to Your Video Clips
step 3
Customize Your Video Text and Export
add text to video

Add Title Overlays, Subtitles, and Credits with Ease

If you are tired of impressing your audience and viewers with the usual video style then, it’s time to leverage it and add something interesting. Although images and effects can make your video stand out, making it an eye-catching creation or share-worthy one, the inclusion of a punchy stat or a legible text can hook viewers. As per the conversation with the designers and producer team of popular video creators, videos with text, overlays, or subtitles can elevate your video to eleven. Hence, to add them hassle-free on your videos, we have come up with Filmii, highly recommended for the in-built 300 text effects like titles, credits, lower thirds, openers, and so on.

How to Add Text to Your Video According to Your Needs?

1. Import Your Video Footage

To use Filmii in making your video eye-catching with text or credits, you need to download the software by clicking the “Let’s try” option. By logging in with the Wondershare ID, you are all set to create a new project.

On the welcome screen, import the video footage which you want to enhance. You can click on the “Import File” button to upload the files from the local disk or make a drag-and-drop to take the files into the workspace.

Add video to the timeline by dragging it or by choosing the “Add to Timeline” option by right-clicking on it.

import video clips

2. Add Words to Your Video Clips

To perform advanced editing on your video, click on the text option from the right corner that will provide you with various options like openers, titles, lower thirds, subtitles, and credits from which you can choose with.

Texts in Filmii

To add them to your video, drag them to the timeline or choose “Apply” by right-clicking on it.

add words to your video clips

3. Customize Your Video Text as You Like

By tapping the added text field on the timeline, you can customize them from the window that appears next to the preview screen.

Add content like titles, subtitles, credits to your video, and customize them as per your taste by changing the font style, color, and so on.

Once added, you can preview the video and export it to your destination by tapping the “Export” option.

customize the text on video

What People Say

customer review
Know what? I am the greatest fan of Filmii now. Yes, I tried many software and apps for my video editing task and got fed-up. I finally gave Filmii a chance. Yup! It did well, and the best part, I would say, is the free version with advanced text addition options!
customer review
After a week’s trial with the Filmii free version, I upgraded to the pro version recently. With instance style in action, built-in templates, texts, overlays, and effects, I am a great fan of Filmii!
customer review
Are you in love with Filmii? Well, me too! Impressed by its style, I started using Filmii for all my video editing tasks, where the free version freezes me up with Goosebumps. Recently, it updated to the top-notch pro version.

Tips for Adding Beautiful Text to Videos

Here are several useful tips for you to custom attractive text:
Understanding the usage of texts or titles: Although considered a standard way of video editing, text/titles used in a persuasive mode can drive multiple hits to your creation. All you need is a plan to use them consistently, and logically along with a methodology to make them unique with text overlays, shadow drop, and colorful fonts.
Consider breaking text, composition, and framing: Rather than long sentences, shorter ones are digestible and stylish as well. Alongside, you should know how well the elements like titles, credits, and openers can be placed on your broader video and cover the frame for visual effect.
Video editor tool can assist a lot: If you want to add subtitles to your video or credits hassle-free, you need a video editor by your side. While choosing online or software can be confusing, an ultimate application like Filmii is an excellent choice without file size limitations.

More Than Just Adding Text to Videos

When you’re done bringing your words alive with stylish fonts and color, don't forget to take a look at Filmii's blog. You’ll find a surprise!