Why should anyone bother about converting a YouTube video to text?

Even if you knew why and wanted to, you need a YouTube to text converter, bringing us to another important question: Are there YouTube video to text converter online free services available?

With the growing number of YouTube subscribers, videos are not just enough. There is now the need for texts to be added to YouTube videos to understand better and a good user experience. YouTube video to text transcription is now a necessary tool for videographers as this ensures that videos have their messages adequately conveyed. You require the services of a YouTube video to text converter to be able to convert YouTube to text.

Part 1: Why Convert YouTube to Text?

There are many reasons and benefits to consider as to why you should convert YouTube to text. Below are some of the most important:

  1. YouTube video to text transcription makes videos more comprehensible.
  2. It provides viewers with novel ways of watching YouTube videos.
  3. It presents learning opportunities for viewers.
  4. The creation of subtitles and captions is easier while ensuring accuracy.
  5. It makes your video SEO-friendly while also increasing its ranking on SEO.
  6. The translation is a lot simpler.
  7. Using synchronized timestamps, you can decrease editing time significantly.
  8. It eliminates the learning barrier that comes with different accents.
  9. It ensures a wider audience reach.
  10. More engagements are likely.

Part 2: In-built Ways to Convert YouTube to Text

After considering the benefits of converting YouTube to text, you should learn the built-in ways to do this hassle-free. Bear in mind that YouTube, as an application, offers a YouTube video to text transcription service that you can easily leverage to convert your YouTube video to text.

1. Transcription Service

YouTube video to text transcription is an in-built feature of YouTube that automatically transcribes your YouTube video to text. When setting up your video subtitles, select English as your chosen language, and the website does the work of transcribing your YouTube to text.

Follow these simple steps, with pictures, to use YouTube's automatic transcription service:

Step 1: Upload the video clip

Launch YouTube and sign in to your account with your log-in details. From the top right corner, click on your profile picture and select YouTube Studio from the resulting menu. From the upper right corner, select Create > Select Upload videos. From your PC, drag-and-drop the video clip you want to transcribe onto the video box that appears on your screen.

youtube upload video

Step 2: Choose a transcription language

In the next box that appears, there is a Details page. Scroll down this page and select more options. On the Language, subtitles, and closed captions (CC) section, click on the drop-down arrow under video language and select English.

select language on youtube

Step 3: Publish the video

From this point, follow the prompts to publish the video. Wait for some time for YouTube to transcribe the video to text; this would be dependent on the length of the video clip.

When the transcription process completes, you can now download your transcription file in your desired format by following the steps below:

Go to the Subtitles window

From the left-hand menu of your YouTube Studio page, click Subtitles to access your Channel subtitles page. Then select the video you want to edit.

Go to Classic Studio

On the video subtitles page, go under the Subtitles column and move your cursor over the Published Automatic status. Hit Options (depicted as three vertical dots) and select Edit on Classic Studio.

youtube edit on classic studio

Download your transcription file

From the top left corner, click Actions to open the drop-down list from which you can now select a transcription file format. It could be. sbv, .srt or .vtt. Save the transcription file on your local storage.

download youtube video transcription

2. YouTube Transcription when Watching

You can also get to transcribe YouTube to text while watching a video. Follow these steps below to perform YouTube video to text transcription:

Step 1: Play the video

Go to YouTube and play the video. However, not on full screen to be able to access the transcribe option.

Step 2: Enable transcription

Go to the bottom right corner of your video player and hit More (depicted as ...). To view the transcription of the video in the Transcript pane, hit Open transcript.

Step 3: Manage timestamps

From the top right corner of the transcript pane, hit Options (depicted as three vertical dots). To enable timestamps in the transcribed video, hit the Toggle timestamp.

Part 3: YouTube Video to Text Converter Online Free

Below is a list of top YouTube video to text converter online free services available:



Gglot is an online YouTube to text converter. This tool makes YouTube video to text transcription fast, easy, and straightforward. Create a free account at Gglot.com and upload the video you want to transcribe, or you may copy-paste the link to the video. With Gglot, automatically transcribing any video or audio into text is pretty straightforward. There's even no need to download an app to convert YouTube to text. Gglot also comes with a feature that allows you to translate your text into over 50 foreign languages and create subtitle files for them that are uploadable to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

gglot dashboard

These three simple steps would guide you on the YouTube video to text transcription process using Gglot:

Step 1: Upload the YouTube video that you want to convert to text and from the dashboard, click Get Transcription.

Step 2: If required, edit your transcript using Gglot's editing tools.

Step 3: Export your transcript file in.pdf.txt, xls, sbv or .doc format.



Veed.io offers a YouTube video-to-text converter online free service. To convert YouTube to text, all you need is the URL of the video. With this YouTube video-to-text converter, you can automatically create the transcript of any video without downloading any software or app. Automatic translation into over 100 different languages is very feasible with Veed.io. Adding subtitles to YouTube videos is also possible with this YouTube video-to-text converter. Now, here's the wrap: after creating your YouTube to text transcript, you can go ahead to save it as a .txt or .srt file.

These steps would teach you how to convert YouTube to text using Veed.io:

Step 1: Copy and paste the video URL or upload it to Veed.io.

Step 2: To create a transcript file, click Subtitles, then select Auto Subtitles. Hit START to begin automatic transcript generation.

Step 3: To edit the text, click on it to enable typing. When finished, select Options, then click Download .txt. to download your video transcript.


Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is another YouTube video to text converter online free service that enables you to convert YouTube video to text without any software. You need a browser, and you're well on your way to converting YouTube to text. With Happy Scribe, you can create transcripts in over 120 different foreign languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and lots more. Supported file formats on Happy Scribe include FLV, MOV, MP4, etc. An outstanding feature of Happy Scribe is that you can choose between a machine-generated (which offers 85% accuracy) or human-made transcript (which would have your transcript proofread by a native speaker)

happy scribe youtube converter

To convert YouTube video to text with Happy Scribe, follow these steps:

Step 1: Upload your video from your Google Drive, Dropbox, or internal storage. Select the language of the original video.

Step 2: Choose between Machine-generated or Human-made.

Step 3: Get your transcript in some minutes or wait for 24 hours if you opted for the human-made transcript. Hit Export and select your preferred file format.



With Vocalmatic, you don't have to bother about creating a YouTube to text transcript manually. This YouTube video to text converter comes backed by a powerful and sophisticated speech-to-text artificial intelligence technology. Vocalmatic ensures that your uploaded video is safe. To get better YouTube to text transcripts, ensure that your video recording is clear. Depending on the size and duration of your YouTube video, Vocalmatic automatically converts your YouTube to text.

vocalmatic video to text converter

Use these simple steps on Vocalmatic:

Step 1: Upload the video clip and choose the original recorded language of the clip.

Step 2: Vocalmatic begins the transcription process.

Step 3: Refine your transcripts using Vocalmatic's online editing tools.



It is another free and simple-to-use video editor with which you can add watermarks, texts, emojis, labels, captions, subtitles, and lots more to your videos and photos. Kapwing saves you time while also ensuring you get accurate YouTube to text transcripts. Its powerful AI transcription tool makes it possible to create transcripts in the shortest possible time quickly. What is more? Kapwing is free to use; all you need is a browser.

kapwing youtube video converter

Use these three steps to convert YouTube video to text on Kapwing:

Step 1: Import the video by pasting the URL or by direct upload.

Step 2: Generate the transcript using Add Subtitles, Auto-generate or Upload.SRT file. To save time, use Auto-generate.

Step 3: From the left pane, edit the text. Hit Create to generate the transcript file. When done, click Download to save your transcript.


Finally, we hope this write-up has served as an eye-opener on the nitty-gritty of converting YouTube to text. You can now start exploring any of these tools to convert your YouTube video to text.