Do you wish to reach more audiences by making the most of short, vertical content? Are you a YouTuber who has been struggling to increase your subscriber count lately? If so, paying close attention to YouTube Shorts can make all the difference to your digital marketing strategy. Taking advantage of this newest video format by posting video shorts to your channel can lead to massive subscriber growth in a very short time.

After months of beta testing in India, YouTube has finally rolled out #Shorts – its short-form video TikTok competitor – in the United States on March 18, 2021. Over the next couple of weeks, it will be expanded to everyone in the U.S.

youtube shorts

Wondering about YouTube Shorts monetization? Perplexed if like all other platforms, you can monetize your Shorts videos due to the increased exposure?

The article below breaks down what YouTube Shorts are and the opportunity it brings for creators and businesses.

Part 1: What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts is a vertical short-form video experience for anyone willing to connect with a new audience by creating catchy, awesome videos using only a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app. Shorts (#Shorts as called by YouTube) are the newest form of video to be officially live in a beta test in the United States, after introducing the initial beta in India in 2020.

#Shorts is YouTube’s response to the rising popularity of short-format videos on platforms like TikTok. With this new feature, individual creators and businesses can make spectacular videos that are up to 15 seconds or less and then edit the clips with several tools – one of which is combining a series of short clips. Initially, YouTube Shorts was introduced as a beta in India for capitalizing India’s ban on TikTok, thus leaving a huge gap in the market for YouTube to gain new users.

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Part 2: Can YouTube Shorts Be Monetized?

Yes and no. Wondering what that means? Well, it’s a bit complicated since YouTube Shorts monetization is a little different and still under development.

In India (the only country where Shorts is officially live), money can’t be made through Shorts if the videos are viewed in the Shorts section of the YouTube app. At present, YouTube Shorts have no embedded ads and also Shorts does not generate any revenue from YouTube Premium subscription. For some time, even though the views of your Shorts videos will keep increasing, your RPM will start dipping as your videos won’t be generating any revenue.

Initially, Shorts are not being monetized by YouTube. Although these videos do not contribute to YouTube Partner Program eligibility, subscribers gained from watching Shorts will still count threshold. And, with TikTok currently offering a monetization program for its videos, it goes without saying that YouTube will surely follow the suit in the future.

The most optimistic part is that Google is still working on and constantly exploring YouTube Shorts. With that being said, the chances of direct YouTube Shorts monetization are very high in the future.

youtube shorts monetization

Part 3: How to Monetize on YouTube?


Channel Membership

Do you make engaging videos for your audience? If you are someone who prepares engaging videos that are widely loved by the audience, you can easily set up your YouTube channel for the paid members who might get attractive perks in return. Trust the experts; this is an incredible way to make the most of your YT channel.


Revenue By Advertisement

You can have advertisements displayed on your regular YouTube videos by opting for this method. These advertisements help YouTube generate funds, a part of which is shared with you. In a broader spectrum, the more videos your YouTube channel has, the more money you can earn through advertisements.



If you’re great at speaking and have the ability to motivate people, becoming a great influencer is another way you can earn a decent amount of money from YouTube. Once you become an influencer, you can easily get associated with several organizations and companies to promote their products or services and get paid.


YouTube Premium

You can prepare informative and engaging videos that are available exclusively for the YouTube Premium members. Since these subscribers have YouTube Premium membership, the profit gained from users with you will be shared by the streaming platform.


Super Chat And Super Stickers

Do you have an excellent fan base? If so, this is another way you can make money through YouTube Shorts. With a great fan base, you can easily highlight their messages and chat. Also, you can charge them for this.

Although you cannot directly earn through YouTube shorts monetization yet, you can still publish videos on your YT channel and the Shorts Shelf. YouTube suggests these clips to others with similar interests, depending on the keywords you have added in the description. When these users watch your short-form videos, the chances are they would subscribe to your channel and start watching the regular videos you have already posted, thus helping you earn money using the methods listed above.

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Part 4: Create YouTube Shorts Videos Quickly with Filmii Video Editor

Founded by Wondershare – the leading global digital software development company – Filmii is an AI-powered video editor you can rely on for the creation of your YouTube Shorts Videos.

Filmii Video Editor

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A popular video editing tool, Filmii boasts of many useful features. Some of the features that make the video editing procedure easier are:

  • A plethora of the latest vertical templates that let you create stunning Shorts videos
  • Easy-to-use video editor with a simple, intuitive interface
  • Video trimming and highlighting
  • Generates videos automatically in a few seconds
  • Advanced video editing tools like color correction, add voiceover, cut video clips

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No matter what the current scenario of YouTube shorts monetization seems to be, you should create amazing and engaging short videos using Wondershare Filmii to increase your earnings. Time to capture a new audience and explode your subscriber count with YouTube shorts!