“How do I create a catchy educational YouTube channel name?”

Juggling with educational YouTube channel name ideas isn't that difficult if you know certain quick tricks. Yes, there are unique ways that we have just discovered with regards to education channel name suggestions. Before you directly dive into naming, get to know the avoidance of inevitable mistakes that most YouTubers make. First of all, the Name should be unique yet short for ease of understanding. Secondly, know the meaning of that Name in almost every language, so it doesn't translate into a weird word.

Without further ado, let’s create attractive YouTube channel name ideas for education, starting with the corresponding importance.

Why do YouTube Channel Names Matter?

Not only YouTube but every Name matters a lot! A name signifies a unique identity and represents its association's entire personality traits, whether it's a person or any other thing. Still, we can give you numerous reasons why a YouTube channel name should be considered the utmost priority.

Define goals

What is your YouTube channel up to? It is all determined by the Name. A name signifies specific goals a channel sets to achieve. Refer to any popular YouTube channel and analyze their Name. You will undoubtedly find a clue of what their content is all about.


You have to go for a unique YouTube channel name if you want to set yourself apart from others. It gives you a recognizable identity, which is technically called 'Branding' in the marketing language.

YouTube SEO

You should well know this Subject if you are into SEO. People choose to set targeted YouTube channel names to increase engagement and search results. It is 2021, and you can't survive without knowing the entire YouTube algorithm, including SEO strategies.


More than anything, it is an official requirement to write a YouTube name first to have a YouTube channel. So, you can't deny this need by YouTube at any cost.


The last important reason for its importance is the branding purpose. Right from the start of the channel from day 1, you should think of strategic branding in this 2021 digital marketing era. That is why a unique channel name holds a crucial place.

youtube channel name idea

What to Consider Before You Come Up with a Killer Name?

Like other things, products, or services, a YouTube channel name must go through various tests to prove it a killer name. So, let’s check out these essential considerations as follows!

Pick up your category

Logically, a YouTube channel name can be from 4 different categories, namely the Brand, Name, Category, and descriptive. Using your Name for the YouTube channel is the most straightforward approach. It is also the easiest to select your Name as a channel name, provided there is already a strong presence connected with your Name. Or, you can combine your Name with the brand title. Then, there are options of choosing category and descriptive names, which describe the video content's hint.

Check out others!

Before you go live with the particular YouTube channel name, make sure no one takes it. You should at least modify the Name if the last scenario occurs. Most importantly, your educational YouTube channel name ideas shouldn't conflict with any renowned brand name as they may sue you for copyright. On the other hand, the Name shouldn't relate to any movie, TV show, or any different famous personality.

Is it memorable?

You should always select a name that is memorable and easy to understand. People should stick to your Name forever. On the other hand, difficult YouTube channel names are tough to remember and thus increase the chances of being avoided. So, make sure your YouTube channel is memorable and easy to pronounce as well. Avoid those long and number-oriented names.

A bit sensible!

Your YouTube channel name shouldn't sound too nonsense. Yes, there are unique names out there that sound meaningless. Yet, too insensible isn't perfect at all. It shouldn't make people think, like what is it?

Is the domain available?

You have to check this availability if you want to brand yourself entirely, including various social media handles. You won't have to confuse the brand name available on social media or another website with the same Name as is present on your YouTube channel.

Learn How Others Name their Educational YouTube Channels

This section is determined to understanding how people get their education channel name suggestions in different ways possible. The educational YouTube creators are pretty research-extensive guys who like to spark that curiosity element in viewers' minds. Yes, you heard it right! They name their channel by embarking upon the attractive element that instantly catches viewers' attention and persuades them to check out the channel.

Of course, many YouTube SEO and other engagement factors also come in between to make your channel discoverable to others. Still, considering the factors mentioned above and injecting curious elements are notable subjects noted by these channels' creators. What they also do is ask for other's opinions as well. That's a great initiative to jot down a multitude of YouTube channel name ideas for education.

20+ Education Channel Name Suggestions

Now, let’s reveal our 20+ best YouTube channel name ideas for education!

1 – Brain Trainer

2 – Brain Station

3 – Think Humans

4 – [Subject] on Fire

5 – Reprogram Your Brain

6 – [Subject] Facts

7 – [Subject] Trivial Trivia

8 – Every Day Intelligent

9 – Brain Food for Thought

10 – Explained [Subject]

11 – Our [Subject] Journey

12 – [Subject] Tutorial by [Name]

13 – Smarter [Subject]

14 – Smarter ASAP

15 – Passion Education

16 – Education Hub Online

17 – Training Trawl

18 – Smarter Schooling

19 – DJ [Subject] Education

20 – Education Stacey

21 – Education Person

22 – [Subject] Education Tear

23 – Sensation [Subject] by [Name]

24 – Vivala Education

25 – [Subject] Content

26 – Education Option

27 – Education Viking

How to Check Whether Your YouTube Name is taken?

The tech world has provided us with various third-party tools to check the availability of particular YouTube channel names. However, the best way to find this phenomenon is to look at YouTube itself.

Here are some quick steps to find out the availability of YouTube channel names on YouTube itself.

Step 1:Type your unique channel name in the Search tab as shown below.

unique channel name

Step 2: Go to the Filter tab and select the Channel category under the Type tab.

channel category

Step 3: The search results with the typed channel will then occur in the list below. It is the best indicator to know if your YouTube channel name is taken.

youtube channel name list


So, these were our top 20 YouTube channel name ideas for education in 2021. Not only this, but we've also discussed the importance of selecting YouTube channel names, certain essential factors, tips from other YouTube educational creators, and the availability of particular academic YouTube channel names. It is all synced to the central education channel name suggestions. On the same note, you need to consider some essential tips to incorporate unique channel names that stand apart from other YouTubers. Last but not least, you can use YouTube name generators to create your own unique name.