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Add Audio to Your Video in 3 Easy Steps

step 1
Import Your Video Clips
step 2
Choose a Track or Add Your Own
step 3
Export Your Video with Background Music
Add Music to Video

Why is background music important?

Do you remember yourself humming a jingle of your favorite song? Or have you closed your eyes, melting and feeling emotional to the BGM you hear on your headphone? Music no doubt plays a vital role in your daily life. With interrelated sense to mood, memory recall, and energy levels, a song or video without background music isn’t a choice for many. Although the reason behind such magic has been unknown for decades, harmony with the voiceover stays connected to the listener, always filling the space of memorable moments. Now, you may need a video for a business website or to upload on YouTube; adding music or BGM will make the best first impression. When the viewer or the customer enters the video, the interaction is magnetic when there is background music, starting from the first to the moment they leave. According to a survey, over 71% of customers feel better, and it is a cost-effective way too!

How to Add Audio to Video with Filmii

1. Import Your Video Clips

Click on the “Import File” button to import the video file or make a drag-and-drop to bring the file to the timeline. You can also execute “File> Import Media> Import file or folder.”

import video clips

2. Choose a Track or Add Your Own

Click on the “Audio” option from the right corner to use an audio track of Filmii or add on your own by importing it. Place the audio track on the bottom of the timeline, whereas the video on the top.

The music will now add to the video. To preview it on the screen to ensure that the audio is added correctly to your video.

choose the audio track

3. Export Your Video with Background Music

Once done, tap the “Export” icon on the top to save the video with the added background music. On the following window, you will be provided with the option to save the video to the desired location or share it with other platforms like Facebook and TikTok.

Specify the video name, location, and quality. Lastly, choose the “Export” button to save the video.

export or share the video

What People Say

customer review
After weeding through the Internet in search of a perfect video editor, I finally found Filmii! Yes, can you believe it? Filters, smart templates, add effects, stickers, motion elements, and still a lot more in just a single app. Especially the free version is appreciable where all credits go to the Wondershare team.
customer review
Initially, I was confused about how Filmii can help me as a newbie in video making, whoa! I must say it did a great job. Need your videos to stand out from the crowd? Then, I honestly recommend Filmii from my side.
customer review
I never liked those complex video editors where even basic audio editing requires a lot of unnecessary steps. With Wondershare Filmii, adding music to video is pretty simple and almost instantaneous. Thank you, Wondershare!

Tips for Adding Right Background Music to Video

Here are several handy tips for you to select right background for your video:
Know the purpose: The base of your video could be informative or entertaining. Understand the meaning or the type of background music that is required to drive traffic. Ensure that the theme supports your message and doesn’t draw attention away from what you want to convey.
Speak to the audience: Although there are various genres like classic, calm, vocal, and still a lot more, pick up a specific genre suited for your video. Depending on the target audience, pick background music that speaks on your behalf.
Craft the BGM complementary: Before crafting background music to your video, you need specific factors to make it complementary. For example, you must avoid vocal tracks if your video is a narration. Similarly, sudden spikes in mood or instrumentation aren’t the right choice, but a steady pace is better-to-go!
Target your audience: It might be for business or your social media marketing; the same interest audience is your primary target. Thus, based on the genre, look into audience demographics in detail. Keeping instrumental song as your first option as BGM preference, lo-fi hip-hop beat or soft acoustic track are the best choices too.

More Than Just Adding Music to Videos

When you've added background music to videos, don’t forget to visit the Filmii blog for more tips about video editing and get inspired by creative video ideas.