With consumer’s appetite for online video growing rapidly, the amount of video content on YouTube has increased dramatically in recent years. On YouTube, one minute is equal to 500 hours. Sounds a bit twisted? Indeed, it is. A staggering 500+ hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube every minute, equating to around 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour.

Think about this. If you upload a video on your YouTube channel, it will definitely be watched by someone across the world. In fact, it has been found that by the year 2025, approximately 6 out of 10 online users will prefer to watch video content on YouTube.

Starting a new YouTube channel is a lot of work – you have to spend time scripting, producing, and editing videos. Also, you need to find a topic you’re truly passionate about and ensure it resonates with the audience. Increasing your YouTube views and subscribers can be extremely difficult and involve having everything right. Wondering what are the unique YouTube channel ideas for beginners?

Let’s dig deeper into video creation for your YouTube channel.

Part 1: Set A Clear Goal for Your YouTube Channel

Do you wish to have a YouTube channel that gets increased views and more essentially brings you qualified leads? Well, if you want to grow your channel, you must set your goals for your YouTube channel. Keep in mind what drives you to create YouTube videos isn’t much different from what motivates you to do other things in life, like – earning income, supporting a cause, learning a new hobby, etc. But, how do you achieve these goals, and how to determine the best goals to set?

Even though building your YouTube channel is a significant goal, you likely have additional goals for having a channel. Some of the reasons why you should start YT channels:

Educating the Target Audience

Most people love learning, and much of the successful content on YouTube revolves around tutorials and education. Educational videos help drive brand awareness. Also, educational content includes product configuration, home repair, and many more topics.

Building A Brand

No matter whether you are an independent creator or an organization, there’s no better way to show off who you are, than by the way of a series of videos on your channel. Your motivation for the brand building could be to get a new job, grab attention from industry luminaries, or might make people feel great about your products.

Entertaining the Crowd

Love entertaining people? People nowadays love to laugh, enjoy good music and get engrossed in good stories. Each of these genres is various forms of entertainment and work especially well on YouTube.

Selling Products

Your YouTube channel is an excellent way to demonstrate to your audience that what you are offering is exactly what they want. Today, more and more people turn to YouTube to make purchasing decisions about their future purchases. So, you can influence sales through YouTube videos.

Listed below are 10 YouTube video ideas to use as your inspiration.

Part 2: Get Inspired By 10 Creative YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners



People love exploring. But, before shelling out thousands of dollars to travel to a place they saw on Instagram, people prefer doing research first. So, if you are an avid traveler yourself, consider recording your adventures in destination landscapes or cityscapes. Viewers can get an inside look at the location, helping them to take a vacation they’ll never forget or just save money on a trip they’d later regret.

Example: Luisito Comunica



Love cooking? Or, have great recipes that you’d like to share with the world? One of the greatest YouTube ideas for beginners would be to show people your cooking skills. Guide your audience through the recipes, delve into the various techniques you use, and show them what their food should look like at each stage of your recipe. To set apart your cooking videos from the rest, you can add a little humor.

Example: Joshua Weissman


Gameplay Streaming

Streaming gameplay is one of the most competitive and popular categories out there. Owing to the huge competition you will face, try making your gaming videos as engaging as possible. Consider providing a unique take on the unfolding action and giving your commentary a humorous twist.

Example: elrubiusOMG



Vlogs allow YouTubers to talk about the things that interest them the most and share their life experiences. Although it might be a bit tougher video idea to get off the ground, if you successfully manage it, the rewards can be totally worth it. When it comes to vlogging, content is king. So, ensure you keep your vlogs up-to-date and intriguing.

Example: Unbox Therapy


Vlog Ideas

Vlogs allow YouTubers to talk about the things that interest them the most and share their life experiences. Although it might be a bit tougher video idea to get off the ground, if you successfully manage it, the rewards can be totally worth it. When it comes to vlogging, content is king. So, ensure you keep your vlogs up-to-date and intriguing.

Example: Casey Neistat



Over the years, pranks have been one of the most successful YouTube channel ideas for beginners. Several reputed and high-profile YouTubers have centered their channels entirely on the performance of outrageous pranks. The easiest target for pranks is your family and friends since they are likely to forgive you once they realize they have been pranked.

Example: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy



No matter whether you are someone fond of dancing or a professional dancer, making awesome dance videos to your favorite songs or tunes can make for great entertainment. Freestyle moving to the newest charting hits or well-choreographed numbers can be a great way to keep your content relevant and inspire viewers to dance along.

Example: Kyle Hanagmi


Music Album Reviews

With new music being made daily, creating a music album review channel is an excellent idea full of countless possibilities. If you have an ear for music and are passionate about songs, you’d be surprised to find out how many people would actually love to hear what you have to say. Trust us; music album reviews are one of the best YouTube channel ideas for beginners you can never go wrong with!

Example: Anthony Fantano


Product Reviews

With e-commerce websites selling hundreds and millions of different products, a great way to help consumers select the right products would be creating product reviews. As a YouTuber, you can demonstrate the functionality, versatility, as well as overall satisfaction with any product you find. Though many websites have dedicated sections for written reviews, many people prefer watching and listening to trustable consumers like themselves for honest feedback.

Example: Ryan Toys Review


Minimalism Hacks

With lockdowns happens globally, people have been spending increased time at home. This has led to the rise of minimalism and de-cluttering since people are striving to make their houses more enjoyable. So, if you have minimalist home décor tips, film them and share them on your channel to help people in their own journeys.

Example: Corey Jones

Part 3: How to Promote Your YouTube Channels?

In an era where people are spending more than six hours per day consuming videos, YouTubers must appeal to the customers’ binge-watching tendencies. But, how do you master YouTube marketing?

Here’re a few proven tips:

  • Write catchy, engaging, must-see titles
  • Ensure you optimize your videos for maximum visibility
  • Determine what your audience wants
  • Target Google search results
  • Host a contest or giveaway
  • Boost engagement with calls to action
  • Make the most of live streaming
  • Collaborate with other brands and video creators
  • Run paid YouTube ad campaigns
  • Publish your YouTube content to social media regularly


Getting noticed on YouTube isn’t something that will happen overnight and to make your videos stand out, you need creative YouTube channel ideas for beginners. No matter what your skillset is, your videos will be a hit as long as you provide entertaining content that keeps viewers glued to their screens. Time to start choosing your favorites and putting them into action!