“How do you make money on YouTube without showing your face or talking?”

Well, that's a bit tricky to look for YouTube channel ideas without showing your face in the world of brand-oriented marketing. So, how can you still survive this? It is what this article is all about. Not only can you make such YouTube channels, but also monetize them to earn some handsome bucks. Yes, it involves extensive research on real-time examples, which we have exclusively done for you guys. So, stay tuned to get the best YouTube channel ideas without showing your face.

Best 10 YouTube Channel Ideas without Showing Your Face

“What are good ideas for a YouTube video?”

There are limitless YouTube channel ideas without showing your face, as described below. These channels can be voiceover, animations, or other graphics, etc. to worth consider. So, let’s begin without further ado!



It is our favorite selection, as you are only required to show tutorials. There is no need to show face at all. Moreover, these are trending channels due to the rise in digital marketing. You can go for different ideas where the simple recording of your PC screen along with the voiceover is enough.


Cook with Me Videos

This idea could be very similar to recipe-like videos. But, you can make it more like a vlog-style video instead of showing just a recipe. Focus on delivering the entire cooking environment rather than showing the recipe process only. For uniqueness, creating a cooking vlog is a better idea!


Gaming Channels

Play games on your PC and showcase them like a rockstar. Yes, the gaming channels where guys don’t usually show their faces are on the constant rise. These channels are also responsible for providing tips, tricks, and hacks of a specific game. Thus, it is super valuable content for online players.


Animation Videos

Check out various animation movie channels such as PixarMovie MasterAnimation Movies, etc., to see their popularity. You can showcase your project if you are into animation. You can start from low, even if you are a beginner, by creating short pocket-style animated movies.


Podcast-Style Videos

Podcasting is also the next big thing, as we all know. There are numerous channels on YouTube presenting valuable podcasts to millions of audiences. For reference, you must check out this incredible workshop-style podcast video here.


Celebrity Niche

Doing content on Celebs can make you a handsome number of bucks on YouTube. These are generic channels that also create curiosity in viewers' minds by telling gripping and weird celebrities' facts. Here is the Grunge channel for a great example.


Travel Niche

Traveling is another best content for presentation. Well, you don't need to travel the world and spend money for the purpose here. We can refer you to specific examples where people have made videos such as the ten best places to visit in particular locations and so on. Check out Mojo Travels and Touropia.


Sports Channels

There are tons of channels on YouTube talking about sports and gaining millions of views per month. A great example is Nonstop Sports, where they talk about topics like 10 NFL Players responsible for rule changes, Top 10 Greatest Dunkers in NBA History, and so on. Remember to make fair use of videos and do a good commentary only.


Luxury Videos

There’s an ideal example of this channel called Alux.com, where they talk about the new luxury videos every day. Their titles are pretty interesting such as 15 Reasons Luxury Fashion Isn’t Relevant Anymore, 10 Companies Who Managed to Make a Comeback, and so on.


Guided Meditation/Calming Music

These are also among the trendy YouTube channel ideas without showing your face. You can look up examples such as The Honest Guys – Meditations – Relaxation, Goodful, Great Meditation, etc., for a good reference.

Tips for Beginners: How to Start Your YouTube Channels?

  • Pick up a channel name that resonates well with the kind of videos you are going to make.
  • It's better to make videos around a particular niche than just coming up with any random videos.
  • Draw inspiration from different YouTube channel ideas without showing your face, as mentioned above.
  • Stop wasting your time trying to copy other YouTubers. You only need to get hints and nothing else. Instead, you should focus on what makes you different and create unique content.
  • Learn the YouTube algorithm as soon as possible to grab maximum engagement and views on your channel.
  • You can create a YouTube strategy and make scripts beforehand.
  • Try making smaller investments as you go, such as buying ideal equipment, courses, etc., for ultimate growth.
  • Create videos that no one else has ever created. That seems crazy, but it can guarantee you an enormous reach if it is valuable content.
  • Research a lot about the target audience before getting started.
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to your video editing skills that we’ll mention below as well.

Use Excellent YouTube Video Maker to Improve Your Efficiency

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Thus, we discussed our best 10 YouTube channel ideas without showing your face, and it's time to make concluding statements. We want to end this whole subject on a positive note of valuable content creation, especially when you aren't adding a trust factor of showing face. It means you have to add another trust factor that replaces this elimination. It is simply the high-end value that even face-oriented YouTubers may find challenging to provide. Hence, we have also recommended an excellent YouTube video maker for pro-looking videos. Moreover, you are free to try other professional elements in your channel to stand out better.