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Add Images to Your Video in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Drag n Drop Your Video Footage
step 2
Add Images to Videos
step 3
Customize the Pictures and Export
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Why Need to Add Pictures to Videos?

When it comes to interaction or canvas, image or video takes the hike. Although there are countless contents on the web, the ultimate design gets the top attraction. When you post a video with a picture that could be a logo or GIF element, the video keeps the audience engaged more than any other mode like text. Alongside, such videos can stream on any social media platform. This form of enhancement in your content not only entertains the audience but, in turn, advertises your channel, brand, or service. Are you looking for a method to promote your business and keep your customers entertained? Then adding pictures to your video content is the best choice. Thus, know the best way or tool to add photos to your video and customize them with seamless efforts with Filmii, the best option to give a try today!

How to Add Photos to Videos Seamlessly with Filmii

1. Drag n Drop Your Video Footage

Open the Filmii app and tap the "Start from Scratch" button to create a new project or open an existing one. Drag-and-drop the videos to the workspace or import them.

import video clips

2. Add Images to Videos

Start adding the images to the videos by the drag-and-drop action. Right-click on the images and click the "Add to Timeline" option to add the photos to the timeline.

add images to videos

3. Customize the Pictures as You Like

You can place the pictures on the video's desired segments, and from the preview screen, customize the images as you like by changing their position.

You can also perform other options like rotate, split, and trim by right-clicking the timeline's images. If the pictures aren't required, you can delete them by clicking the "Delete" option.

customize the pictures

What People Say

customer review
Being an entrepreneur of a small start-up company, I came to know about Filmii from my colleague. Puzzled on how to market my brand or service to the target audience, Filmii made me speechless with access to countless templates, and filters, and elements. I must say, I just loved its editing style!
customer review
I got a chance to walk along with Filmii on a journey for two weeks along with my team, and it was a cakewalk, although I am a newbie to this software. I did not know from where to start and end. But all credits to the Filmii team, I had no issues. Applause!
customer review
If you are about to start your first project or first video for your channel, Filmii is the top-notch recommendation. It helped me up in just seconds in editing my video, and it will be a helpful campaign to you as well!

Tips for Adding Photos to Videos like an Expert

Here are several useful tips for you to adding photos to videos seamlessly:
Plan your masterpiece: Every work for a creator is a masterpiece and the first phase is of utmost importance. It could be for promotional videos or advertisements; the key to a smooth process is to focus on the goal, decide the video's duration, and depict what sort of photos to use.
Assistance from image or video editor tool: Is your logo or the photo to be placed captured or processed blurry or lighter? Tune them up and make them ready for the big day where a little assistance from the image or video editor tool is appreciable.
Impose color correlation: When it comes to picture for the video, color correlation or color grading plays a vital role. Is your picture looking a little dull? Brighten it up. Need to impose a Hollywood look or make your video for a TV show? 3D LUT from Filmii is what you need.

Not Just Adding Photos to Your Videos

When you added the images to your video, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.