“Do you have any YouTube video ideas to get subscribers fast?”

Well, there is a proper strategy that works behind the fastest-growing channels on YouTube. First of all, they know the overall YouTube SEO tactics that you may be unaware of. Secondly, they don’t overlook the usage of ideal and legit tools that help them get YouTube subscribers fast. In this article on the best YouTube video ideas to get subscribers fast, we will reveal the proven tactics that work 100% if you are a proper follower. Along with this, we’ll also look at some of the most popular YouTube topics, their working mechanism for YouTube SEO, any availability of hacking tricks, and other excellent tools that help you stand apart from others.

Part 1: What are the Most Popular YouTube Topics?

It is not just about the feature of monetization but the value of trending content as well. To get YouTube video ideas to get subscribers fast, we'll reveal the most trending YouTube topics that will pay you nicely in 2021, along with real-life examples.


Micro Niche Blogging

This blogging type revolves around a small area of specific content such as farming, fishing, or other small and confined activities. Start by analyzing your surroundings. Maybe you can provide content that no one can. It could be due to the difference in the environment, location, culture, or other people-specific activities.

Check out this YT Channel: Noal Farm



Gaming YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Markiplier, etc., are highly popular on YouTube only because of games. They are used to create relatively short, new, and fresh content continuously. Thus, uniqueness is a secret of such gaming videos where they even tell the viewers certain tricks to play specific games.



First of all, don't think of educational channels as boring academic content. The newly famous YT channels are somewhat different, and their content revolves around modern era content requirements. These channels could be great tutorials on web development, graphic designing, artificial intelligence, etc.


Product Reviews

A specific product review channel could be related to an incredible affiliate marketing idea. As the name suggests, the creators tell definitive reviews of products that further influence the viewer to check the product's exclusive benefits in the video and buy from the link in the description.

Reference YT Channel: Unbox Therapy



Various kinds of Vlogging channels are there on YouTube with the highest number of audiences. It generally represents the lifestyle of the creator. You can also observe other Vlogging genres such as food Vlogging, travel Vlogging, Vlogging by a foreigner, etc. These channels are gaining popularity since forever.



Fitness is another trending topic that never goes out of style. No matter what, people used to become conscious of their healthy lifestyle at some point in their life. And YouTube is one of their search engines to look for diet plans, exercise routines, and so on. Thus, you can be the contributor to fulfill their demand by uploading fitness-related influencing videos that offer value to the audience.

Reference YT channel: The Iron Musket

Part 2: What are the Fastest Growing Channels on YouTube?

After discussing the generalized YT channels, it's time to reveal the fastest growing channels in the Gaming niche. So, let’s start as follows without further ado!



This gaming YT Channel founded in September 2011, has grown to more than 25 million subscribers. His creator Evan Fong loves to call himself 'Vanoss,' a valve timing system made by an automobile company. The secret to his increasing followers is engaging and dynamic content. Most of his video content is also published with his friend playing games together.




It is another incredible gaming channel by Richard Tyler Blevins. He is an infamous American YouTuber who thought to make a channel in November 2011 and built a passion for professional gaming since his childhood. It is the reason he went on to play specific pro tournaments as well. His streaming games journey started in 2011, where he was engaged in topics like Player Unknown's Battleground and H1Z1 etc.



JJ Olatunji [KSI]

He is better known as KSI, which refers to knowledge, strength, and integrity. This English YouTuber has an incredible career in filmmaking, gaming, acting, professional boxing, and rapping. Thus, it's also one of the main reasons for the growth of his channels. This particular channel is created in July 2012 and has now come to more than 12 million subscribers.

Jj Olatunji

Part 3: YouTube Video Ideas to Get More Subscribers

Before you develop the best YouTube video ideas to get subscribers, it's essential to look into watch time and trending search terms -the two highly crucial factors that can make your video viral.

Now, let’s dive into the list of expert tips as follows!

  • Haul Videos: Make videos centered on different kinds of hauls. These videos cannot get boring as any new item in the haul comes up. You can make various kinds of haul video stuff such as clothing hauls, grocery haul, what I got for my birthday haul, try-on haul, etc. Check this try-on haul video.
  • Transformation Videos: These videos are other trending topics with a massive bucket of watch time. They contain pretty interesting content that lets the viewers watch the content till the end. It has different types such as home décor transformation, body transformation, bathroom transformation, makeup transformation, etc. It is Extreme Bedroom Makeover by Francesca Grace for your reference.
  • Make a Series: Making a series is a fantastic idea and helps you get lots of watch time. You can pick any videos in your niche to make series. Thus, it's more of a personal decision and the type of videos already present on a YouTube channel. For instance, a tech tutorial-based channel makes series of videos consisting of chapters to teach a particular program or software. Refer to the playlist of Teluskoto to get a clear idea!
  • Storytime Videos: As the name suggests, these videos throw a great interest over the viewers. People want to see whole videos related to stories and get some experiences. These storytime videos can be in any niche where you can tell your story about how you begin it, how it gets transformed, etc. Or, you can narrate any paranormal experiences as well. Check her story of a psycho ex-best friend.
  • High School Advice Videos: These are also among the highly searched videos on YouTube. Here, the high school creators give general advice to the viewers based on their own experiences. It is High School Advice You Need to Know YouTube video ideas to get subscribers.
  • Productive Day in My Life: We love this video idea so much. They contain highly motivating content that urges the viewers to hint from the videos and transform their lives into productive routines. You can further categorize it into work, home, or other kinds of videos. Check this typical day in my life video!
  • Clean with Me/Organizing Videos: Clean anything that’s messy in your home and make it transformed. These are another set of satisfying video ideas that people love to watch to set themselves in the mood for cleaning or organizing their stuff out. See this Clean With Me 2021 Motivational Video!
  • Unboxing New Technology: It is somewhat related to product reviews on tech channels. These are trending concepts worth considering. Also, the views on such channels are amazing! See this channel of Unbox Therapy for your reference.

Part 4: Can I Hack YouTube to Increase My Subscribers?

Well, there is one such secret hack by which you can instantly get more subscribers without even telling them to subscribe to your channel. It works very simply as you have to get the channel link by signing into your channel. The link will look as follows.


Now, you have to add ‘?sub_confirmation=1.’

Thus, the channel link will look as follows now!


This code will let the viewers quickly subscribe to the channel without thinking twice.


  • Quick
  • Legit
  • Easy


  • No guarantee that people would subscribe.

Part 5: Use Excellent YouTube Video Maker to Improve your Efficiency

The sections provided above clearly states the YouTube video ideas to get subscribers fast, including a hack in the last paragraph. But, do you know how these ideas work effectively? Yes, to create excellent content, you must have a reasonable, feature-rich, and easy-to-use YouTube video maker.

Creators nowadays look for the element of fastness in everything. Thus, we have come up with an ideal solution by a renowned software company, i.e., Wondershare. It has the latest updated video editor called Filmii with tons of editing tools.

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So, check out Wondershare Filmii here and get started with creating attractive YouTube videos in no time.


Getting subscribers isn't just about more followings but real-time subscribers. This post on YouTube video ideas to get subscribers tried to offer you the best possible proven solutions. Thus, follow the same rules, tips, tactics, or strategies keeping in mind that nothing in the world can beat valuable content. The more your content is helpful, trending, and beneficial to the audience, the more views, and subscribers.