If you've been on YouTube already, you would probably know that creating and uploading YouTube content is never straightforward.

Being a YouTube creator means investing skills, time, and money into your content mixture, and you expect that your audience loves your work and help upscale your YouTube growth.

But here is one of the essential things you can do to make your YouTube stand better, and it all begins with the thumbnail, which you can even create online. For this purpose, we'll specifically highlight the best font for YouTube thumbnail as a font can have a long-lasting impact on someone's mind.

Part 1: 20 Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

Like everything, there are particular YouTube thumbnail font trends that you will see while surfing the YouTube content. So, you must not underestimate the power of trends even though you should always follow personal preferences. Still, these fonts have an insane following by the audience and are worth looking at in detail. Below our list of the 20 best fonts for YouTube thumbnails are awesome enough to get you more views and clicks.

1 – Magic of Handwritten Fonts

handwritten fonts

Source: fotor.com

Handwritten fonts are magical, especially when you want to give your thumbnail a quirkier and more reserved feel. They are often helpful for lifestyle, vlogs, videos, and art content. Handwritten fonts will make your YouTube down to earth and a bit more inviting to the audience.

2 – Script Fonts

script fonts

Source: fotor.com

Script fonts are ideal thumbnail fonts for content where you want to give a vibe of being elegant, classic, and stylish. These fonts help sprinkle a greater sense of thumbnail designs, creating an aesthetic picture rather than being roughly readable like some other fonts.

3 – Budmo


Source: blog.creatopy.com

It's a quirky, fun font, with bold and glitters lettering. Combine it with some subtle design colors, and you're ready for an attractive YouTube thumbnail font that is indeed impressionable.

4 – Bebas Neue

bebas neue

Source: blog.creatopy.com

Bebas Neue is a straightforward yet interactive YouTube thumbnail font that works fantastic for any content type. The small letters of the font look excellent, especially when you put them over YouTube content.

5 – Impact


Source: blog.creatopy.com

A plain yet bold font like Impact can get the job done brilliantly. This YouTube thumbnail font will be ideal gaming thumbnail fonts on gaming channels as it's an eye-grabbing font despite being simple. You can also use it for makeup content.

6 – Beauty & The Beast

The Beauty and the Beast is the YouTube thumbnail font. However, this thumbnail won't become your centerpiece but can stand out in the whole video content. You can associate it with a colorful background and let the magic happen.

7 – Badaboom BB

badaboom bb

Source: blog.creatopy.com

Now, it's another eye-catching YouTube thumbnail font that screams like 'Attention.' Yes, we've got its name right as Wengie extensively uses it for her YouTube content.

8 – River Drive

river drive

Source: blog.creatopy.com

River Drive works ideal for travel or music channel content as one of the best fonts for YouTube thumbnails. It has bold yet faded letters that look fantastic almost on every YouTube content, be it the gaming.

9 – Bernhard

Bernhard is a stylish YouTube thumbnail font while at the same time it looks modern and fresh. Being elegant, it works best for history or books-related channels. The YouTuber named Zoella uses this font extensively in case you're looking for more references.

10 – Bold Fonts

bold fonts

Source: fotor.com

Bold are ideal gaming thumbnail fonts for YouTube thumbnails, especially when you need a focal point. It straightly informs your viewers what they will see. These fonts are perfect for social media challenges, reaction videos, and other kinds of energetic video content.

11 – Minimalistic Fonts

Minimalism is taking the globe by storm, and it's easy to see why. Minimalistic fonts give off a clean, elegant, and sensible vibe. No matter their size, they are one of the versatile and easy-to-read fonts out there.

12 – Mix Symbols with Fonts

mix symbols with fonts

Source: fotor.com

Mixing symbols with fonts is the best choice as music video fonts. Using characters to replace some letters, such as a circle instead of the letter "O" or a triangle for the letter "A," will give you your cool font.

13 – Dustin

The Dustin font is a superb choice for YouTubers as music video fonts. It's an energetic pack of four complementary fonts consisting of a regular online, regular, and an Italic version of both these fonts.

14 – Herona

Herona is one of the best gaming thumbnail fonts for YouTubers. E-Sports and various other gaming trends inspire its retro design.

It's impactful, bold, and looks fantastic when mixed with a shadow or an outline.

15 – Quantum Profit

Quantum Profit is a curvy, playful font designed for kids specifically. Whether you're creating educational or toys reviews videos, this YouTube font is sure an eye-catching font when kids surf over YouTube.

16 – The Tide

The Tide is a bold and quirky music video font style for relaxed lifestyle vloggers like chilling on the California beach. The font is attractive yet chunky and presents an excellent option for creating stand-out thumbnails.

17 – Traveler Note

Traveler note is a stylish yet clear YouTube thumbnail font. It has well-spaced letters that are easy to read and looks as handwritten. It is a great option no matter you are adding video subtitles or online notes to the viewers.

18 – Speed Beast

speed beast

Source: designshack.net

It's another awesome gaming thumbnail font you can use to design perfect YouTube titles, especially for highly energetic video gaming content.

19 – ACPEX

At first glance, you can see Acpex as an ideal gaming thumbnail font option for a workout, sports, and gym-related content. The unique style of its letter design gives a sincere feel. It is available in multiple formats, including OTF and TTF.

20 – Video Game Font

video game font

Source: designshack.net

If you're looking for a design for gaming thumbnail fonts, this font will come in handy. It is available in a bundle of 16-bit style characters that will fit perfectly with any gaming YouTube content.

Part 2: Tips to Choose the Best Font for YouTube Thumbnails

Here are some quick fixes that you can easily follow while selecting the best font for YouTube thumbnail or even creating your own. So, let's get started with optimizing your thumbnail fonts with the following tips.

  • Avoid too many words or a too-small number of words.
  • Make your font readable.
  • Show consistency in using fonts for your YouTube content.
  • Add splashing colors to your fonts.
  • Use both lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Add shade to your fonts.
  • Try using different colors for the same thumbnail font.

Part 3: Best YouTube Thumbnail Fonts Examples

If you're looking for the best Thumbnail font, you can have a look through some of the following popular YouTube channels. We've outlined their font strategy for your reference.


Round Two

Here's our first inspiration from Round Two YouTube Channel, where they highlight their experiences with significant font usage. Their text pops with dropping shadows are pretty appealing to the eyes, as you can refer to here.


Millenial Life Crisis

In our following YouTube thumbnail font example, Millenial Life Crisis uses some extraordinary texts that stand out. Adding a background overlay will offer more options when it comes to different color textures.

Part 4: How to create a YouTube thumbnail online with a font?

"Can I make a thumbnail font online?"

Yes, we'll introduce you to three best fonts for YouTube thumbnails maker as follows.



You don't need to be a design geek to create elegant thumbnail fonts! Crello provides a vast bundle of graphics and YouTube thumbnail fonts to transform your creativity into tangible designs.



Snappa's free thumbnail maker comes packed with beautiful templates, high-res graphics, and images, and everything else you need to make YouTube thumbnails, including the best font for YouTube thumbnails that get clicked.



Fotor's photo text editor is the best choice for music video fonts that helps to add text to your photos directly online for free by using already setup fonts. You can add images with text to give them special meaning with just a few clicks. All comprehensive settings for text adjustment are also available at Fotor.


So, this was the best inspiration for your best font for YouTube thumbnail in 2021. Try not to use the same font for each YouTube channel design. Using the same font design for every YouTube thumbnail, cover, and title will only make your videos look unprofessional. You can try few matching fonts instead and show your creativity as well to stand out.