On today's internet, YouTube is one of the few platforms with unmatched dominance. Whether you're on the internet for work or anything else, the chances are that you have a tab with YouTube open almost all the time. One of the most popular content-viewing platforms globally, YouTube is widely used by millions of individuals throughout the world. It is an online video-sharing platform that lets users upload, watch, comment, and rate videos.

Over the years, both the YouTube app and website have evolved drastically. But, just like any other platform, YT has its own set of glitches and issues that users encounter regularly. From view-count issues and buffering issues to shadow-bans, users experience numerous glitches. Lately, one such problem users complain about is YouTube comments not showing up, where the comment section either doesn't load or disappears completely.

YouTube comments are crucial because it is a great tool for measuring the credibility of a video and the creator. From the perspective of a viewer, YT comments help you decide if the video has any truth to it. On the other hand, from the perspective of a content creator, it helps confirm your authority on a topic that helps you gauge your engagement.

Often, while browsing through the YouTube website or app, people see that the comments section isn't working properly. Or, they might realize that YouTube comments aren't loading. While some see the loading icon that keeps spinning, for others the comment section is completely blank.

Wondering how to fix YouTube comments not showing up? Check out below.

Part 1: Why Doesn't YouTube Show Comments?

You embark on an interesting video and wish to read the comment to check out what other internet intellectuals or like-minded users are thinking. Or, you are watching a YT video and the YouTuber says to check the comment section below for more information. However, you soon realize that the comments do not show up.

Although it's not easy to pinpoint the actual issue behind why YouTube comments not showing up or loading for you, there are numerous reasons for this. Some of these reasons are:

  1. Occasionally, YouTube's comment section might not load properly on Chrome. So, before looking for technical or other issues, check if the YT video page actually allows for comments.
  2. Sometimes, YT users might disable comments on the video to prevent negative remarks or hate speech.
  3. Parents often disable comments for videos that are created by their kids to protect them from being exposed to negative online comments.

How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing Up: 8 Easy Ways

1. Check The Internet Connectivity

Major issues on the PC or mobile devices are usually the silliest. At times, YT comments not showing might be because of temporary issues with the internet connection. If you have a router that's not working properly or have a slow net connection, the YT page might not load. So, ensure you check your internet connectivity. Try restarting your system. If the issue is with your network, ensure the internet is all set and steady to proceed.

2. log in to Google Account

Indeed, YouTube allows users to browse without having to log in to a Google account. Nonetheless, not being logged in to a Google account has sometimes been the reason users couldn't see any comments appearing. So, if you aren't signed in, log in to your Google account and then reload the page.

youtube comment not show up

3. Open YouTube in Incognito Mode

Often, YouTube comments not showing up can be due to errors with the Google Chrome browser. Try loading the YouTube page in incognito mode and check if the comments are loading up. When opening a webpage in incognito mode, no plugins or extensions are used for the site. Moreover, no cookies, browsing data, or other site data is collected that can interfere.

To open YouTube in incognito mode, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open Google Chrome

Step-2: Click on the Menu tab or file on the top right-hand side of the page

Step-3: Click on New Incognito Window

Are video comments showing in this mode? If so, there could be a problem with your Chrome.

new incognito window

Source: guidingtech.com

4. Disable Ad Blocker and Other Misbehaving Extensions

YouTube comments might not be appearing because you have an ad blocker enabled or switched on. An ad blocker can limit certain elements of a site that are presumably ads. By disabling or switching off the ad blocker, you might see that the comment section shows up again. Also, if YT comments not loading error started appearing just after you installed an extension, ensure you disable it because that extension is likely to be the cause for the glitch.

5. Clear Your Browsing Data

Sometimes, clearing browsing data can fix the problem that's causing YouTube comments not showing up. Wondering why? Well, the more you interact with the YouTube site, the more browsing data or cache you accumulate. This built-up data can interfere with the Site causing technical issues like YouTube comments not showing up.

Here's how you can clear browsing data:

Step-1: Tap on the three-dotted icon on the top-right side of the page

Step-2: Click on Settings

Step-3: Scroll down to Privacy and Security

Step-4: Click on Clear Browsing Data

Step-5: Next, click the range drop-down menu. You will have the choice between the last 1 hour, the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 4 weeks, or all time

Step-6: Begin with clearing off browsing data in the last 24 hours and then work your way through the other time range

Step-7: Clear data from your browser history, browser cache images, and cookies

clear browse date youtube

Source: guidingtech.com

6. Disable Proxy Connections and VPN Services

Just like numerous other applications, YouTube encounters errors when it's used via a proxy network. So, any other proxy website on the VPN service of your device might be the cause of the YT comment section not appearing. Disabling all proxy settings and VPN apps when trying to access YouTube can be the key if you wish to learn how to fix YouTube comments not showing up error.

7. Clear YT App Cache and Data (Android/iOS)

Did you discover YouTube comments not loading error in your Android device? If so, clearing the YouTube app cache and App data can be your best choice as it is the most recommended fix for any technical issues pertaining to apps.

If you happen to face the issue on your iOS device, you won't get to use this option. The easiest solution to this error for any iPhone user would be to uninstall the app and then reinstall the YouTube app on their iOS device. It will automatically clear the app data as well as fix the issue of YT comments not appearing.

clear cache data youtube

Source: pletaura.com

8. Wait for The Official Fix

Tried every possible solution but nothing seems to make the YT comments appear? Waiting for the official fix from YouTube can be your ideal choice then. Although the YouTube developer team constantly works to improve the user experience, certain reports claim that YouTube comments not showing up error is actually led by a part of new features they are trying. Simply wait for a few days and the changes would be reverted to the original settings.


Now that you know how to troubleshoot if you notice YouTube comments not appearing on your device, what are you still waiting for? Fix your YouTube comment section and start enjoying the latest videos!