YouTube is always been the first choice of viewers for entertainment purposes and it has never failed to. It is one of the most successful entertainment platforms and there something fresh we find whenever we search for anything on YouTube. Along with having millions of users, YouTube has become a source of income to so many creators too. So Nowadays YouTube creative commons videos have become a source of earning money to the creators. Herewith YouTube creative commons video you don't even need to upload from your side and still you can earn money.

Here the following guide will explain to you what creative commons is and how it is possible to earn movie through such YouTube creative commons videos:

Part 1: What is Creative Common in YouTube?

YouTube is using a creative content license through which it gives creative commons license to its creators through which they could allow someone else to use its work. So Youtubers can use creative commons license while creating their content where the system will generate an automatic signature video which shows that you are using a YouTube creative commons videos.

So creators would be holding the copyright and others can reuse your videos under the agreement of the YouTube creative commons license.

Part 2: How to Find Creative Commons on YouTube?

There are many different ways to find YouTube creative commons videos or websites you can go through. Such websites are the best ways to look for creative commons licensed videos and it would make sure it's legal.

Following are the most common ways to find YouTube creative Commons videos:

1. YouTube

It is the most common medium to find CC videos and you just need to 'creative commons' to the end of the search term.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo offers various licenses through which one can easily find a link to go through different types of videos depending upon the license you select. You could also find advanced search options to exactly match your requirement.

3. spiXpress

Herewith just search option you could easily find cc videos as per your need. As long as you use one of the resources they use one can easily share the media source along with that.

Part 3: Is Creative Commons Copyright-free?

Creative Commons is offering a license to users free of cost and does not ask creators or any other rights holders to register with a creative commons license to work.

Part 4: How to Use YouTube Creative Commons to Make Videos?

After knowing what creative commons in YouTube let's find a way to use creative commons to make videos. YouTube creative commons videos allow you to make creative works of your own. You just require a YouTube video editor and expand the YouTube creative common library easily. Then after you need to choose the right video you would like to edit and incorporate into your project. Also to find out through which video you would like to use you need to simply search in the YouTube search bar in the YouTube video editor.

So firstly search https://support.google.com/youtube/topic/9257530?hl=en-GB and then open creative common option. Then make a video with a creative commons license on the video description page you need to ‘Creative Commons Attribution license' option or simply upload the page. Also while cc licensed video into your videos you would be able to find a title showing a source of it in your video player.

YouTube creative commons videos are the best source of making money for content creators and users. If you want to learn how YouTube creative common videos allow you to earn money, Find below ways:

1. Affiliate marketing

This term is not at all unknown to anyone nowadays and through affiliate marketing, you don't need to develop any product by yourself but you just need to log in to the affiliate program and promote those products and in return, you would be earning 50% commission. So here through YouTube creative commons videos you could review that product and promote it by yourself.

2. Lead generation

Through YouTube videos, you could generate leads and create a list of emails of customers and follow up perfectly. Here the more interesting or trending YouTube creative common music videos you can choose and add a call to action at the end of videos through which you would be getting data of viewers in sheet and it can be easily downloaded.

3. AdSense ads

These are the ads that are being played at the beginning of the video for a few seconds only. So here advertisers would be paying you to promote such ads on your channel videos and in return pay too. Then simply you could find a trending YouTube video having a lot of views and then you could add some touch by your side to make it unique. Lastly, with that edited YouTube creative commons videos, you can allow advertisers to promote ads on this video and get paid.

4. Sell your products

You could use your product as well to promote through YouTube. Also with the help of Creative Commons videos which explain about a product. Thus creative common videos are always considered as the best way to earn good money and come up with the best quality video having a lot of views. Also, try to add some creativity and uniqueness to your chosen creative common video which would allow you to earn more money.


By now I am sure you would understand easily that what is creative common in YouTube and how much easy it is to earn money with such YouTube creative commons videos. Thus we could say that YouTube is a great platform providing the best quality entertainment to viewers and also allowing them to make money by YouTube creative commons videos.